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RT @mattredwards: RT @mattredwards: : @shelbyweb_ reading her birthday card :’)

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@Carson_UnWaves :D, had to send that bitch in cuz it wasn’t reading the SD card…U gonna be down in the madtown for freakfest?

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ANGEL CARD READING! Free – What is Your Message for Today? Free Angel Reading and other Gifts

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Does anyone know how to read plain old playing cards? you know like Tarot cards? Or have any links to a site where i could find out how?

Answer by sallymarlyn
I can read playing cards. Send me an email and I can read for you. Also, each day of the year has an associated card. What is your B-Day?

Answer by Bradly S

Answer by YourDreamDoc
they are not accurate.. tell me your dream.. i can do better!

Answer by The Whopper
its a farce (joke) play cards for money thats a sure thing

Answer by Mogle
Oh yeah! I can read regular playing cards for you as well, contact me and I will let you know a good source.

Answer by luckybluebunny
It should be easy enough if you make:
hearts= cups
diamonds= pentacles
swords= spades
Jacks are pages
king and queen would stay the same but you are operating without a major arcana…so keep in mind you might get only the bare outline of a reading.

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