Do you think following your daily horoscope or getting a tarot card reading is bad luck?

daily tarot card reading

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you think following your daily horoscope or getting a tarot card reading is bad luck?

Ive heard that people who follow astrology as far as getting a tarot card reading or even just their daily horoscope have had bad luck & it isnt natural…what do you think?

Answer by krystal q
I’ve been really superstitious the last couple years
but you have to believe whatever you want to believe
I mean i dont think it is

Answer by rovega05
I’m superstitious in sumthings & sum not. I don’t think following ur horoscope is bad luck. It’s just a matter on how far u believe. U can read it & study it, sumx things they say r true or do happen. As 4 my personal opinion I follow my horoscope daily, I get surprised sumx at what it says. Most of the x I read it it tells me exactly what i’m goin through or feelin. It can also mention things that r 2 happen & it usually does. As far as tarot readings I can do it 2x a Yr. I firmly blieve it cause it tells me things that happened in my past & things that r goin 2 happen among health & other things. I blieve in tarot readings. It’s all a matter of how any1 looks at it. But it does not bring bad luck, if it did I would’ve had bad luck most of my life & my life is pretty good right now.

Answer by golden sindy
It’s only bad luck if you think it is. “Bad luck” is a trick of the mind, and then we think “that’s true!” when it’s nothing but made-up stuff by the mind. Then the mind will tell us, “the reason you got fired is cause you looked at the astrology column”, and then WE BELieVE IT. Don’t be a sucker.

Do what makes you happy. 🙂

Answer by Starz
Would you believe me if i told you???

Answer by Kathy M
My friend has been doing tarot readings for 10 years. he said that he’s noticed that when he gives daily, or weekly tarots the quality of the reading is effected. He thinks that once a month is the best route to go. So Daily readings probably arent “bad luck” but might be less quality than once a month etc.

Answer by Ms.6
I think that is a bunch of crap. I don’t have bad luck and I check my horoscope and have gone as far as done my own tarot readings. I don’t believe in bad luck or good luck. The cards read the frequencies, so if they say I’ll be surrounded by negative people I know to keep my cool or be on the look out. Who ever told you that is just perpetrating that idea that people shouldn’t dabble in those ‘arts’. I am not superstitious.

Answer by chainlightning38
If you believe that you have free will and can take control of your own life, then astrology and the like is pointless.

However, if you rather enslave yourself to totaly ancient, unproved, made-up, and bigoted concept. Go ahead and let others pick your relationships and guide the time you have on earth. Do you think they really care?

Your choice. If you pick the latter then others will make your choices from then on. Those that tell you what to do, will take no responsibility.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Should I believe the tarot card reading?

I have been a practicing Wiccan for over 5 years now. I recently started practicing divination with tarot cards last year and today during my daily devotions decided to do a quick reading on the status of my relationship. I did the horseshoe spread and the first 4 cards were all reversed and spoke of staleness in a relationship, unfulfilled desires, and unhappiness. I have not told anyone about how unhappy I am in the relationship and it shocked me to come through in the cards. The rest of the spread basically said that I needed to leave and that if I didn’t I would continue to be unhappy and it would lead to more conflict.

To clarify, when I do readings for myself, I read to a stuffed animal lol So that I can concentrate more on the reading. I know you should never read completely into them but I have been with this guy for over 7 years and we have lived together for one.

Anyway, how much stock should I put in my reading? Should I try to do another one? Should I leave? Is it pointless to keep trying to make it work? 🙁
To answer a question yes I am usually right about blunt things like this. For instance I read for a friend and predicted a friend would leave him because of a rumor spread about him that was untrue. It is a little frightening when this happens which is why I try not to read for myself too often.

Answer by Mary Lamb
If you want to. But it’s just random.

Answer by DreamsCatcher
Sure, and I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn.

Answer by Josh Alfred xm ad
If you want to. If it gives you some personal revelation, it may be useful.

Answer by Skullman
You should not read for yourself.

Answer by CJ
The Tarot reader has more to do with intuition and accuracy than the cards themselves. Are you usually right in all your other readings?

I find that 9/10 readings I give to others they always come back saying everything happened that I told them… but when I do readings for myself I find it difficult to be objective.

Answer by the jungle VIP
tarot is a card game from 15th century europe.

Answer by seeker of Holy God
no do not believe it you are messing with fire by practicing with divination

Answer by Y’ha-nthlei
I would be skeptical of these things, because sometimes the Shoggoths like to go and mess with superstitious people, the little rascals.

And when the Shoggoths aren’t there, it’s entirely random.

Just as a reminder, Shoggoths are like pudding, except not as delicious. If one is bothering you, you can murder it with your tummy.

After all, we’ve been trying to rid the world of these abominations from the Elder Gods for some time now, but their puddingness makes them difficult to kill, as they easily regenerate.

Answer by Sjnoring Ejvrloodyr
You should discuss your unhappiness with your significant other.

Answer by Goblyn Queen
I have not told anyone about how unhappy I am in the relationship

Um, lady. If you are unhappy, go to therapy with the guy or dump him.

Answer by Marcus
It is surprising how accurate the cards can be.

Answer by Seek God
Start with reading this book that says ‘You have more than enough advisers, astrologers, and stargazers. Let them stand up and save you from what the future holds. But they are as useless as dried grass burning in a fire. They cannot even save themselves!” Bible-Isaiah Chapter 47 verses 13-14
Your Father in Heaven offered and is willing to accept Jesus’ sufferings for the punishment your sins deserve; you would be very foolish to refuse, even if a sacrifice like that doesn’t seem to “make sense.”! No one’s sins deserve mercy – sins against God’s infinite love justly deserve unending punishment – as offences again the Eternal Creator! No amount of suffering or “goodness” you could ever offer could possibly pay for your sins.
Confess your sins to Jesus – the only one, as God the Son, who could ever make a BIG ENOUGH sacrifice for your sins. Ask His forgiveness for making Jesus’ sufferings necessary. Turn from them proving your repentance is real trust Jesus took the punishment your sins deserved, on His cross. Trust Jesus died on the cross to take the punishment your sins deserved. That is the Father’s only way you can have eternal life.
Otherwise, there will be no mercy on Judgment Day. It will be too late for you. All the mercy your sins require was already provided on Jesus’ cross. That is the only payment for your sins that God the Father will accept!
Read how the Bible says to be right with God, Matthew 4:17; Luke 24:46-47; Romans 2:4-5; Romans 3:23-24; James 2:10; Hebrews 9:27; 1 John 1:8-9; Romans 5:8; Romans 10:9-10; Romans 10:13; Ephesians 2:8-9; 2 Corinthians 5:21; 1 Peter 2:24; 1 Peter 3:18; John 3:36; 1 John 5:11-13, So then, each of us will give an account of them self to God. Romans 14:12
Ghosts, hauntings, séances, tarot cards, Ouija boards, crystal balls all have one thing in common.
Please read these links

Answer by Teawitch
You have two choices. 1. You can try and see where the problem lies and see about fixing it, or 2. You can leave.
The thing with tarot cards they are just a tool. They are only as good as when the reading is done. You can change the out come by following a different path, or by changing the circumstances leading up to the reading. In the end you are the one controlling your life by your choices.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I work with tarot cards every morning i sometimes draw a court card. It leaves me questioning myself.?

For instance what could a king of swords be telling me. i seem to have a difficut time reading court cards on daily reading. Can someone who works with tarot card give me some advice. thanks!!!

Answer by Ed
I don’t work with tarot cards but my advice to you is to stop doing it because its a sin. The Bible says very clearly in 1 Samuel 15:23 (NAS) “For rebellion is as the sin of divination, and insubordination is as iniquity and idolatry…”
Pray every morning and ask for wisdom instead.

Answer by Fallen
Don’t put too much into the cards. In fact, I read horoscopes sometimes, but I will read it at the END of the day instead of the beginning just to see if it would have been accurate or not. Because once you put it in your mind in the beginning you will be going out of way all day to try to avoid something or look for something.

Now I know both are different but what I am saying is do not put too much into something because in the end you have control over your choices, actions and life; not cards.

Answer by mchlws
I would love for you to read mine. I need some answers

Answer by Kel
Well…part of the problem is….when you ask them a question, the answer generally covers about a six-month period. If you keep drawing for the same thing over and over every day…’s overkill.
Court cards usually – although not always – represent real people…..and those people tend to help you find those traits within yourself.

Answer by marilyn m
all I know is these types of things are forbidden by God.anything from the occult,you are corresponding with Satan and his demons.

Answer by Amanda
I’ve starred your question, hopefully one of my contacts who practice Tarot will see it and answer for you. I am waiting to start Tarot so I do not know what the court card means.

Answer by philosophyangel
Court cards in spreads *can* represent people of a certain kind or character but they can also represent themes.

The king of swords traditionally represents an older, dark-featured, and possibly severe, authoritative, “saturnine” or difficult man. Swords also represent the air element and emotional dynamnics. So drawing the King of Swords might cause you to reflect on things that are limiting or oppressive or forebode a situation in which something limiting might occur and in contemplating the card, you can formulate an attitude or strategy about it (or else it might be referring to a person). Don’t strain about these things. The cards are tools to help your mind flow in nonlinear and nonintellectual ways.

The King of Coins might be about stability and creature-comfort. think of the element earth and Taurean qualities (it also stands for a dark man or a successful man).

Briefly, the King of Staves has to do with flightiness of ideas, creativity, bravado. It is Geminian. King of Cups has to do with assistance, health, compassion, love.

Queen of Swords has to do with loss and being a survivor, perhaps being hard-boiled; Queen of Coins has to do with being wordly, saavy, scheming even; Queen of Staves has do with business relations and creativity, and Queen of Cups has to do with romance, flirtations, etc.

Knights generally represent situations that are fleeting or volatile. Swords=excitement or assistance that is unattached and here and gone; Coins =studies and plodding along with an endeavor or working toward a goal; Staves=leaving or fleeing a situation or relationship. Cups=romance and entering a situation. or relationship.

Pages are sometimes tricky for me, too. Swords=trickery or need for caution. Coins=study, information seeking, working toward goals. Staves=expression and communication Cups=artistic creativity, dreaminess

Yeah. The mythology section might be place to post to keep the religious finger waggers and buttinskies away.

Answer by Ptah
Look at the minor arcana as; The King issues an order (beginning of a situation,depending on the suit),the Queen puts it into action (situation has just started), the Knight carries out the action (situation is being worked toward conclusion) and the Page benefits (situation has recently culminated).

The suits can refer to the seasons and/or descriptions of certain people involved, as well as the meanings of the suits themselves.

Answer by nampapagan
This is a very good question. I have studied Tarot and their meanings for several years now. Following is from my personal research. I am giving you the situation meanings only. Because I am guessing that you already understand the meaning if it is representing a person.

Cups=greetings, birth, engagement or marriage announcement
Pentacles=informative message about worldly ambitions
Swords=upsetting or unexpected news
Wands=message may come from a younger person or friend and is very positive

Cups=involves matter of deep emotional intensity
Pentacles=involves departures, matters concerning money or land, situations involving animals
Swords=situation caused by narrow focus, world is about to get stirred up, drastic news, unsettling change, may not be wanted or expected
Wands=trip, travel, move, matter of great concern

Cups=creativity or creative endeavors, emotional tone to situation
Pentacles=harvest after much planning and labor, wisdom aquired, prudent use of wealth
Swords=emotionally devastating experience, needs to become more spiritual
Wands=good time to move forward in business venture

Cups=received favorably, artistic pursuit
Pentacles=meeting with success in a worldly enterprise
Swords=calls for clear thinking and clear expression, not haste
Wands=no deception or problem, it is as it appears, good fortune, unexpected source

Remember that these are all meanings I have researched. If you study your cards and feel like they mean something different then you are right. The meaning of the cards are based alot on what you feel when you see them. Keep studying. Practice is the only way to be more comfortable with a card and more confident in yourself.

Answer by Sadhara Satguru

Have you tried stepping into the card & asking the court cards what they mean to you?

Another apsect is that you will be taking on an apsect of their personality for the day or part of it or another with such a personality will affect you in some manner.

Join the group below if you want to talk tarot x

Answer by Christina A
The king is lending you his energy–4 suits 4 personality types, you may meet someone with this energy-Swords are the Fourth and last phase of the cycle of Minor Arcana –Regeneration. Their Power is Understanding.
They symbolize Air, Winter, Night, Direction; North, Metal; Steel, Element; Air, Elemental; Sylphides
The Last Quarter Moon, Archangel Michael, Mind, ideas, communications, truth, justice, abstracting, Rational, Intellect.

Aquarius air fixed Uranus/Saturn Inventive/Impersonal
Gemini air mutable Mercury Adaptable/Unstable
Libra air cardinal Venus Gracious/Indecisive

The Related Major Arcana- The Tower, The Moon, The Star, The Sun, The Last Judgment, The Universe (World)
10 Transformation has been completed
The Page Symbolizes the Body.
The Knight Symbolizes the Ego.
The Queen Symbolizes the Soul.
The King Symbolizes the Spirit.
The Royal Family of Swords Psyche -I think
Personality -Sanguine See “Wired That Way” and “”Personality Plus” by Florence Littauer Visit: to take the test–Archetypes
Path of Life Suffering
Many Pentacles point to talents and materials
Many Wands -production and conflict
Many Cups -emotional situations and news.
Many Swords indicate heavenly justice, mental process and renewal.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on daily tarot card reading

Daily Tarot Card Reading – May 1st 2011 – Aries – Taurus – Gemin – Cancer

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