Best Online Course for Tarot Reading?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Best Online Course for Tarot Reading?

I have recently purchased my first deck of tarot cards and I am looking for a good online course to take. I prefer something that is hands on and includes things such as videos and quizzes. I am looking for a free course or a course under $ 50 if possible. I am just trying to find the best and fastest way so I can start reading soon!

Thank you!
I actually do go to church and I am a Catholic attending a Catholic university. I don’t see tarot cards as a devil’s act. I believe that God creates spirit guides to help you along in your journey on Earth and to help people. Tarot reading is a way to open people’s eyes and help guide them along. So maybe you should be going out exploring new ways to help people and guide them through life instead of falsely accusing them of being satan’s followers on online sites.

Answer by Latoya
Go To church okay

Answer by Apostle James The Greater
You are caught in a snare set by Satan, Better to leave this dark art before he returns to check the snare.

Answer by Anthony
I can teach you all you need to know right now, if you like.

1. Wait till a gullible person with low self esteem comes to you with a problem.

2. Flip a few cards in front of them in a darkened room, and go “hmmmmm” a lot.

3. Tell them a lot of bullshit, the more vague the better. Throw in some sensationalism for good measure.

4. Ask them for 50 bucks.

There; you’re an expert. Go get ’em, tiger.

Answer by Elaine M
Of course there’s free online courses, I’m surprised you didn’t just google them.

They use the Rider Waite style decks, if you have a Marseille type deck it will work with those too. However any Thoth type or oracle deck won’t have the same meanings which means you’d have to use books specific to those decks to learn them.

The Aeclectic Tarot site online has one of the best tarot forums and discussion groups online, I recommend that too, AND the book 78 Degrees of Wisdom which is very good for getting a beginner into tarot. You can pick it up cheap on in the used book section.

You can also check out your local site and type in ‘tarot’ and your zip code to find out if there are any tarot groups in your city, for one on one learning and doing readings with each other for practice.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you believe in Tarot readings?

are they real? they seem to be very interesting ! i wanted to try it,
but first i want to know what you think?
why do you or do you not believe in them?
does it work? have you done it?
thanks 🙂

Answer by Cappy
Tarot cards, Ouija boards, Psychics and Seances are all forms of contacting and communicating with demons. The bible warns us not to do this.

Answer by Kelly Belly! :DD
they are so much fun, my friend has a deck and she used to break them out when we were bored. =] I dont know if they are real, but its sure entertaining lol.Its like palm reading and stuff. Idk if its real but its entertaining. I say try it out, if for nothing else, kicks and giggles. 🙂

while on that note ouija boards are pretty fun too… i suggest that when your with friends. because even if you dont believe it you will freak yourself out if you do it when your alone lol.

Answer by Don D
if it was true and correct why is someone sitting there for $ 5 telling your future why not do theirs and win the lotto and live life large

Answer by Cindy
I’ve been interested in tarot for a long time but only recently bought a deck and started learning. I found that in reading for myself I’ve been forced to look at traits both good and bad, and acknowledge them. And, having acknowledged the bad traits I’ve been aware of my behaviors and try to tone down the negative aspects. So, I have been becoming a better person and it’s been very rewarding. I’ve been drawing cards for friends and have been amazed at the accuracy of what I’ve seen. I do a three-card drawing that is kind of a snapshot of the situation (others do more involved spreads, but as a beginner I try to keep it simple) and really get a lot of information out of it. So, in my opinion they are “real” depending on the accuracy and intuition of the person doing the reading. If you go to one of the tarot sites online and ask if someone would do a reading for you, that would be a good way to get the experience for free and see what you think. I would also be willing to do a reading for you, if you like.

Answer by amit
You can try it yourself. There is a free three card Tarot Reading on offer on this website. > Yes Or No Tarot.

I have been using it for a couple of months and its interesting. And most of the times the yes/no Answers I get are full of good insights.

Answer by George
Instead of listening to others try it for yourself and see.
You can do Tarot online for free here:

If you want a tutorial on how to read the cards and interpret them then read these articles:

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on online tarot card readings for free

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