does anyone here read playing cards?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : does anyone here read playing cards?

I dont want stupid answers so don’t bother if your going to be rude. im attempting to learn to read playing cards adn i started off with what each suit means and then each number and putting them together and stuff but i keep looking on line and finding specific definitions of some of the cards. so im curious if theres a certain way depending on the question on which to use or if there are definitions because im not sure exactly how it all goes together its coming together in my head slowly and some of the definitions when matched with the suit and number meaning make sense but im not sure if im supposed to put both together im not finished learing all the rules and stuff but is there a particular way you do it or do you put them both together
thats exactly how i think of it like putting a story together but i just dont know of i should go by that or by definitions of each card like if this card means this and this one means a letter or whatever ya know?

Answer by MSB
The meaning of the card is determined by:
the question
the suit
the number/face
the position it holds in the spread

All these things must be taken into account. Think of it like putting together a story.

Answer by Janny C
Yes I have I did not know anyone else could do it as well. I used to empathy in my readings as well and have the person touch the cards. I have them draw only 5. I read the cards by the colors red meaning good things and the black meaning dark things. King and Quen and Jacks represent the people Joker is considered a dark card to me. The something is trying to overshadow the person..feel free to contact me if you want more detail. This might seem vague in what I am saying.

Answer by Morgan P
there are websites that tell exactly how to read them

Answer by Sirius
post this in Books and Authors

Answer by icewitch54
Yes, I have done. I have a book which told me the basic meaning of a partuicular playing card and then I used my intuition as to the intrepretation I put on it for the person I was reading for.

Answer by KdS
The playing cards line up more or less to tarot card, minus the major arcana. has all the tarot meanings. Also, there is no knight in playing cards, only the page (jack.)

Wands = Clubs
Swords = Spades
Cups = Hearts
Pentacles = Diamonds

Also there is this method, according to Sibly’s book of fortune telling, this is the way to read the cards:

“First take a pack of cards and shuffle them well three times, making your significator with which queen you please (if a lady performs this operation for herself, or king if a gentleman,) then lay them on the table nine in a row, and whereever you find yourself placed, count nine cards every way, not forgetting your said significator, and then you will see what card your significator comes in company with, and whatever it is, so will happen to you.
“If two red tens come against your said significator, it is a sign of marriage or prosperity; the ace of diamons is a ring, the ace of hearts is your house, the ace of clubs is a letter, the ace of spades is death, or some greivous affliction, spite, or quarreling (for that is the worst card in the pack.)
“The ten of diamonds is a journey. The three of hearts is a salute, the three of spades is tears, the ten of spades is sickness, the nine of spades is disappointment or trouble, the nine of clubs shows a jovial entertainment, the nine of hearts feasting, the ten of clubs travelling by water, the ten of hearts some place of amusement, the five of hearts a present, the five of clubs a bundle, the six of spades a child, the seven of spades a removal, the three of clubs fighting, the eight of clubs confusion, the eight of spades a road way, the four of clubs a strange bed, the nine of diamonds business, the five of diamonds a settlement, the five of spades a surprise, th two red eights new clothes, the three of diamonds speaking with a friend, the four of spades a sick bed, the seven of clubs a prison, the two of spades a false friend, the four of hearts a marriage-bed. If several diamonds come together, it is a sign that you will soon receive some money, several hearts, love, several clubs drink and noisy, troublesome company, and several spades, trouble and vexation.
“If a married lady lay the cards, she must make her husband the king of the same suit she is queen of; but if a single lady use this science, she must make her lover what king she thinks proper; the knaves of the same suit are the men’s thoughts, so they may know what they are thinking of, counting nine cards from where they are placed; and if and lady desires to know whether she shall obtain her desires on any particular subject, let her shuffle the cards well, most earnestly wishing all the time for some one thing, she must then cut them once, particularly observing what card she cuts, then shuffle them again, and deal them out into three parcels, which done, look carefully over every parcel, and if that particular card you have just cut comes next yourself, or next the ace of hearts, you will have your wish, but if the nie of spades is next to you, you must then judge the contrary, as that is a disappointment; but you may try it three times, taking the major number of testimonies for a ground of your judgement.”

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : do you believe in tarot cards reading?

do you believe in tarot card reading, physics and palm reading?
i didnt, before me and my friends got one done as a joke, and everything she said came out right, not about my future, but about me. as a person. things i never told ANYONE, things i tried to hide from myself.
it was really creepy, ever since then, i started believing.
have you had an experience like that, do you believe?

Answer by Michael K

“before me and my friends got one done as a joke, and everything she said came out right,”

Same thing with prophecies: If you’re general and vague enough, it’ll seem like it’s 100% correct.

Answer by Phoenix Rising
Nope and I used to give amazing readings. You know why? Because anyone with a just a little practice can do a cold read that will make your skin crawl if you are suggestible enough and most people are suggestible enough.

Answer by Pastors George and Sharon
Tarot cards, psychics and palm reading all have satan and the demons in common. It is they who make them work.

Answer by biblecodeangel

It is forbidden in the Bible.

The knowledge may be correct, but it is from DEMONS!!!!


Deu 18:10 There shall not be found among you that maketh his son or daughter to pass through the fire, [or] that useth divination , [or] an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, etc.

Answer by Neva
Burn the cards! Get rid of them! Do not invite the devil into your house!

Answer by sarah
Look up cold reading and how it works. People tend to remember the things that “psychics” get right and ignore the things that they get wrong. They also tend to pick up on something that the psychic said and read more into it. For example, if the psychic says “Does the date 8 May mean anything to you?” and it’s your birthday, you’ll tell your friends that she knew your birthday was on the 8th of May when she never actually said that. They also say things that are true for a lot of people. ” You may seem confident to other people but you do have doubts that you keep to yourself”

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
I read tarot cards myself and I find them fascinating. I can’t say I’m a huge believer in psychic abilities or palmistry, but the cards I can speak to their usefulness.
I disagree with people who try to use the cards strictly as a means of predicting future events. I don’t find predictions useful. I read the cards to gain insight about issues and look for advice on how to handle problems or decisions.

Answer by Hippy Kitty
Well I do tarot reading, not cold reading, for friends the cards can help understand problems, I don’t do palm reading sometimes it works but i’m skeptic about them. They do show things up that you don’t tell them, you could try to read them yourself it might be interesting

Answer by Julyanna
I personally would have to say No. My decision would be not to get involved at all.

But, instead of just saying No and leaving it at that, allow me to explain a little further K?

First off, you mentioned that you felt that it was “creepy”. And you’re right…it is creepy and very scary.

1 John 5:19 says: “The Whole World is Lying in the Power of the Wicked One”.
Therefore, Satan and his Demons do all they can to mislead; Their intent is cruel.

To mislead people, the demons use spiritism. The practice of spiritism is direct involvment with the demons, both in a direct way and through a human medium.

Deuteronomy 18:10-12 says:” There should not be found in you anyone who employs divination, a practicer of magic, or anyone who looks for Omens.”

What do you think of this?

Spiritism does for the demons what bait does for fisherman; A fisherman uses a variety of baits to catch various kinds of fish. Similarly, wicked spirits use many differant forms of spiritism to bring all sorts of people under their influence.

And you know, although many people think that practicing divination and practicing magic as well as Tarot Cards may be harmless, the Bible shows that fortune tellers and the wicked spirits work together. So, Satan and his demons whole goal is to frighten ppl.

This is why I don’t get myself invovled or dabble in Tarot Readings or palm readings or anything of the kind. Jehovah (this is God’s name) does not want anyone getting caught up in this…it may look harless but it’s not.

The outcome is very dangerous.

I hope this helps you…..

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What do all the tarot cards mean? please read :))?

what do all the cards mean? I tried reading the book, but I didn’t understand the meaning. Thank you for your time 🙂
To the guy who said repent you know what I say….. SUCK IT!

Answer by theone78
Tarrot cards or meduims — are an abomination to thy Lord your God — Repent !

Answer by Tabitha
Not a clue. Sorry. I subscribe to a different belief–God

Answer by ♣Älmighty Ätheist♣
Different reading styles can create different meanings for your cards. The meaning depends on the position and orientation of the card. simply using a search engine can find a website showing styles of reading and the meaning of the cards. Here’s a simple site, showing the meanings both upright and reversed.

Answer by World Funeral
There’s an overview of the meanings here

I don’t know what book you read, but they are pretty simple to understand at that site.

Answer by tpuahlekcip
different cards have different meanings depending on where they are in the reading and if they are right side up or reversed.

if you can be more specific about what you are asking, which layout you are reading and what card it is you drew I can help you with specific readings

Answer by auntb93
I read Tarot for some 35 years, and I found that most of the books don’t help much. What you have to do is close the book and read the cards.

First, lay out the Major Arcana on a table, putting zero first. What you have here is a set of all the symbols needed to depict the human experience. It’s really good if you have two or three rather different decks, so you can compare them. Why does this one use a different color for the background, or change the gender of the central figure, or whatever elements they do not have in common? Then look at what they have in common. These are the elements that all three artists agree are fundamental to the card’s meaning.

Then lay out the four minor arcana suits, lined up with wands at the top, then cups, then swords, then pentacles. Study each card for what is similar (basic to the number) and what is different (specific to the suit). The court cards should be after the numbered cards, low to high.

There is an excellent book that does basically this, using the Rider-Waite deck, the Crowley Thoth deck, and the Golden Dawn deck. They are sufficiently different but all quite well established. It’s called “The Qabalistic Tarot” by Robert Wang. He is also the artist for the Golden Dawn deck.

Answer by philebus
For the purposes of reading, I don’t see why the can’t mean whatever you want. The meanings that are given in various books all differ from author to author but have derived ultimately from the French occultists who began the practice of divination with tarot. These early meanings were attributed without any real knowledge of where the cards came from or what they were intended to represent.

For example, Antoine Court de Gebelin turned The Hanged Man the other way up and called him Prudence. He also believed that tarot images came from Ancient Egypt – he was not able to know that tarot actually came from mid 15th century Italy. Over recent decades, a number of historians have done a great deal of work on tarot and the consensus seems to be that the trumps represent a Christian Triumph procession. To return to The Hanged Man, in Italy this card was called The Traitor – and with good reason. Italians executed traitors by hanging them by one foot till they died – publicly and painfully. The card is often shown with coins falling or holding money bags, which has led some early occultists to believe the card to be Judas. However, Italy had Shame Pictures. Basically, if someone betrayed a trust, then you would employ an artist to draw their likeness hung as a traitor – this was then publicly displayed to shame them. The most common subject for shame pictures were bad debtors, hence the money bags!

Other misunderstood cards include The Female Pope, which, contrary to popular myths, the church never objected to because it was actually an established figure in Christian art, used to represent any number of things such as the New Covenant and the Virtue of Faith. Also, we have the Hermit, who became so because of a copying error – he was originally Old Father Time and instead of a lantern, he carried an hour glass.

If you want to learn about what the cards were intended to represent, then you’re going to have to study some history – there’s just no way around that.

If your concern is just for divination, then you don’t need to rely upon what others say – ultimately their attributions came down to what seemed intuitive to someone according to an erroneous understanding of the cards origins. If you want to try and divine with them, why not go with your own attributions? I don’t see what difference it can make.

Answer by SadharaSatguru

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Answer by Jessica
Hi Ali,
I’m new to Tarot too and I’m still having a having a hard time grasping the meanings of the cards but these are the two sources I’ve been using in combination to learn the meanings.

Answer by SC
Each card means something different, and can be interpreted many different ways. It takes a bit of intuition to read the cards, that they can’t be read by just the definitions in the book. They have themes of life.

Answer by Asssd A
From what i remember. Their meanings came from the stars.

Answer by Crystal Star
Each card represents a stage in life. They represent our journey and the different phases and conditions of that journey. It helps to remember that even though we are all different from one another (personalities, likes, dislikes, appearances, etc) we all share the common bond of Life and its passages. The cards are divided into two parts. One part represents personal traits while the other part represents situations. It is much too difficult to write it all here but there are some great sites (and sorry but books too) to help you. There is no easier way of learning them then to get a deck of cards and read (or learn) a new card or reading every day. I wish you the best in your journey and your discoveries.
Blessings, Light & Love.

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