free online pyschic readings?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : free online pyschic readings?

Need a good website. Some say there free, but you still need to enter your credit card details, which i dont want to do.

Answer by angelfly
As far as I know you can get tarot card readings for free from facebook. But the only thing is that it is going to be made public at the page.

Answer by Vasudev P
Please write complete birth details and your question hear is free

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot reading online ?

can someone see..pls what this year holds for me..or dotarotreading.. or any astrological..reading if possible ???

d.o.b – 07.16.1981

Answer by Nadja
I have included a link below as a source for very detailed and FREE online tarot readings. Choose the horoscope reading and it will give you a complete 13 card reading.

I have just done a reading for you and here’s what I am seeing:

The overall theme of this year is one of:
being honest and forthright combined with some negative energies such as weakness, addiction, or obsession.

Your challenge or obstacle for this year is:
sticking to a plan, taking a leadership role and setting standards

What you can achieve this year is:
the possibility of a new romance or even birth of a child

What you can work with this year is:
spirituality and intuitiveness (follow gut feelings)

What you are moving away from or has happened is:
experienced jealousy and stinging quarrels

In your future lies:
a surprise announcement (birth or marriage) – a celebratory announcement

Your attitude towards this year is one of:
news is coming, possibly an inheritance – your currently in a leadership role or exhibiting a charismatic attitude

The environment around you now is one of:
peace, harmony, and family bliss

Your fear for this years is one of becoming:
disillusioned, change of direction, pondering, exhausted

The outcome of this year or lesson to be learned this year is one of:
learning to let go, changing your mind, waiting for the best opportunity, putting others first and seeing things from a new perspective

I’d be interested to hear if any of it rings true for you. . .

Answer by nemo1143
go to to find out

Answer by vincent g
Tarot, astrology, signs, fortune telling, are all foolish , silly, and mean nothing except to foolish and silly people.

Answer by I C U
u actually believe in these readings?! U depend on ur future- u make the best of it, not waiting for it to happen! Looking at the year u were born- ur 26, come on!! Work hard- that’s depending on ur future.

Answer by spiritcardreadings
I give Free readings. Here’s a basic Tarot reading for you!

First Card – Present -Knight of Cups – An issue or condition will be brought closer to you and for you this means an issue of the heart or learning to develop relationships of a heart-centered nature. Your heart is open up and you will experience your deepest feelings.

Second Card – Past – Seven of Cups Reversed – A decision has been made. You have chosen your direction through good use of your will and determination. You’re on the right track and will continue on this course.

Third Card – Future -Six of Wands Reversed – You will have delays or run into opportunities that are not available. You might feel like you just can’t pull off the victory, you’re tired, world weary and in need of some rest and relaxation. You should try not to overreact to events that seem to be at a standstill. Here the need is to develop patience and ride out the storm.

Peace & Love,
S. Royes

Answer by The Empress
go to

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot Cards/ Readings/Experiences(Site and accuracy?)?

My question is: what is a great way to read your own cards online?
I went to :
Because I read some answers posting that site, How accurate is it ?

I went there and i have a problem:
I dont know what to fill on these : Options?
Name:(Its optional)
Question:We ask the question here …
My only 2 questions are / Will I get married and have kids?
Deck:(There are so many decks..which one do I chose?
Spread:?Not sure?
Reversals DUnno?
Significator Dunno?

I live in Los angeles.
I want to go get a Tarot reading. My teacher got one done.
I am A Christian , I know some people say this is devil worshiping etc.. I dont think so. As long as it is used in a Chrstian way its ok..
I only have 2/3 questions:
Will I get married?
Will I have kids?
Where is my future husband?

That is about it !
Im willing to pay to know the answers to those.
If you guys know /read TAROT cards.LET me know.
Or is anyone on here experienced? Let me kn

Answer by Tasha
try Yahoo’s version for free. It don’t matter what deck.

Answer by are we using our brains today

Answer by xxmysticbutterflyxx
Psychic Readings Searching for Love, Romance, Happiness, Abundance? • Worried about Money, Health, Children, Family? • Surrounded by Negative Energy, Depression? Your Psychic, Angel Reading can shed light and direct you to abundance and the fullness of life. Thinking positively brings about abundance because it attracts good things to your life. Allow me to help you through the guidance of Arch Angel Michael the Merciful and guide Micah, to influence your life, to empower you to enable you to have happiness, health, harmony and love, and to increase your level of spirituality with positive energy, hope, grace and light. With the help of the Angels and my Micah guide and the Arch Angels, I can improve your sensitivity to your soul mate, children, family, friends, and counsel you through your pain, suffering, depression and grief. Your personal Tarot Reading will show your strengths, weaknesses and obstacles, and light up your future. I am a Light Worker, and have been selected to be a channel of the Holy Spirit and the Angels, to empower you to validate yourself and find your spirit, so you can have strength during the hard times, have health and healing, enjoy peace and harmony with yourself, those close to you, and the Universe. “I am a caring professional that uses a natural healing art of Angel Magic and crystal healing, which channels the Universal Life Force energy. This miraculous positive energy, which is Divine Love, balances, heals, and energizes the total person – body, mind and spirit. I can send you angel crystal healing energy and help you experience a wonderful state of health and well-being. I work using the technique of Violet Flame and can guide you in the miraculous work and power of the Violet Flame. The Violet Flame, whose nature is purely transformational, is an aspect of fire. To use this energy of transformation on oneself, call upon the Angels of the Violet Fire and Saint Germaine before going to sleep at night. Ask the angels to work on whatever issue has come up for healing. Typically, in the morning, the issue has been released. As a Spiritual, Personal and Business Advisor, my Paranormal Gifts are strengthened and enabled through Divination with the Saints and Angel Oracle deck, and the use of my crystal ball for scrying. You will be given guidance and direction with integrity and compassion, very practical, realistic and down-to-earth, to assist you in problem solving and decisions. With the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the Angel of Mercy Michael, and my Micha guide along with the power of the Violet Flame, I will free you to proceed successfully on the path of life, be filled with peace, maintain a positive attitude, and be surrounded by the love and protection of the Angels. Call or Email now for your Psychic Reading and Violet Flame Crystal Healing Energy! My prayer for you is Peace, Health, Abundance and Love, I am your Earth Angel Kerri-anne.

Answer by psychiccoach
The many different tarot decks based upon the Rider Waite deck will all portray symbolic imagery which must then pass through your psychic senses and, given the context of the questions asked, bring forth a tarot card meaning that significantly answers your question.

If you are using Tarot cards as an oracle, you may be more inclined to read card meanings and spreads. But if using Tarot Cards as a tool for Psychic Ability you would be less likely to hold to any hard and fast guide lines. I’m a profession psychic and use Tarot Cards in a random way. In 25 years of professional readings I’ve never used any ‘meanings, spreads or reversals’ of tarot cards from any books.

So if you want to develop ‘Psychic Ability’ throw the books and guidelines away and let the images inspire you. But you may need to try the Rider Waite or another imaged deck.

I believe we are all psychic, but for the majority the gift or the belief has been long knocked out of them. Educated out is another way of looking at it. Many professional psychics have grown up in a psychic friendly environment. Perhaps a grand-parent or parent with the knowledge has helped bring the extra sense out in the open and encouraged its use. But there are as many practicing psychics who have not had the benefit of caring psychic guidance and who have still managed to develop and hone this natural extra sense. The Psychic Sense.

To tap in to it more you can go to my free develop-psychic-ability page here:

But on the other hand, if you want to use the Tarot as an oracle, a form of divination that needs no real ‘psychic ability’, then keep the books and use the meanings and spreads if you prefer.

Here is a free download demo for a great Tarot program. To keep the size of the demo manageable it contains the Rider/Waite deck, the actual program will have 10 complete decks. This Demo version of Tarot is a full working copy for 30 days. So you get 30 days to study meanings and spreads!

Written by Angelchild

The angels and spirits are here, so check your intentions at the door before entering my free chat room. I have noticed, that my energy is pulling more psychics into my room. I do not have a problem with other psychics coming into my free chat room. However, please check your intentions at the door. LOL! Remember, your energy is a name tag. People with psychic gifts, vibrate at a higher energy level, which you should have already known ! LOL! All are welcome in my chat room.

When attempting to include the angels and your deity in every aspect of life, you will begin to replace old thought patterns of judgment, criticism, and despair with the Ascension Attitudes of love, surrender, and gratitude.

Begin to Focus your energy: (be clear and pure of mind, body and soul.) There are 7 steps to truly learning how to focus energy, I can help you with this in private chat.

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