How to block Facebook apps from my livefeed wall that friends are using?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How to block Facebook apps from my livefeed wall that friends are using?

My FB friends started using daily facebook tarot card reading. It is being posted to my live feed wall, sometimes many times a day and some friends are offended (religious reasons) without blocking these friends how do I stop the postings of this app from appearring on my live feed.

Answer by Moebius
When a post appears on your News Feed move the mouse over it. A x will appear on the top right. Click on it an select Hide all post from….

Answer by Miss 6
Its not on your wall its in the live feed either way you can block the app or your silly offended friends can block the app themselves.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can someone do a full scale reading on me?

I am a libra. Born 9-29-90.

ALOT has been going on in my life lately, lots of big changes and upheavals, I feel like my life is so bumpy. When will it ever calm down? I feel like it wont ever get better! Right now its at the absolutle worst. I was just wondering if anyone here would give me some kind of psychic reading, or tarot card reading, anything to just help me out, and figure out the path im on and what i need to do.

Answer by RAV3N
Dear Libra as you sit and ponder every move and are unwilling to take are the type that needs proof. RELAX. Think more positive and don’t be so pessimistic. That is the key…and don’t (what ever you do keep hanging around those that bum you out). You can change your path. Only you can change your path but it takes skill and courage. The knowledge to rid your life of the negative people..and you are surrounded..they drain you daily.

You will ultimately be fine. Things will work out..but you have to get the negativity out.

Answer by Liatris
In your Sign, you will either be needy or bold, and it is your choice now, to become one or the other.

Answer by flutter by
Whatever you do be very very careful about on-line psychics because many of them are just after your money and you never receive the reading ,ask the complaints board who is not honest.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is the name of this astrology website? [read for details]?

It give your daily horoscope, weekly horoscope, number horoscope, relationship horoscope, chinese horoscope, and your tarot card reading. It was a really good website, I just can’t remember the name of it,

Answer by Rebirth
Look to the left

Answer by heather c
sorry about that its actually called hope i helped :]

Answer by BJQC Melanerz the lightning
A lot of horoscope websites do that.

I’m guessing you are talking about because it is a good one.

Answer by David Firepig
You can go to this site:

Written by Angelchild

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