How can I be a tarot card reader?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can I be a tarot card reader?

No, I don’t think I have special psychic powers that I know of, but I always wanted to learn to read and use Tarot cards, how much do they cost, how hard is it, can I be a simple mortal being?

Answer by cotton candy
I actually got mine for free. I belonged to a spiriutal center where we raised money by having a yard sale. We all worked hard & decided that if anyone wanted anything before the huge sale we would just let them take it. I got a deck but never really learned to use them. I did try once before I got that tdeck & didn’t have cards but did it by using paper. The first time it said a female near me was going to die. I didn’t like it so I did it again & it came up with the same message. It was my mother.

I don’t know the easy way. I would go to HOW To just do a seach. put in how to read tarot cards & they should have the easiest way. Just keep trying & you will learn. Then start contacting people on line asking how much they charge & what they give. keep track of this. Set a price & tell everyone youknow to tell everyone. If you have the money for business cards get them & give theim to everyone you know & put on any boards you can. You might want to run a small add in a paper. remember to write that this is agood gift for someone who doesn’t like to clutter their home. remind them of any kind of celebration coming up. Always be positive cause they will tell their freinds they loved your reading & come back for more.

Answer by Miss 6
I read tarot I have been reading them for almost 20 years I started when I was 12. My suggestion for you is to go to the bookstore and look at the decks they have there, if one of them seems to stand out for you then buy that deck. Also maybe pick up a tarot book, most decks come with books. Like a little book in the deck they are just a brief description of what the cards mean. So a larger book about the subject would be best. The price varies be ready to spend between $ 15-$ 20 for a deck and a little more on a book. Its not hard, its just about playing around with the cards and trying them out until you feel confident. Its also helpful to have a friend who doesn’t mind you taking your time and practice on them for readings.
For some people doing tarot drills are helpful, keeping a notebook and writing what you feel about the cards. Especially if you’re trying to memorize the cards. A combination of the book and your personal meanings of the cards will help you be a better reader.
Actually a pretty good book on tarot is the Idiot’s Guide by Arlene (I’m not sure of her last name).
Also check Yahoo! Groups because there are a lot of chat groups for Tarot.

Answer by George
I’ve written articles for beginners in Tarot here that should give you a good start.

I’ve also written an online Tarot deck which you can also use to practice without going to the expense of buying cards.

I’m currently working on extending this so that you can save your tarot spreads with notes to come back to.

Answer by Misscpb

Well you may suprise yourself to find out that indeed you do have intuitive abilities once you start!
There are tarot card readings and also oracle card readings. I personally find it much easier to read oracle cards and do oracle card readings, in general I am not really that drawn to traditional tarot cards, just the oracle cards. The difference between tarot cards and oracle cards is that tarot cards have a set amount of cards, a major arcana and a minor arcana with various suits. Oracle cards usually have any amount of cards in the deck with names/meanings usually 1 word or a sentence on the card with an image.

Below are some links that you may find interesting if you are interested in learning to read cards.

Examples of Oracle Cards:-,r:2,s:17&tx=58&ty=79&biw=796&bih=428

Where You Can Buy Tarot/Oracle Cards Online
(Amazon then just type in tarot cards or oracle cards. You can also type in the authors such as Doreen Virtue, Diana Cooper, Sonia Choquette)

Tarot/Oracle Card Web Site Information

You can also learn to read your cards online for free at various forums and chat rooms, as per below:-

I wish you all the best.

Lots of Love

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do you interpret tarot cards?

I just became interested in tarot cards recently but I’m not sure how to interpret their meanings and stuff. Can you tell me the meaning of any of the cards? And maybe combine the cards and interpret them? Thanks!

Answer by Elaine M
It depends on which deck you get (the meanings are different in the Thoth, Marseille, Rider Waite and Oracle type decks – they all come with a little white book telling the basic meanings for the deck). If you go with the standard Rider Waite type decks, the meanings are posted online — go to it has a card breakdown, plus a free online course.

A good site for discussion is the forum over at aeclectic tarot, they’re one of the best forums online. And people are respectful over there, nobody jumps on anyone or is rude.

When you start reading them use SMALL spreads of one to five cards, so you can learn without confusing yourself. Spreads are available online, just google ‘tarot spreads’.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there another card method or deck more effective then the Tarot?

I am learning the Tarot cards right now and I keep sensing there is another card reading method which might be more effective and accurate. I also studied the playing cards. I am searching for this method and wondered if anyone out there has found one? Could be another deck with even more cards then the Tarot? This deck would provide very accurate timing of events and would be very easy to use. I am feeling it might have very descriptive wording on them, might even be a list of meanings. Don’t mean to be vague here as is hard to explain. I find the Tarot cards a bit vague but I am just beginning. I deck with the main emotions, situations, events and such would be helpful. Thanks

Answer by Searching
Don’t let that bs being welcomed on tv fool you, that’s black magic. Quit while you can

Answer by Recess
in my openion no there is not.

Answer by Elaine M
You’re just starting the Tarot, you need to get more experience with them. The suits show the emotions, and the readings don’t necessarily need to be ‘vague’ at all. However you’re NOT going to get rock solid specifics like ‘this is the physical house address and the person’s name is John’ out of any tarot or other card deck.

When reading the spread, use the basic meanings, look at the SUIT that’s in the position, and look at how the card interacts with the cards around it. Bring in the ‘Fool’s Journey’ if any of the cards are the major arcana, and compare/contrast with the other cards in the other suits (for instance if you got the 2 of Pentacles, what does that say over the other 2’s in the deck?).

If you go with the oracle type decks, you’ll need to be learning a new system with each one of those, no two oracle decks use the same structure. More cards aren’t necessarily better, they can be even more confusing.

What you CAN do is go to one of the better tarot forums online – like Aeclectic tarot – and look at the discussions on decks and cards that are on that site. It can help with the learning process.

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