Hi, Can anyone do a free tarot card reading on me when it comes to love?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Hi, Can anyone do a free tarot card reading on me when it comes to love?

Answer by Lakota
I see a positive future regarding relationships for you, a hardworking man who is a bit of a dreamer, and the beginning of a new lifestyle. There will be plenty of celebrations to attend and possibly a pregnancy, this cycle of change will affect your income for the better just be patient, you are in the process of making a major decision but dont be overly anxious, dont rush into anything again patience.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does anybody know where to get a free tarot love reading?

I just had a fight with my boyfriend and want to get a free or cheap tarot card reading. Can anybody make any suggestions? I’m not looking for obnoxious, backbiting answers, but want to hear from someone who actually cares. So if you have nothing constructive to say, then keep your nasty thoughts to yourself. Thoughtful answers welcome.


Answer by BB
You can do it online but I would recommend you to light a candle while you do it.
*Go to this website facade(dot)com and chose “Tarot”
*Look on the left and pick your preferences
*Chose “Relationship” under “Spread” and chose your Deck of choice after “Deck” – I usually chose “Colman Smith”
*Click on button “FREE Reading”

It’s all free and can be done several times

Answer by Pam Richards
Free readings

Answer by efren
I had a similar situation recently. I used this site to help me decide which online psychic services were most reputable. Check out the one I used. I talked to a guy named Shane. He was awesome. Good luck!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can someone please do me a free tarot card reading or a psychic reading please?

No jokes serious answers no saying thats letting the devil in I don’t care I want to know my future life and when will it get better and find true love

Answer by Jagoffasaurus
I see you giving money to hucksters who claim to be able to see the future.

Answer by answer
someones desprate for a husband stupidity just stupidity

Answer by cork

Answer by TVelx
You will be wearing a necklace when you meet the man of your dreams.

Now, wear a necklace every time you go out somewhere.

Answer by Vulcan
Just read your cards, and interestingly enough your reading said that Tarot Cards are a really really stupid fraud for idiots.

Answer by GeminiGuy
DISCLAIMER: Due to the fact me or my cards have never met you, accuracy may be off.

In the past, you have been on a search for knowledge, but the path has only brought you setbacks. in your future, you will learn to take a new perspective on life, leading to greater personal security.

See Disclaimer

Answer by Kali Topoma
hate to dissappoint you, but that psychic stuff isn’t real, so don’t waste your time. The only reason that sometimes what ‘psychics’ say turns out to be real is because what they say is so vague in general that it can be applied to a hundred different situations and the same reading can be interpreted by different people to have a thousand different meanings.

Besides, knowing the future is probably not always a good thing

Answer by universalhealingcentre
If you would like to win a free psychic reading international Psychic Bella at www.soulpsychicreadings.com offers one reader a month a totally free reading.

I have had a reading from her and she is very good, clear and provides great clarity about the past, present and future.

Hope this helps you

Answer by Amethyst Moon
Wow so much hate, judgment and complete IGNORANCE here! All who so ignorantly state Psychics, Tarot, readings are fake frauds etc I ask have ANY of you so called “experts” ever seen a Real Psychic? Do you even know or understand that type of healing?

Suggestion: Learn experience, educate yourself try life outside your closed box.

In Love & Light,

Proven, tested, recognized and highly respected documented psychic healer.

Written by Angelchild

The angels and spirits are here, so check your intentions at the door before entering my free chat room. I have noticed, that my energy is pulling more psychics into my room. I do not have a problem with other psychics coming into my free chat room. However, please check your intentions at the door. LOL! Remember, your energy is a name tag. People with psychic gifts, vibrate at a higher energy level, which you should have already known ! LOL! All are welcome in my chat room.

When attempting to include the angels and your deity in every aspect of life, you will begin to replace old thought patterns of judgment, criticism, and despair with the Ascension Attitudes of love, surrender, and gratitude.

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