Can someone please interpret my tarot readings?

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I did an online tarot reading.

My question was mainly to determine if the guy that i love (who is overseas) and i will ever be together.

I did the horseshoe spread and these were my cards:
-Past influences – 5 of wands
-present circumstances – 5 of swords
-hopes and fears – king of wands
-obstacles – the hang man
-others attitudes- 2 of wands
-influences around you – queen of swords
– final outcome – ten of pentacles

What does it mean. please help me interpret this someone

Answer by David B
You’re gullible and will be taken by anyone you allow youself to get close to.

You will die a lonely, broke shell of a human.

Answer by Fireball226
i really just believe the compatibility stuff but has alot of free stuff,,

Answer by Maurice W
It means you have something missing.

Answer by rusalka_yu
past – there was some competition or setbacks

present – manipulation, or someone doing something behind the other’s back

hopes/ fears – passion at pursuing goals

obstacles – suspension, nothing happening , waiting

others attitudes – other people have the power and ability to control your situation

influences – mature people or more specifically a mature woman who has gone through this may offer some help

outcome – stability, sharing bounty, possible creation of a household

Answer by Pam R
Hello Samantha

Past influences – 5 of wands ~ This card shows silly upsets, minor setbacks that seem huge at the time.

present circumstances – 5 of swords ~ This is not a good card, one of failure due to not being able to see anyone elses view.

hopes and fears – king of wands ~ A man who is exciting, friendly – do your fears include his sense of fidelity?

obstacles – the hanged man ~ This card, especially as a major, shows the need to look at this relationship afresh. Take a new stand point. Linking this to the 5 Swds, avoidance of certain thoughts will hold you back.

others attitudes- 2 of wands ~ This card brings restlessness.

influences around you – queen of swords ~ This lade is honest, to the point & what she has to say may upset you.

final outcome – ten of pentacles ~ This card shows you need to be a part of you current family for a while longer before moving on.

The overall energy of the cards you choose would say that your view of this relationship needs to be challenged.


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