How do I do tarot readings as a business?

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This Week On Haunted Society Radio With Phillip Brunelle I’m Hosting Free Tarot Card Readings With Vadella…

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This is my new page on facebook – please feel free to join and invite your friends –

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This is my first stop if I need a quick reflection or analysis of a situation with cardreadings. Totally free.

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Re: Free Tarot Card Reading…Seriously!

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I have been doing tarot readings as a hobby for about 15 years. I have never charged anyone money. However, I am looking for a second income. Doing tarot is fun and I am told my readings are really accurate. How can I turn this into something that I make money from? Keep in mind, I want to work from home…Any suggestions will be appreciated! Thanks!

Answer by Philosoraptor
The best way is to get into a new age shop and do tarot readings there. My family owns a new age shop and they have several people that do readings there.

Answer by Gregory Marcus
Study Human Psychology. Memorize the tarot definitions to the letter. Use what you learned with Human Psychology to adapt your readings to each person you read. Start a website and see how it goes. Advertise it with new age websites ..feces like wicca and paganism.

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
I posted my readings up on Etsy and it works out. I wouldn’t say I make much money on it though… not exactly a “second income” type thing… try making up some business-cards (you can get free ones printed on “Vistaprint” that has your email, your site and your info, then circulate it at psychic faires, pagan open-rituals, new-age shops etc… and like was already said, check and see if your local metaphysical/new-age shop has an interest in your service.
Also, look up the laws in your area about “psychic” services… rule of thumb, always make sure your clients know that technically, what they’re paying for is categorized as entertainment… you can’t be responsible for how they react to any information you give them and you’re not a professional councilor, doctor, lawyer etc and if you’re not careful, some lawyer or judge will get overzealous about trying to apply whatever “fraudulant mediums” law you might have in your state.

Answer by Pam Richards

You can put postcards in local shop windows, small adverts in your local paper.

You can ask new age shops if they have a chair you can rent.

You can also buy a psychic magazine or google for psychic telephone positions.

Good luck


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  • From the sound in the background, it doesn’t sound like you’re going to retire at age 72…much less 62.  Sounds to me like you’re having to raise grandchildren.

  • Light worker here-doing something quite unique.I give angel card readings using Doreen Virtues cards and I dont charge a set amount.
    People submit a request, i reply then they chose to contribute for their reading (or course they can choose nothing). I leave it in their hands to give what they choose.
    Find my angel card of the day videos by looking for user georgia507 and looking at the angel videos-the web address is on there, which you can use to request a reading.

    Take care all.
    G xxx

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