How may I find a phone tarot card reader job?

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How may I find a phone tarot card reader job?

I am looking for a work at home opportunity, offering tarot card readings for a direct line/dispatch service. I prefer to have the flexibility to log in anytime and work with a reputable company.

Answer by ind-a-go
Advice for good psychics, tarot readers and astrologers to become professionals.

Resources for home based psychic jobs

Answer by Sadhara Satguru

I used to work as a phone reader, the best ads are in the psychic magazines that you can buy.

I had to do prearranged shifts, so you may not get the flexibility that you wish.


Answer by catbaby
Best place is I have a friend who reads out of there. Go to their website and it’ll explain every step. Best of luck!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot Card Readings? What is the most accurate site I can learn?

Can anybody with any knowledge on this subject recommend a good website I can learn how to do readings from? And learn a lot more about tarot cards and readings? Thanks!

Answer by Colleen
There is a website called hedgewitchcrafts that does tarot cards of the day, where she explains one tarot card a day. also, she teaches about stones & colors. The people that run it are Steve & Sherri (really cool people). BUT my best advice to you is to go out & FIRST find a deck that you can accurately use in the first place. For example, I use the Witch’s Tarot. I started with a standard Waite Ryder deck & I never liked it. For me, the readings were inacurate & stressful. When I finally found the Witch’s Tarot, I had been through 3 different types decks. The cast off’s I gave to m kids to play with or to friends who actually DID like the decks. Also, find a good bookstore. There are TONS of books on the market about reading Tarot. Spreads, interpretations, etc. Hint: My next deck (while I truly LOVE my WT) will be an elemenal deck. They are also very accurate, cool & easy to read. But if you go this route, be sure to get YOUR element. Also, most Tarot decks today come with books & pamphlets that offer spreads & interpretations. Good LUCK! 🙂

Answer by Rakshas
Step one: PLEASE don’t use a website for anything more intense than testimonials. If you want to learn to use a material thing to look past material things, the Internet is not at all a good place to start. Get a book. Any book. Heck, get ‘tarot for dummies’ (it’s actually not bad). True story: The cards are a deeply personal experience, and not one that translates well to a screen.

My best advice? Go get a traditional deck. Rider/Waite, Thoth, whatever. They all come with a handy descriptive booklet. Use those to get the basic meanings and correlations down. It won’t make you psychic, but it will get you started.

That said, has an entire section on the subject that I think highly of. No fluff, no white light. Just the bare bones explanations from several sources, all available for free.

Answer by
I can offer you lessons, live. Check out my site :

Answer by Girl Raphael
Pretty much you learn by doing with them. Just practice and one day like aha you’ll get it.
Carl Jung is a good person to read about when using occult and there are some good books at the library on wicca that will explain more about the tarot you just have to seek.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do most tarot card readers specialize in contacting the dead too?

Skeptics need not answer!

I saw a sign for tarot card readings in a store and am wondering if most tarot card readers specialize in mediumship too?? Has anyone visited a medium before and does it help the process if I were to bring in an item of jewelery (a ring) of the deceased person I want to make contact with?

Answer by v72
they are really contacting demons…DAnger

Answer by missyjean130
Not most,but quite a few do both. It depends on where you live.

Once you find a person that seems trustworthy,you need to ask if the item would be helpful or not. They don’t always do the same type of ritual.

Answer by Shannon
you will have to ask. everyone has their psychic strengths and weaknesses. i wouldn’t assume by the tarot sign that he/she is a medium. personally, i’ve had success with cards but not too much on the mediumship.

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
Almost all mediums are psychics but only a small number of psychics are mediums. Becoming a medium takes years of study and practice and it is not for everyone. That is not to say that a psychic might not occasionally make contact with someone who has passed over.

Bringing an item can be helpful to a medium but is not necessary for contact to be made. The medium does not know for sure what spirits will come to communicate when the session begins. There are also different types of mediums. If you want to speak with a specific person, be sure to ask the medium before you make an appointment, if they have success in that type of mediumship.

There are some mediums that only channel spirits unknown to the client who give both general and personal advice.

Answer by Codex Buranus
Actually, no: MOST tarot readers are not also mediums. In fact, I’d say the majority of people who read tarot aren’t even psychic; they just read cards.

Many mediums might also be tarot readers though.

I have spoken with a friend who is also a medium, but this was via long-distance. He couldn’t control what spirits contacted him, whoever came came. You should ask the particular medium you want to work with if they feel something might aid your intent, as likely they all work a little differently.

Answer by vid
No, Tarot readers are not mediums, and if they claim to be they are frauds…I’ve read cards for years and I would love to contact my deceased loved ones…

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