does anyone know any free sites where i can get my tarot cards read?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : does anyone know any free sites where i can get my tarot cards read?

thank u
my dob is 12 april 1986 time of birth 3.15 am

Answer by ladybug.leah

Its computer generated but it is fun!

Answer by zaara
sry i don kno the answer ………………but ur question will help meeee………so thx

Answer by outlandsishlady
No, but give me your B-Day and I can do it for you, fast and free!

Answer by andrea
Some friend told me about this site that it’s free and has all kinds of readings, the site is in spanish and is very complete (spanish is my first language) but it has readings in english, as I never had my readings in english I can’t tell you how much it could help you, the source has the english transalation already so don’t freak out hehe..anyways give it a try 😉

Answer by tx_green_mnm
Another user recommended this site to me and I LOVE IT!!! Hope you will try it out!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot Card Reading, Please?

Would some one be kind enough to do a free tarot reading for yours truly?
Please do not rant or say fortune telling is not real…if it’s free, what is there to lose?
I would appreciate it very much.
Thanks. Sincerely,
~The Blue Apple

Answer by Jess Venton
Wear warm clothes- mine inferred you might freeze in the near future. hav a nice life.

Answer by Nikki
I would not do a tarot reading online.In order to receive an accurate reading you will need to come in contact with the cards in order to connect energy with the cards and the reader.Good Luck.

Answer by spiritwitch
To all those people who say readings over the internet are not accurate or whatever I disagree. I find that doing readings over the Internet is easier because I don’t have other people’s energy in the room making it harder for me to connect to the cards and my own psychic skills… But for people fully relying on the cards I can see why having the person there would help them. It’s just a lot of people can easily do readings online and we get crap because some people can’t. We have different methods so I just wanted to point that out.

Anyways yeah msg me if you want a reading, link is on my page. Send your name, age or birth date, star sign if you want… And any other details you feel like including. The reading will be more accurate of I know the subject and some details and I can narrow down what the cards are saying, if you want to give less details I will just reply with various options the cards could mean.

Answer by Tea
I would be happy to do a reading for you. I’ll go ahead and do a general spread with the Rider-Waite Deck.

Here’s what I got.

Past, present and future:

The 3 of Cups speaks of friends or friendship in the past. The 2 of Cups indicates that there is a romance or partnership in the present moment that is significant to this reading. The Ace of Swords says that you may be trying to figure out how to proceed with this relationship in the future.

The hidden aspect and the challenge:

The hidden aspect in this situation is that you may be feeling like things are moving way too fast. The challenge is that you may feel that this situation is doomed to failure or perhaps you have had a failed relationship in the past that might be reminding you of the relationship you’re in right now.

Hopes and fears:

The 10 of Cups says that your hope is to finally find true happiness in a relationship or to find your true love/soul mate. The Queen of Swords says that your fear may be that bad experiences from the past have hardened you so much that it is difficult for you to trust someone enough to truly share yourself with them or give them a real chance.

Your current path:

The Wheel of Fortune says that maybe you’re just sort of allowing things to unfold as you go and waiting to see what will happen. It could also mean that perhaps you think their is some real potential for things to go well in this situation. The Knight of Wands says that if you continue on this path, you may end up in a relationship that is mainly based on passion/chemistry in which you will probably end up giving much more than what you’re getting in return (6 of Pentacles).

Alternate Path:

An alternate path you could take would be to face your past pain and losses and finally allow yourself to grieve them (5 of Cups). Once you do that, you will have a much better chance of moving forward (6 of Swords) and finding the type of success you’ve been hoping for (6 of Wands).

Answer by Zena Madonna
I need 50 dollars to make you hollar.

just kidding but asking for needless free favors is rude and you have no faith so it wont work
and if you want it go here
i charge 20.00 for my time which IS JUST AS IMPORTANT as yours. Do I look like a whore to you?

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on free love tarot card reading


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