does anyone to online tarot card readings?

free tarot card readings

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : does anyone to online tarot card readings?

i want to no if this guy that i like likes me back and if a relationship will work out and if we are ganna get any closer? does he like me?

Answer by cadetskydome
You shouldn’t get an online tarot card reading from anyone. YOU need to choose the cards yourself, or it won’t work.

I’d recommend going to That site is great.

Answer by Sadhara Satguru

Try the forum on this site >
Free Forum ~
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Answer by Teresa M
I do ­čÖé I don’t think that they’re any different from regular tarot readings. In my world-view, it’s the universe guiding the reading, and you will receive the cards you need regardless of the manner in which it is conducted.

Here’s my website:
You can also get online readings at
Good luck!

Answer by evephoenix77
I’d love to do a reading for you – free of charge, of course! I’ve been reading for a while, and I feel as long as I have your consent, a reading by chat, e-mail, phone or in person can be equally helpful. To avoid giving personal details out, you can stop by, which is my site, or e-mail me at! I hope I can be of help!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can some tarot card readings be wrong?

Very curious to know. I had mine read about my future in general, and some of the things, I am afraid of them coming true. Can some tarot readings be false?

Answer by Joel S
Yes, and I’d say 96% of the time they are wrong.

Answer by Terry
They are all neither true nor false. They provide symbols that your mind is open to interpret, like dreams or art. If anyone “tells your fortune” in a concrete way with tarot cards, (as in, “this will happen, etc. etc.) they are doing it wrong and they don’t know what they are talking about.

Answer by Obi Wan Knievel
It’s not just some, it’s most of them. Tarot cards are about as accurate as random chance.

There is no magic behind tarot cards. Just like the Ouija board or the magic dice (yes, there’s a dice method of fortune telling) or the fortune cookie, tarot cards have nothing magical about them. And no, those who ‘know’ how to read the cards don’t have magical abilities either. It’s just a game.

I’m not being insulting, Tarot cards really were used in games. That’s how they came to be used in fortune-telling, just like the the 52-card decks. And believe it or not, fortune telling was done with ‘standard’ cards before it became a thing with the Tarot cards. Tarot cards weren’t invented for fortune telling, they were invented to play games.

Sorry… I know you were hoping you had tapped into some sort of hidden magic. But in reality, all you found was religious hysteria mixed with good old superstition.

Answer by .
tarot cards are of the devil; don’t use them.

Answer by Simi
They could personify different aspects of your life, they don't have to be taken literally.

Answer by barbamatt
I read tarot cards and never would tell someone that the reading is 100%. I read for entertainment purposes and try to be more positive in my readings. I don’t even charge money for my readings. I like it because it is supposed to be fun. You’re not supposed to scare people with it…

You still have free will and can determine your own future. Sometime cards serve as warnings against bad things, but it doesn’t mean that bad things will happen. Life is full of both good and bad. If bad things do happen it isn’t because the tarot told you so.

Please don’t fret over a tarot reading. If anyone tells you that bad things will happen then they are not a good tarot reader. If they ask for money to remove a curse then they are fraud…or if they want you to keep paying for other readings to get a better one.

Both good and bad come up in tarot card readings. I handle the bad things as something that could happen but tell people that they have the power to make their own decisions and it doesn’t have to happen.

Even the death card is not bad. It just means that there is an ending to something with something new starting behind it. Think of a rose that “dies” in the winter but will bloom again in the spring. The rose bush doesn’t die when the flower falls off.

Answer by James
No .. they are never wrong. Tarot cards are always 100% accurate … trust them and they will always guide you correctly .. just like a liberal democrat

Answer by Max Cruise
All tarot card readings are wrong.
All tarot card readings are false.
Randomly dealt cards cannot predict the future, nor comment on the present.
That’s just nonsense.

Answer by Elaine M
Since tarot only gives a snapshot of what’s likely ‘now’, you are in complete control to alter your actions to avoid anything that was predicted as most likely to happen.

In other words – don’t freak out. Changing your actions changes all outcomes.

And yes, some readings can be false, some readers only tell you what they think you want to know.

And some really good readers can be misinterpreting what they see in the cards. Even they have bad days.

Answer by V.T.
That’s all nonsense.

Answer by kilroymaster
Ye for tarot cards reading are based on false information no matter what you choose to believe……………….

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What’s a good website for Free Tarot Card readings?

Like Pick a few cards, and they’ll tell you your fortune.

Answer by gypsy606
I read Tarot Cards . Do not go to a web site for Tarot Readings. A true reader will tell you, that they need one on one contact so the reader can shuffle the cards and get their impressions on the cards. When I do a reading I need the person with me, I can not do a reading through the phone or on line.

Answer by Laika
There’s a few out there – these are the ones I know of: – choice of many oracles; also has various options; – uses the different animals of the north american continent for input; – a rare deck of Hawaiian cards; – has many decks to pick from on their tarot oracle, many layout choices but no single card choice.

Trust that helps you get the answer you’re looking for.

Maluhia – peace.

Answer by spring26th

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on free tarot card readings

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