Can Taro Cards actually predict your future?

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can Taro Cards actually predict your future?

Answer by me
Hell no.

Answer by italianchic1606
I don’t see how pieces of paper can tell you what your life will be like! Only you can determine what you will and will not do in life… it’s just like horoscopes. I find them both a bunch of crap!

Answer by Ruiz N
You know what i think they do cuz once my mom did that in cuba and the women said that she saw separation! it was true my mom and dad got seperated, but what i mean by that is that my dad went to the U.S,and we stayed in cuba, in after three months, me and my mom came here, to the U.S. today, we are a happy family and my parents DID NOT get REALLY sepeated!!! thank you for your attention!!! by the way i dont believe in them, its just a weird story!!! k???

Answer by middle sista
If they could… EVERYBODY would be reading them and ALL of us would know the future. Don’t put your faith in Tarot cards. Take steps to improve yourself… Learn. Read. Think of ways to help others who are less fortunate than you are. It will make you happy.

Answer by paper c
if you belive they do

Answer by octoberfallingleaves
First it’s Tarot, secondly, yes they can predict future events. I know this for a fact. I have my own and use them quite often.

Answer by kronosqq
I personally I don’t think they are anything but illistrated paper.

Answer by mbah marijan
hell nope, its funny that some people make a living from it.

Answer by applelamb
I think its just a really old form of self help, but there are parallels and if you need something to believe in then that could be something.

Answer by daegana13
its not that they really predict the future but rather give an insight as to what will happen. i use tarot cards daily and they turn out damn near right on the money. i have done readings for others and they have said the same. Also you have to take into account that if the person believes that it will not come true then most likely it wont. You must have an understanding and some form of belief in order to get the best and most accuarte results other wise you are wasting your and their time.

Answer by mitch
No, Taro kills ants.

Answer by amber
they can show you different paths that are possible to take, concerning a question or concern, and what the outcome might be, depending upon your choice

Answer by Erik E
Only someone making money off it will say it works, don’t be naive.

Answer by BlueManticore
Tarot cards are merely tools to help you focus your thoughts on a certain problem or goal, they do not predict the future, they just might be able to help you see how things might turn out depending on the current choices or future choices you might make.

Answer by Rev. Amy Blackthorn, HPS, DD, RM
Yes, but they work better to help you get in touch with your subconscious.

Answer by Genevieve R
Tarot cards can show you what will happen if you continue on the path you are currently on. I read tarot (have for a few months) and do believe that they do show a glimpse because I’ve had things work out the way the tarot said and because they always peg me perfectly when it comes to how I’m feeling at the time I’m doing the reading.

Answer by Stacie
They are TAROT cards, and yes they can and do predict the future, but not everybody uses them because they can be really difficult to read for the inexperienced. They don’t tell you exactly what will happen, but they give you a pretty good idea of what will happen if you keep doing things the way you currently are. Same thing will ancient runes.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I’m sagittarius shes a Pisces, will this work?

This is my chart,
Sun= Sagittarius
Moon= Pisces
Mercury= Scorpio
Venus= Scorpio
Mars= Scorpio
Jupiter= Capricorn
Saturn= Gemini
Uranus= Libra
Neptune= Sagittarius
Pluto= Libra

This is HER chart,
Sun= Pisces
Moon= Sagittarius
Mercury= Pisces
Venus= Aquarius
Mars= Libra
Jupiter= Scorpion
Saturn= Libra
Uranus= Sagittarius
Neptune= Sagittarius
Pluto= Libra

Answer by NKOTB♥
I look at that stuff &i think its interesting
& sometimes they’re right..but in my opinion
dont always listen to that in doesnt control EVERYTHING.
So if it works out or not its your destiny.

Answer by ♥
u shouldnt depend on horoscopes for love

Answer by bunny <3
omg it seriously doesnt matter what your horoscopes are. UGH!

Answer by “B”
I’ll have to keep an eye on this. I’m a pisces and my boyfriend is a sagittarius! =) We sure argue ALOT, let me tell ya. We’re 4 months into it.

Answer by 1,024 Lusitano Epiphanies
Well, it will only work if you both stand on your head for EXACTLY 43 minutes on the third Tuesday of the month in the second lunar cycle. And you also have to be playing some Mozart in the background or else it just won’t work. Good luck!

Answer by Afro Thunder
Astrology is worthless.

Being born on a certain day does not define your personality

Answer by wingman_instigator
Yes, Horoscopes are farse

Answer by killakatnow
Don’t know let me read my Taro cards and chicken guts, I will get back to you..

Answer by PJ
If all you are basing it on is your sun signs, then it won’t work. Horoscopes are a bunch of BS. There is a whole lot more to relationships than what date you were born. You probably aren’t ready to be involved if you are using sun signs are the basis for your relationship.

Answer by Anton G
dude honestly horoscopes or charts is something that people made up. if you like her and she like you it will work. try it out ir you can last with her for a year and not get bored of her and if the time u spend with her flies by then you guys are good and it will work out for the rest of your lives if you want………
Good luck!!! Dont cheat!!!!

Answer by dr.kwack
If you have to even ask, please do not even bother with a relationship. Grow up.

Answer by alienmoster
Don’t depend your whole life on horoscopes , i mean there fun to read and 95% true but i don’t think it’s the way to solve this problem. Personality is.

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21 thoughts on “Can Taro Cards actually predict your future?”

  • Yes, they can, but also “free will” comes into place in regards to what the cards say also. If is says one thing and you go out and do something the next week to change the course of events in your life the past reading of your cards will change and you will get a different reading next time.

  • You have the power of self-determination. My tarot readings usually tell me what is going on in my life and how I will use my energy to handle the situation. There may be indicators that certain events may come up.

    Some psychics may be able to combine their abilities along with the reading.

  • Tarot cards and readings do not predict future events, this is one of the biggest misconception of the tarot, and no wonder with people like Ms Cleo. The Tarot is a guiding tool that happens to be a visual aid. That being said, I will say that no one can predict the future,but it is possible for the tarot to guide you, and help you on your path.

  • Tarot cards are only cards. The person interpreting the cards is the person that predicts the future. I have been reading for about 9 years and I found that the cards allow me to connect to the persons energy and therefore give them a reading.

    So as you can see the cards are just a tool to help me connect with the person I am reading. A tool and nothing else.

  • Well, they basically give you the MOST LIKELY OUTCOME, GIVEN THAT NO CHANGES ARE MADE. What I mean, is that your “future” isn’t set in stone. Tarot cards are more of a “warning” device, or in the case of positives–something great to hear!!

    Yes, they are real, and a great tool when one is confused about which path to take in life. However, don’t read your cards more than once a month.

  • Nothing can truly “predict” your future due to your own self making choices every day. Tarot cards reflect the current choices you have in life and then leaves it to you to decide what to do.

  • Yes they can,but it’s all in the way you choose to interpret it.And you have to remember the future is not set,it can be changed in a heartbeat.

  • My 19 year old son is in to that stuff.
    He has predicted a few things that have happend.
    I think it is all a gamble and half the time they do come true.

  • If you believe yes, the power of suggestion is strong. But it isn’t magic. All prophecies and predictions are self fulfilling, they happen because people believe in them strongly enough to see them happen. It doesn’t happen because fate destiny any of those things, it happens by the will of people alone.

  • It depends on what you believe. If you believe the cards work, they’ll work. If you don’t, well, they won’t work. You mind is very powerful!

  • They are for entertainment purposes, but I suppose if you believe in them you would do the things that the cards said was going to happen and then you would believe the cards.. they are great for parties.. and some times they actually do hit on what has happened in the past.. but for the most part they are just for fun..

  • Tarot Cards are an instrument to help you understand your current life situation more clearly. They have two arcanas: Major (21 cards) and Minor (similar to a deck of playing cards). The major cards deal with life lessons, the minor with day-to-day events. I have been reading the cards for over a decade and am still amazed at how “on target” the readings are. It is hard to believe until you experience it for yourself.

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