Can Anyone Give Me A Free Psychic Reading?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can Anyone Give Me A Free Psychic Reading?


I know nothing is really free in this world but I am going through a lot right now and I do need some help. I don’t have any money right now but if someone would be kind enough to give me a free reading I know you would be blessed. If you could take the time to help me I would really appreciate it. Peace and Blessings!

Answer by Vivian
it is very hard to give you a reading over the computer, in fact its enarly impossible. this dude ^^^^ is way off, you cant tell if someone is going to have sex just by saying it, you have to feel the vibes and spiritual pulls when doing a reading. i work mainly with palm reading and tarrot cards, you need to find some one face-2-face to be able to help you. but whatever is wrong in your life, just remember that everything will come to pass when the time is right, all you have to do is hope for the best, and go headfirst into your problems/fears

Answer by Roman
Yes, I know a psychic where you can get free psychic reading. Here is a link of her website:

Answer by Melle
It sounds like you may be in crisis. I’m sorry to hear that!

Please take a look at my blog and see if what I offer may be of interest to you. If you visit the first posting, “Welcome, I’m glad you’re here” you will get a description of the type of reading I do. All I ask in return is your feedback.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Any free psychic reading sites online?

I would like to ask a psychic some questions. Anywhere I can do this for free, online?

Answer by heather
I’m psychic. Add your questions in additional details or email me at and I will answer them. But I will get back to you quicker if you put it in additional details. I don’t check my email much.

Answer by *Lil*RED*
Yes…the cards hav much 2 say…I can read tarrot cards and they are almost always accurate! What is ur sign…send me ur email & i will give u a general reading (for free this time lol)

Answer by James Lee
It can be done by email from real psychics.

Answer by SunnyFunny
Here are two places that I use:

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : free tarot card reading?

i want to do a tarrot card reading for free. but when i do it i barley understand anything . so can someone do a free tarrot card reading for me and help me out by telling me what it means all together please???? i really need help.

Answer by Dharma Rakshaka
Try asking in the Astrology section

Answer by Srimathi
There are many sites which gives you reading,but you should know some proper terms also,read some books related to the subject.Visit this site and getn good result.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on free tarrot card reading

A Free Tarot Cards Reading UK USA

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