Do you believe in palm readings,and tarrot cards?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you believe in palm readings,and tarrot cards?

I believe in tarrot cards. My reading was so accurate when I went last year. Opinions?

Answer by Universe Bear
I do not.

Answer by Jaki_A_Jesus loves you
They get their information from evil don’t listen tio them and repent

Answer by RadioactiveAngels
Not too sure about palm readings but I do believe in tarot. Im actually just starting tarot and I’ve already given myself and a couple others some pretty accurate readings.

Answer by Karl
There all ridiculous. They don’t mean a thing. You can do the same with a lack of playing cards by assigning meanings to the cards.

What would happen if you get a palm reading then go back the next day with a big cut allover it. Would it affect your future? I mean it will of course but that would affect the reading wouldn’t it? Hokum!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I just got a deck of Tarrot Cards, but.. ( Help with Tarrot.. )?

I just got a deck of tarrot cards, but I am unsure of how to use them for readings. I don’t let anyone touch them.. but I feel embarassed because I don’t know the basic set ups, how many times to shuffle, and how to place them.
However, I do know card meanings, and I need no help on that part.

Answer by Becky
Depends on how your reading style is. I prefer not to use inverted cards so I’m careful to cut the deck, and shuffle using the sides of the cards rather than the tops. As for layout the cross if the most popular, but I prefer a simple three card spread for self readings.

Answer by theresa e
Tarot no double R

And the first person that answered this is right but I don’t mind inverted cards. And if you read the manual or like the map layout (I have a deck with a map layout) it’ll tell you how to suffle cut and read the cards. Then you look at the cards in the booklet of what each card means. And then cut the deck with your left hand.

And the four card method is the most popular it would go card 1. What’s at hand card 2. Past Influences Card 3. Ponder This Card 4. What to do. And you usually shuffle them like a normal deck of cards.

Answer by Allison
she’s right about the celtic cross being the most popular and generally one of the easier spreads. i personally shuffle as many times until it feels right. try to develop a relationship with the cards. that alone may sound silly but that way whenever you do a spread the cards are speaking to you, that way your just not interpretting them. and i cut them 3 times. from right to left with my left hand

Answer by Sadhara Satguru
Hello Lyn

It takes time & practice.

Join my forum, see profile, you can ask what ever you like about your study of the tarot, however big or small the questions.


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do You Read Your Horoscope?

I do. The 0nly Horoscope that work for me, is those little scrolls from the supermarket. I like those.

I would spend all of my mon$ y on Tarrot card readings if I lived near one.

Answer by × ChArMz ×

Answer by fordperfect5
No i don’t

Answer by uncle B2
no never

Answer by euphoria
I do sometimes. It’s funny because when I read my horoscope, sometimes I tend to ‘follow’ it, if you know what I mean. =)

Answer by ↓
yeah. I read mine on, and it’s always right latley. weird.

Answer by cat.tuck2
I see no reason to read my horror

Answer by bill l
dont believe in them.

Answer by Totoru
Naw. How can so many people have the same fate on the same day?

Answer by Mo
What would Jesus Do?

Answer by Brooklyn
yea and im a taurus which makes me look at my horos. all the time

Answer by A rose by any other name
nope. i used to but i never have the time anymore

Answer by HorseCrazy
I read my horoscope almost everyday and most of the time it is right. I am very interested in things like horoscopes.

Answer by Shaniqua
i do even tho its against christianity, we all sin, geeze!!

Answer by Jenny
I read two different ones a day, the one on the Yahoo menu and the one emailed from Everynow and then I will get the monthly overview from the store.

Answer by .KJ.
No. How can you believe them if every one is different from the next- on the same day? Lies, I tell you!

Answer by Xight of Him
wow your a geek.


Answer by Klaudia
i love reading horoscopes especially when they have those whats your lucky days things those always cheer me up i love them. i usually take my horoscope from j-14 magazine and m. i love those

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11 thoughts on “Do you believe in palm readings,and tarrot cards?”

  • Nope, but I have found a tarrot card reader that really know’s her stuff.

    She told myself and three of my friends things that were happening and would happen in our lives. She was dead on with all of us! It was kind of spooky.

  • I do. I was a non-believer until the started “coming true”. Although I don’t follow them blindly, its fun to know what can happen. I once went to a tarrot card reading and i promised myself i would never do it again. EVERYTHING she said came true. too freaky. lol

  • I read my horoscopes everyday but I don’t live my liffe based on what my horoscopes say. They aren’t always accurate. Most of the time they are totally wrong as to what they are predicting. If anything it’s mostly for entertainment.

  • i hope you know its not as real as you think

    LOOK if you want to know what I’m talking about go to my profile and look at the first question i answered it says “are horoscopes real?’ its rated the best so it should be at the top.

  • nope they lie to me it said i will find true love when i already had it and it also said i will win the lottery and i spent the whole day buy those little lottery tickets the whole day and i wasted 20 dollars and never one nothing but a dollar =[[

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