Can I get a tarot card reading for love?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can I get a tarot card reading for love?

Thanks but I was actually asking for someone to do a reading.

Answer by Haley
You can get a tarot card reading about anything you want. You have to focus on one question that you might have and put all of your energy into that question. Tarot card readings are a lot of fun:)

Answer by Knuckledragger
Go to this website:
then choose which deck you want then choose the spread you like and think hard on your question and push the show tarot reading button.
I have to warn you though, this can be an addictive activity because we all want more info!
Read the cards and explanations and think about the hidden meaning of the cards and the pictures.
Don’t muck it up by doing too many readings at once.

Answer by Misscpb

Try the sites below, they do free readings ok:-

Lots of Love
Misscpb xxx

Answer by carolyne
If you want a reading done by a professional and not some random computerized answer, you can get in touch with me.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : any physic out there who can give me 1 free reading please!!! possibly using tarot cards?

*please do not leave an ignorant response about my question to those who dont believe in this stuff i do cause i know many people in life who can do this and they are friends with my mother and give her readings too to her questions so i want serious answers! or dont bother!!!!!!!!!*

anyways to any physic who does want to give me a free reading to my question..of course my question does have something to do with love lol but anyways if you can then you can send me a message now and i guess you would be asking for pictures so anyways please let me know i wont make it hard i just want to ask 1 question so i wont seem so selfish i know some might be thinking why wont you just ask one of your mothers physic friends i know but i cant ok they arent so easy to talk with ….so thanks!!!…
why doesnt anyone ever listen when i say something here!!??? dont respond if you wont be helpful!

Answer by Nihil

Answer by Forgotten Splinter
the world is spelt psychic, and I’m not giving any free reading today. its a monday.

Answer by Enigmatic Atheist
I personally don’t know any physics. I do know of a few good psychics, but even at best, I take most of what they with a grain of salt.

Answer by Eric
Save your money. Oh wait, you wanted it to be free, didn’t you? Save your time. Taking the advice of a psychic is a crapshoot at best and a terrible mistake at worst.

Answer by Banquetfm
I have an entire garden devoted to physic. If you’re feeling a little down because of the unrequited love thing, there’s some St. John’s Wort in there you can have.

Answer by Angelaini
i dont know of psychics that do free readings let alone physics. I can see into the future….. you are going to fail a spelling test!!!

Answer by Cindy
I’ll do a 3-card tarot reading for you. I don’t need a picture (?) but I would like to have a specific question. I also would like to know your astrological sign or favorite number, it helps me to key in. You can either edit your question here and tell me, or send me an email through Yahoo Answers.

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
I am not a psychic, but I do practice tarot. I’d be happy to give you a free tarot reading to help hone my skills. Feel free to message me with your first name, general location (ie: city and state) and a few details about your issue or question, whatever you feel comfrotable sharing. When I get home tonight, I’ll do one for you.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Palm Reading or Tarot Cards?

My friend read my palm for me. He said that I will never get married or have kids. An old friend read my cards a few years ago and said that I will get married and at least be engaged / pregnant by the time I am 37 or 38. They are both really gifted.
I want nothing more than to fall in love, get married and have a family. Any ideas? Does one method work more than the other? Could they both be right and my path has changed?

For what it is worth I am Capricorn, born January 10, 1971.
Should have added more info. I am not in a relationship. There is someone I have feelings for, but it is not a reality for now. We met 15 years ago at our cousins wedding. He was interested in me but I was a different path. We met recently and the feelings were still there but he was married. His marriage is not working but none-the-less he is married and so nothing happened.
Thank-you for taking time out to offer advice. I needed a “reboot” as I was starting to get down.

Good Luck in your endeavours!

Answer by curiousdiva
dont believe in palm reading please….how can u trust signs that keep changing with your age? i remember once my cousin read my palm n told me that i was a vampire who would such blood of others….oh yeah, thats why i am so trustworthy to my friends (idiot guy)…… anyways, tarot cards really are more reliable….they give a better insight into the future. i have been to many psychics who did tarot card reading for me and all of them told me it isnt possible to predict anything that will happen to u after one year. tarot cards tell u things about the current year only. but they also said that i am the mistress of my own destiny…n i can change it anytime.

Answer by Hand Research
Hello Cindy H.,

I don’t want to dispute the integerity of your friend, however after 15 years of experience in the scene of Palm Reading/Hand Analysis, I am quite a aware that there is a lot of psychology between the Palm Reader and the client.

And I can asure you that reliability and validity is not the best aspect of Palm Reading (and one can say the same of the Tarot).

Therefore, my advice is:

Take your life into your own hands! And at least try to enjoy meetings with possible partners, and who knows … maybe you will find that one and only partner who makes your dreams come true.

In case you are interested to read more about the ‘psychology’ behind Palm Reading and Hand Analysis, you can use the source below:

Good luck and best wishes from The Netherlands!


Answer by In The Cards
Your path is whatever you want it to be.

I’ve been Tarot reader for years and I encourage all my clients to understand that regardless of any information I give them, it is their life. Remember that, and repeat it to yourself whenever you start feeling blue (like right now). Your friend that read your palm dashed your hopes and is making you doubt yourself.

In terms of the old flame, he won’t ever be free for you, even if he isn’t married. Great attraction, no commitment. A better talker than he is with follow-through. He won’t make you happy.

It may sound odd but you almost need a vacation, as far away as you can afford to go for a week or two. Coming back refreshed and ready to make your destiny.

Also, did you have a really nice relationship last year, don’t think it lasted too long but there was a lot of laughter and fun? Maybe with a blonde and it was summer time or warm weather?

I hope this makes sense. If you need any clarification, you can contact me via the form here:

My Two Cents: I think the husband and 2.4 kids is still a possibility for you.

Answer by energytherapies
both can be incredibly accurate depending on the skills of the reader.

however i would suggest you might get better information if you did not rely on someone who knows you and may have an agenda personal or otherwise.

as a friend some readers try too hard not to utilize what they already know and others have personal feelings that do not encourage objectivity.

i can tell you right now you will have a family and i also know this should be evident in your hand. i can also tell you that i do not feel the man you mentioned stepping forward for you but he has activated a desire within you which will alter the energy you put out and the person you attract will find you.

just as an extra…. i can see an art gallery or museum structure around this.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on free tarot card reading love

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