Free tarot reader?

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Will I be moving this year or should I just give up on moving completely? My dob is July 17.1968 at 7:04 am, short or long either one you feel you need to give me is fine. Go with what the spirits tell you to say.

Answer by amanda

Answer by Pablo
Hey Lunafaye, this is what the spirits have to say. : )

Eastern Astrology : Earth Monkey

Progressions: ( we spend 30 years in a sign )

Cancer birth to 5yrs. Leo 5 to 35 and Virgo 35 to now.

Its common to feel this primal change internally, natures law if you will. Virgo should bring more practical issues to prominence making things more orderly.

Celtic deck: Card ( IS ) goes to Virgo: meaning: Ice, Frozen, Stagnation.
Ice can be beautiful and also treacherous, dangerously thin making progress impossible. IS means you have to delay your ambitions until a more favorable season. IS has a freezing , delaying or preserving effect on other runes that appear in the same reading. It indicates a period of non-action. Its a time when we may realize were in a rut, unable to escape and move on to a more exciting existence. Things appear to be at a standstill but this is not a time to force change: great patience and wisdom are called for. It is an opportunity to rest, rethink and reaffirm ambitions.

Spirits, always with you! will give a “Free” daily read

Remember, not too many things in life are “Free”. If your truly going to get knowledge from something it must be earned, or paid for, otherwise it holds no (Value) or (Worth) to you. My friend, Quan Tracy Cherry, has a Free (monthly) web site. Consultations, and reads are “not free”. Although, almost everything in life is, “negotiable”. Hope this helps.

Peace & Knowledge

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Hi everybody 😀
Ive recently bought some tarot cards im a beginner 😀
I was just wandering wether you could tell me about a few of your reading with people and whats happends and any advice you could give me with doing this and learning them well!!
Couldnt believe theres 78 cards lol

Anyways thanks 😀
I am just interested in psychic/ mediums i just like to experiment.
I am a cathotlic and have been brought up that way baptism/communion and confirmatio i have taken all of these. so its not like im following the wrong path im just open minded about these things i was just wandering wether there is any truth in any of this anyones experience is all 😀

Answer by Laura
I haven’t played it personally, but I know that my friend gave me a reading regarding one of my friends, and it said something along the lines of “be careful”. Well… let’s just say it was VERY true.

Did it come with a book? Usually if you read that through, it can help.

Answer by Anne C
I bought some about 6 months ago and i’ve been struggling to learn them also. My “readings” so far have NOT been accurate. I was told to sleep with them under my pillow for a few days.

Answer by Tay
I have went to psychics a few times, and never have tarot card been true. No “card” can predict your future. You shuffle the cards, and they are what they are. Your energy doesn’t shift the cards to match your life, come on now.

If you’re that worried about your future, ask God for help. I’ve been brought up a Christian my whole life; however, I went through a time where I was interested in psychics, mediums… It’s just leading you into the wrong path, and leaves you even more confused.

Just like astrology, any card you pick, it’s going to relate to your life somehow. Even if it doesn’t, you make up life-situations to correlate with your cards. If you pick a card, indicating pain, pleasure, loss…um, I experience these things on a daily basis anyway. If I read Capricorn’s daily astrology, it could relate to me even if though I am an Aries.

Don’t ruin your whole life, resting upon cards.

Answer by wmayers99
I own twenty Tarot packs and have been doing readings for thirty years. They’re fun and entertaining, but NEVER let someone con you into believing they can actually predict the future.

Answer by grelics
It’s good to hear you are open minded to the Tarot! The cards do not predict, they are just a tool. You have free will and while the cards may show a possibe outcome it is your choices that will ultimately decide what happens.

I would suggest you pull a card a day, and meditate on it, using your little white book for basic meanings but also what you pick up from it intuitively. It helps to keep a journal of these daily cards. I used to keep a small whiteboard where I would attach my card with a magnet and write keywords as they came to me throughout the day.

You can also learn card meanings at and through a free course at

Blessed Be!

Answer by Sadhara Satguru

156 cards if you use reversed! lol

Join our forum if you wish –

We have 5 Tarot rooms, a Tarot course & lots more!!


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : is there anyone who can read my future??

ok my name is marly. my birthday is october 11, 1993.
is there anyone who can read my future or like use tarot cards to find out. i need someone who is really really good and will give me a semi long future reading that tells mostly about every aspect and what i need to do about it.

i really really really need to know about like all parts of my life not just love etc.

Answer by I ask, I answer
yeah, see its important for me to know your sign, and whats going on in your life, what u said is not enough info

Answer by segiterrus
Your Future is Very Bright if you are very prosperous and optimistic

Answer by fireball226
look up Rochelle Gordon or for fun but noone can really predict your life….theyre guessing

Answer by Maureen H
Bright and beautiful future.Positives: Many friends will cling to you for help and advice.Several people will look up to you as a role model and an idol.Next week, fun surprises are in store for you. Negatives:Throughout your life, A few boys will love you at first but will then leave you. You will also tell deep secrets to untrustworthy people and rumors will spread.

Answer by Bruce
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Leo – Sagittarius – Aries August 22nd 2010 Free Daily Astrology Horoscope Tarot Card Reading

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I am a natural born medium, clairvoyant and empath, which means I see and feel things. My spiritual counseling, psychic readings and medium connections cover all areas in life, career, health, finances and relationships.

I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, two modalities I can incorporate into my consults at the consent of the client.

How I work

As a Psychic Medium, I tune into energy, spirits and my guides and answer any specific questions you might have. During a reading the only information I will ask for is your name and age. Please come prepared with a list of questions you are seeking the answers to.

During a reading I do not use psychic aids or tools (cards or pendulums etc.) with the exception of automatic typing while I am channeling.

I work as a Medium channeling past loved ones, which I have found has incredibly therapeutic benefits, facilitating healing and the promotion of a wonderful sense of peace to loved ones on this side.

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