are online tarot card readings as accurate as in person?

online tarot card readings

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@4kgray (K. Gray) tweeted the following :
“@TweeterScopes: The Tarot Card representing Libra is Justice.”

Source : TwitterWhat people are saying on Twitter

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Why am i doing free tarot card readings online

Source : TwitterWhat people are saying on Twitter

@TweeterScopes (astrology horoscopes) tweeted the following :
The Tarot Card representing Libra is Justice.

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Rider-Waite Tarot Card Reading – MagickWyrd

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : are online tarot card readings as accurate as in person?

would i get almost the same result online and in person?

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13 thoughts on “are online tarot card readings as accurate as in person?”

  • Hi Daysha, I would enjoy being your teacher, however I am already fully engaged in what I do. I can direct your to Learntarot com as a good starting point. Joan Bunning has a wonderful free learning site for those who have a serious interest in the Tarot. I would be glad to advise you on questions about your readings, you can always send me an email, or use my website link on my Channel page. Blessed be~

  • im am seeking lessons, a professional teacher in tarot reading and everything about tarot i want to learn every aspec about it!! im willing to learn. i was just wondering if you would be interested in teaching me if so u can email me or facebook me.. if not its cool. find me on facebook under Daysha nunn, my profile is a pic of me. and my email is please let me know.

  • Hello again, actually there is not enough space here to respond to your videos, and if you want me to be candid, I would prefer using email. I have some suggestions if you are truly open to other opinions.

  • Matter of fact those were the last five videos I made. I know it’s a lot of material, maybe you could just watch the last one if not all, or which ever one interests you. I would love to know your opinion on them.

  • I’m right there with ya on the authentic part. I did a series of 5 vids on how I read tarot. As I state in one of the vids, it’s great that everyone can have a different style with it.

  • Well no, I don’t believe I get that many views, average I suspect. Maybe it is glamour that draws viewers? The archaic intrigue. Tarot is more than entertainment when it is authentic. What do you think?

  • Great! I’m glad to hear you are having good success. If you record a reading let me know, I would enjoy seeing it.

  • That is a personal choice, however, I do recommend finding a deck that is fully illustrated in the Minor Arcana. A reliable choice is the Rider-Waite Tarot, and that is backed-up by its being the most popular deck purchased. There are plenty of variations of this deck to choose from. If you want beauty and smooth handling look at the Visconti Tarots, Morgan Greer, or themes like Haindl and Ukiyoe. See examples at tarot com/tarot/decks/ and click on a deck to see the cards.

  • Huh? Are you taking about reading a Spirit Bubble? I’m not a carpenter. Not sure who you play with, don’t believe you know who I play with either. Clearly out of your league here, maybe you will want to try bath salts next time, then talk to me about deamons.

  • Yes, you are right, it is not a good deck for a beginner, however, this may begin a wonderful collection. You may want to start with a more traditional deck to learn the cards meanings. After that, why not give these cards a try? There is enough to read them like Tarot, but you need to learn the Major & Minor Arcana card meanings to learn how all the traditional Tarots are interpreted. If you do that then most cards will become understandable for you Blessed be~.

  • haha not the best deck for a complete beginer to have bought. oh well the box looked nice and it feels quite unique. but in the booklet it says it can be used in a celtic cross it seems. may be a dumb question but how exactly can this deck be used then? also for tarot in general from what i see the cards are basically personalities, like the higher elements of life – star signs, carl jung type, animal kung fu type e.t.c. the four archetypes. though is that the case?

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