Free tarot/psychic reading please?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Free tarot/psychic reading please?

I was wondering who Brendon wants to be with is it myself or this other woman Julie. It is such a long story and he hasn’t been in a relationship with either of us but I’m wondering what the outcome will be and who he really does wants to be with.



My DOB 27/12/197 and he is a Tauras.

I’m just curious to see who he is attracted to and who he would like to be with.

Answer by Safyre
If you want someone to read the Tarot for you… the first thing you need to do is tell them what Tarot cards you drew, and what position they were in.

Answer by teranam92
Brandon it seems has some growing up to do and probably some more work to do in manifesting his professional self,( 7 of wands) indeed if he ever does so.
( 4 of cups in what he manifests around him–he has a deep need to refuse happiness and will probably choose wealth over love when it comes to deciding between the two of you). If the other woman is a Pisces, that is what he will choose . Yep, guy wants someone to take care of him ( hanged man as final card, up side down 4 or Emperor along with 5 of cups in the position of the subconscious mind) and is kind of a depressive. Whoever takes him on needs to have an active meditation or prayer life.( Star) ..looks like the High Priestess, keeper of the Akashic records says that you both owe him from some other lifetime. Maybe you two could flip a coin? (LOL) I’d keep in touch as friends if you are not the one he decides to favor with his neediness
and other worldly cop outs. Who knows, maybe you can fulfill your bargain with him without actually having to be saddled with him.

Answer by Miss Tristessa
I did a tarot reading for it. I also got the Hanged Man!!!!, and the card to represent Brendon was The Moon.

This suggests to me that he doesn’t KNOW what he wants, he is very confused, and is possibly deceiving you in some way. He needs to make a choice (Judgment card came up in that position), but the Hanged Man means he is going to take his time doing it; he just wants things left in limbo for a while.

The card for you was the Queen of Cups, so you are a very loving and caring person, maybe blonde like your avatar, and possibly a Water sign (?) such as Cancer for your Moon or Ascendant. Your feelings for him seem very genuine, but I’m not sure his feelings are equally sincere.

With the Page of Cups and Knight of Wands prominent in the spread, I’m guessing Brendon is the type of guy who is very attractive and charming,so I don’t blame you and Julie for being interested in him.

The final card was the 5 of Cups, so I’m sorry but it looks as if you will be disappointed in the outcome. 5 of Cups means you will lose something that isn’t really significant to you, even though it might make you unhappy. With the 5 of Cups, a relationship may end because it was on shaky ground to begin with.

You have to let go of the past, because there are new emotional possibilities in your future, and if you keep hanging onto the hope of being with this one person, you may miss out on these new opportunities.

It’s telling you to dry your tears and walk away from this situation. You’ll be better off for doing this because there’s a whole new world out there for you to explore (the World came up in the Future position).

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search overload is soooooo annoying. ok i just need some links for a good free tarot card reading site, please help.

Answer by Elaine M
This is more of an oracle deck, but it does give me good readings.
It’s near the bottom of the page. Do the one with fewest cards, you’ll need to interpret them yourself based on the images, and anything more than 3 cards can be confusing. They’re very accurate though.

Halfway down the page on this site are three decks with various ‘free’ readings you can get with each.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can someone give me a tarot card reading?

For free? Can someone please?? I need it to be for me and my ex girlfriend, I know she still loves me but I want to know if this situation is hurting her too? Please read my previous question, “it hurts so much” to know more detail. Her birthday is June 11 1991

Answer by Steph
go to and you can get some there…some they charge for, but a lot you can get based on a point average. check it out and you’ll see what I mean.

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