Another 3 card Tarot reading…?

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Ok. So I have another reading to ask about. In my three card spread this morning I picked out 3 kings! The reading was the King of Pentacles (R), King of Cups (R), and King of Swords…in that order. The first two were reversed and the third was upright. I recognize the high energy from this spread and I’m kind of shocked. Any help?? (some background info: my ex is always on my mind day and night, she’s seeing someone else right now; I am sort of seeing another girl right now, whom my spiritual advisor told me to keep as a friend…other than that, that’s what my life has been about the last few months. I am going to university and doing homework as well). Please clarify!! Thanks!

Answer by Fireball226
theyre just for fun you know…see for that stuff byt you get to decide your own life..

Answer by punky brewster
I’ve never used those specific cards, I only use angel reading cards…so your best bet is to read the little book that comes with the cards and see how those cards pertain to your life at that moment…If not, then you’ll have to make your best guess. The one that was turned upside down or different than the others denotes a block that you are putting up. Thats pretty cool that they were all kings. You obviously are “The King”– one of power, competition, supreme position and rank…

Answer by WebWeaver
There is no one way to read a card. Every reader brings their own energy and meaning to a reading. If I draw the 8 of Swords, and another reader draws the 8 of Swords, our meaning may not resemble the others at ALL.

If you are confused. Draw a single card, and keep working with that card until it makes sense. Dig into the meanings for the card, dig into the imagery, dig into the symbolism. If the reversals are what are giving you trouble don’t use them. The point of working with the cards is to get understanding, so back up a bit until that’s what is happening.

Join some Tarot groups online. Most are very helpful.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Was My Tarot card reading real?

I got a tarot card reading done the other night and I asked if I was going to be able to have a baby…. Well she did not know what I had asked and the cared said I was going to meet a man and have a baby by him!!! Is Tarot card reading’s real??
A friend of mine did the reading for free….and they cards said in my past that I Hated to learn but I had the knowledge to…Which is true…

Answer by lilpurpledog
How did you get it? I do tarot readings and I do not charge, because I feel it is a gift to share information.

If you called a 900 line then my guess is that it is false.

Go to the local metaphysical store and ask for a reputable reader and you will be amazed at what they can tell you.

I feel that a tarot reading is as real as the persons belief in it also. If you are skeptical, then it wont be true.

Some give cold reads. Did you do a lot of filling in the blanks for her and not realize it? I don’t do cold reads and pretend to know that you know a person with a name that starts with J… I will give you the letter or the name and describe the person. I also get dates and numbers pretty good but that dang lottery sucks…LOL

Answer by Robert D
Of course it is! Santa has one every year. It is performed by the Tooth Fairy.

Answer by dammhippy
Tarot is real~ no one can say if the reader is the real deal though~ Odds are most women will have a baby so i don’t think it takes a genius or gifted person to come up with that.

Answer by Amy
Ahaha! no.
some lady with a deck of cards is not going to predict your future. if for some reason it comes true, either it was a coincidence (most likely), or it was not from God.

Answer by scifiguy
Tarot cards were developed as a trump suit of cards for use in card games like poker, hearts, and spades.

Contrary to popular belief, their use by “mediums” and “seers” to predict the future is an entirely modern phenomenon.

There is nothing whatsoever mystical about the cards.

Answer by lindsey p
Well I’m assuming that eventually you will meet a man and have a baby sometime in your lifetime. That’s how these things work, they make general statements that could really apply to anyone and then when it happens you will think that the tarot reading came true.
Psychics use this same technique. They will make some vague statement like, I see a man whose name starts with the letter J. Well, chances are there is some man in your life, relative, boyfriend, coworker…whose name starts with the letter J. Then they will make another vague statment like, I sense a distance between you. This could be interpreted by you as a physical or emotional distance, and again, chances are the statement was correct. This is how people like psychics and Tarot card readers make money…its just business.

Answer by Gentle Winds
They are faker than Barbie’s boobs, honey.

Tarot readers are good at giving you the once over and coming up with a reading that sounds believable about your life. They give answers that are likely to happen in your life anyway!

If you’re a young girl, let’s say 19, then it would make sense for the Tarot reader to tell you that you’ll meet a man and have a baby. Don’t most girls grow up, marry and have babies anyway? You don’t need a Tarot reader to tell you that, it’s common sense.

They like to tell you about your personality and how your life is presently, which pretty much fits 99% of the rest of the population.


You are intelligent and giving to others, yet are very critical of yourself. You are a genuinely happy person, but feel down sometimes when life hands you a lemon. People like being around you because you’re a good listener and can make other people laugh. I see love in your future and a new job with good money potential.

See? That could fit just about anybody.

I had a lady who tried to give me a reading about 5 years ago. She saw I was young, standing there with a man and a young girl (my daughter)

She quickly took notice of my wedding ring and started with:

You’re married and had a child at a young age. Duh! What tipped ya off? The fact that I am young, got a wedding ring on, and have a young girl who looks just like me standing at my side?

That’s the kind of trickery they pull.
Save your money next time. It’s a crock.

Answer by purnimacresent
I am a spiritual Medium-A gift given by God to see what others can’t and I often use tarot as it holds such beauty and ancient symbolism. It’s like looking into our history/past.
I know that I can read them accurately wit the help of God and my spirit guides-Which Socrate would call his inner wisdom 😉 (Daimon). I believe that’s where many Christians confuse this for Demon…That’s a pity.

I know that I’m accurate as I read for many people-online and offline. I don’t really need the cards and I hear the answers regardless, but people enjoy seeing the artwork. Many people can’t seem to detach themselves from the tangible-and rely soley on the spiritual, so it helps people understand better and not fear the predictions.
Tarot cards are as real or as fake as the person reading them.
So if you had a real genuin good person-Whether they charge or not is irrelevent-It’s their time and energy so they can do what they choose (Many do a mixture of both) and many good ones will abide by their moral standards and ethics. -the tarot cards will be true if the person was truthful.
There are many charlattans out there making a bad name for all us true Spiritual teachers/mediums, and even more people who have a hollywood understanding of who we are and what we should be doing. They don’t take the time to ask questions and understand at all-They are ready to throw stones and chant us as evil.
It’s sad…
but yes, your cards may be true!

To the poster above, true mediums (vs people who learn he art of tarot) will not give vague answers, they will give solid advice and information. For example, a man came to see me and I saw his energy around his throat was just wrong. I knew he was sick. I asked him if there was something wrong with his throat-He denied it. I told him to see a doctor asap anyways. He did, and he had troat cancer that they were able to start treatment for. Something they would have missed. I’m proud of who I am and that I can help people-I don’t feel it’s fair for others to judge and point fingers at what they don’t understand. It would be terrible if teh true mediums and spiritual people with abilities hid their gifts and had people suffer instead as a result. I know a few giftes ousls who won’t share their abilities for that reason, and all I can think of is how many people could be being helped if there weren’t so many judgements made about them, jokes, and unkindness.

There are frauds everywhere, and they can’t be stopped.

anyways, I’ve said my peace, and I respect others opinions, I just feel it’s sad to dissmiss people.

Answer by Yeow Teng K
So, if you did not meet a man and had a baby with him, then the time is not right.

If you indeed meet a man and had a baby with him then he/she is right.

If you already had a man and you meet another one and had a baby with him then he/she is right

If you already had a man and did not meet another one, then this man is the one you had met and therefore he/she is right.

If ….. no matter what, it can be rationalised as he / she is right.

Now, tell me is Tarot card reading real?


Now I am seeing you in physic mode …. .you were once lost, dreaming, thinking of the impossible, now you are more matured, you think about your future and think of the possibility.

Did I get it wrong?

How long this friend knows you?

Answer by bailingwirewillfixit
Finding the right person to share your life with and have a family seems to me to be a blessing. Why not just ask God to bless you and bring you and the right man together and bless you both with a healthy child. Sounds better than someone telling you you’ll meet a man and have a baby! Where’s the love, where’s the blessing…he may not even love you!

Answer by WebWeaver
Do you believe in free will or fate?

I believe in free will, so don’t and won’t do these type of readings. This takes it too far out into the future. Don’t live your life based on what a reading said or didn’t say. Live your life, and use Tarot to open doorways to better understand about yourself, and your future.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on card reading

12 Days of Role Plays: Day 1 – Tarot Card Reading – ASMR – Soft Spoken, Tapping, Sticky Fingers

Written by Naborara

I could tell you what your partner thinks and feels about you and what actions he/she would take in future. Furthermore, according to my knowledge and experience, I could REUNITE you with your LOVER and could remove all the block which caused you unhappiness.Are you confused,depressed and unhappy? I can help you in all areas of your life to bring you true pleasure and peace. Be prepare yourself and be mentally relaxed for your reading with me. I will at once provide you the in-depth reading that will help you to see the clear picture and provide you the better understanding about what is happening in all areas of your life.In my readings I will tell you what I see as truth without caring those things that you want to hear. My mission is to enlighten,inspire and help the people to get back on track. I have helped thousands of the people to heal their relationship with their Soul mates.

You will find my spiritual advice never failing on all concerns of your life and it will guide you towards the peace,prosperity and true love.I always verify the answers through my own spirit guides who always help me to address the different situations to produce the good results directly. I do NOT predict only but also show you the right step/path to find your Desired Path and Success. I have a STRONG BELIEF that FREE WILL can influence on your destiny. Let me help you find the answers you need to be Truly happy. I am an experienced Love/Relationship and Life Coach.I could tell you what your partner thinks and feels about you and what actions he/she would take in future.

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  • Just because you played strip poker before doesn’t mean you know how to
    read cards. Hang it up Bimbo!

  • Am I crazy or is this more like comedy than ASMR? She looks like the Hunger
    Games babe and she’s even funnier. I say: BRAVO! for the performance! And,
    by the way, I AM the SIGNIFICATOR. :)

  • There are 67 people that watched this video and are clearly unappreciative
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  • OH WHAT AN AWESOME CHRISTMAS PRESENT! I shall return the favor the only way
    I know how with a Like and kind words! Thanks Ally, Merry Christmas and
    thank you for all your hard work making us tingle/comfy.

  • You know those guys that watch ASMR videos just so they can hear a woman
    whisper at them?
    I wonder what their interpretation of the tarot cards from this video would

    Significator: A dream comes true? A’ight, good deal!
    Day 1: Queen of Cups? That’s the card Violet VenividiVulpes drew when she
    showed us her tarot cards. Am I gonna meet Violet? COOL!
    Day 2: Curb base instinct… Don’t creep on her after I meet her. Got it.
    Day 3: A day of mischief… Creep on her after a day of not creeping on
    her. Got it.
    Day 4: A time of healing… She pepper sprays me after I wouldn’t leave
    her alone. My eyes are getting over the intense burn.
    Day 5: Sound advice… Everyone tells me I oughta just leave her alone.
    Day 6: A day of fortune… I accidentally run into her again, and out of
    sympathy, she doesn’t freak out or spray me again!
    Day 7: Giving or receiving a gift… I show her I’m sorry for scaring her
    by getting her a gift certificate to TGI Fridays. I ask her if she wants
    to use the card later. She says no.
    Day 8: An ending… She cuts her vacation short for some reason and goes
    back home.
    Day 9: Order at home… In a desperate attempt to get her to stay and show
    her I’m not creepy and weird, I clean and organize my entire house.
    Day 10: Time to be alone… She didn’t notice. She’s still gone. I’m
    alone again. 🙁
    Day 11: Return of an old friend… The restraining-order man drops by my
    house! He gives me a piece of paper with Violet’s name on it! Awesome!
    Last week, he gave me one signed by Heather Feather! He’s such a good
    friend! 😀 Maybe I’ll get one signed by ASMRrequests next! Thanks,
    restraining-order man! This is a dream come true!

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    actually causing it, I dig it. How though!?

  • Ally. I’m surprised I got this but you’re hinting at what the next videos
    are in this 12 days series, bravo.

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