can any tarot card readers answer this for me…?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : can any tarot card readers answer this for me…?

will i get a boyfriend anytime soon…? what is the card you get. what does it mean..?

Answer by Dreamer
People cant read tarot cards over the internet you have to be here to share the atmosphere.

Answer by Midnyte
Try free tarot websites with computer-generated readings. I doubt that any credible reader will do a reading like that for free without any info etc.
And I think Lotus tarot does free readings, but I don’t know details, just google it.

And you don’t have to be in the same room in order to connect to the person. It’s nonsense.

Answer by Codex Buranus
Be careful asking about soliciting free tarot readings. You never know who might answer.

I mean, I could claim right now to be a great expert tarot reader, then say “No, you’ll never get a boyfriend — I can see in your cards the DEATH card. You have been cursed by an enemy! You will never, ever find a boyfriend while this curse is on you. And your love life isn’t all that will suffer… soon, you finances will decline, then your friendships, then your health. Someone worked very hard to put this curse on you. I know how to take it off, but I warn you, it’s very expensive. Email me at scamemailaddressythingy and I will discuss with you how we can take off this crossing.”

…And then what would you do?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : who here can give me a free pyschic or tarot reading?

just wondering because most people charge and turns out just to be a scam. Can anyone help me witht this?
just want a little insight on my future.

Answer by Gastounet
Not me dear. If’ it’s free than it’s no good.
Should you be willing to pay though…

Answer by Od Ephraim Chai
ask the donkey

Answer by Spellbound R
I do free sample readings from my web site. It consist of one or two cards but you would be surprised at how much information you will get from the cards. I prefer to only do readings for people who are 18 or over. If you are still interested you can go to my web site and go to the free reading page to order your free sample reading. With love and peace, Gloria

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on free tarot card readings love

Tarot cards readings (FREE) Astrology, Numerology, find your love

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