can you change your card reading future?

card reading future

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : can you change your card reading future?

i went to go get my cards read and i liked what i was hearing till the card reader said that i was going to get back with my kids dad but that i was going to cheat on him and because i’m going to cheat we’re not going to be together in the future, so what i want to know is now that i know can i prevent myself from doing such a thing? (and it doesn’t sound like me to cheat, especially on my kids father, i love him too much!)

Answer by Ghafar
Those people make a living telling people B.S. But if you think you’re going to cheat on you husband/bf you feel powerless and give in and actually it could happen. So in a way they make you’re future not read it.

my point is if they could read the future they wouldn’t be offering to read people’s future, think of the things they could do.

Answer by kim s
Yes. Any reading of the future is NOT wrote in stone. When done properly, a reading of any divination tool is just a heads up. If you don’t like the outcome, you can change something on the path to that said outcome.

Answer by IntuitiveImpressions
I read the tarot. The best readings read what is happening with you now and what has gone on in the past. The future is up to you to change. Any reader can read with the highest propensity for what will happen in the future.

Do not take every reading as a gospel! While I personally know many talented reader, there are people who cannot read the future. You don’t EVER have to cheat. You can stop yourself. Nothing is written in stone.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can Someone Do Me A Love Tarot Card Reading For The Future Or Any Type Of Reading It Doesn’t Matter?

Who is my future lover or true lover.
And when will I get a boyfriend soon. What Day?
Give me description of a person or name or whatever you give me.
No Jokes Be Serious.
And what is my life like too please.
Because I have been hurt too many times.

Answer by Casey
+++The Lord is far from the wicked. +++++Proverbs 15:29++++++

Answer by Anansi
seriously you can’t get a reading on the internet

if you life your life to the fullest you will suceede

Answer by Sjnoring Ejvrloodyr
Her name is Debra. She will almost slip away, but chance and fortune will be in rare agreement.

Answer by Jessica
By having someone read tarot cards to you, you are letting the devil come in, you are opening a door for him , allowing him to come.

Answer by moonplanter
Your boyfriend is in the mail. He’ll be here for x-mas.Don’t blow to hard or he’ll explode.

Answer by If u understood scriptures u would not be Atheist
God hates these things I would suggest you stay away from them

‘without God we are nothing,without Christ we have no hope’

Answer by Leslie Goudy
why don’t you do that free question number . seriously, would you really follow the advice of someone you knew nothing about and took your money as some type of oracle. Try some good old fashioned basic common sense questions and you will be much better off. you seem to need a road to self knowledge. try the internet and ask in psychology, that’s a good place to start

Answer by Mikey, just Mikey
Okay, I just did one. Sorry to have to tell you but I kept getting death signals no matter how many times I cast the cards. If I were you I’d settle my affairs. Sorry.

Answer by kat_xk8
actually go to charimatic or pentecostal revival meeting
when a false prophet comes to town
i was brought to one by a demon disguised as a bible study leader

this prophet told me who i would marry – he gave me a first and last name
he also told me i would talk this guy out of being a lawyer and into being a preacher lol
he said i would have a blood test but things would be fine

ok in college i was a political science major
im not married
nor do i know anyone named brian harrison – do you
first of i detest church – i would talk someone out of being a preacher and into being a lawyer yikes
a preachers wife – lol – that will never happen and no when i say something is not going to happen it doesnt

thing is
why limit it to just tarot cards
go to false prophet
bottom line
they are false

try sylvia brown or john edward

Answer by Deb
You have got to be kidding, do you really think anyone can read what’s in the stars for you, you make your life what it is, you yourself, what’s in the future, depends on the choices you make, all you can do is make the best one you can for each type of situation that comes along, and that’s all you can do and hope it’s a good ending each time. I’ve been hurt MANY times too, 4 marriages and 4 divorces not to mention all the relationships that came and went inbetween, never again, that’s my choice to make my future better. I left 3 of them myself cuz they were bad choices I made from one wide spectrum of types to the other….I don’t want to take anymore chances, but I’ve settled myself to that choice, if you’ve been hurt TOO MANY X’s,then take a break, maybe it’s in the stars for you to wait for the right time to find someone or the right job or whatever it is that your looking for, wait and maybe it will come along on it’s own and drop in your lap when the time is right. Wow I just looked at your date, your too young to be worring about this stuff, you’ve got soooo many years to figure your life out. SET YOUR SITES ON A GOOD JOB FIRST, THAT MEANS GO TO SCHOOL, my kids did and now they both have good jobs doing what they like. They found their so called “soul mates” (if you believe in that kind of thing) but they’ve found the right ones for them, just by waiting to meat that right one. I can’t express SCHOOL AND THE RIGHT JOB more, you want to enjoy what you have to do for the rest of you life, 8 hrs a day 5 days a week or more hours for some. The days will be more easier to get thru if you like your job. I made all the wrong choices when I was young, that being that I thought being married was what most important, so I kept doing it over and over and over w/o giving it time between to maybe realize that the next one I picked wasn’t really the right one, but you learn these things over the years. Be patient, life will happen anyways, don’t rush it. I wish I would have know back then what I know now. Good Luck!

Answer by carolyne
If you want a tarot made by a professional reader, you can get in touch with me. Will wait to hear from you.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Past Present Future tarot card reading?help?

I done the past present future reading 3 cards for each. i kno what the cards briefly mean but i would like someone to explain them better for me

Page of Cups, Five of Swords and Wheel of Fortune

Judgement, Three of Cups, Nine of Cups

Magician, Seven of Cups , King of swords

Thank you!
Oh sorry i asked if i would be in a relationship this year.

Answer by Happiness is…
What question did you ask?

In the past; a love relationship that never really got off the ground, a competitive situation that turned ugly, and you threw your hopes to the wind looking for a better situation.

In the present:
Your reaping what you sow…whatever you put into your current situation, you’re getting back, for better or worse; three and 9 of cups indicates a party and a celebration of some kind, sharing your blessings with your friends and family. This get together will be key to your future cards.

Future; in reference to your question, you must learn to balance several difficult things/parts of life to make this thing work, but you have the skills and abilities to do that; Seven of cups means distractions…you will be offered several blessings, opportunities…make sure you pick the ones that are not distracting from you main mission in life; King of swords indicates an adult man, usually someone who embodies an air sign attribute (like Libra) who figures prominently in the outcome of whatever it is you asked about.

Without knowing the question, that’s about all i can do for you. Regards.

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