I need a website where you can get FREE tarot card readings?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I need a website where you can get FREE tarot card readings?


Answer by meli
um… those cards that tell u the future or what not? anais has some if thats what ur lookin for, she got it at borders, in those little boxes things. btw… sry about … u know what.

Answer by Lillith
Are you meaning computer generated readings or reading done by an actually person?
I am a reader of 16 years, and just for fun I have tried a few different sites with the computer generated ones to see what they where like.
They are not really worth much for they do not pick up on things like a genuine real reader would. There is no intuition involved with a computer.
What you get are book meanings for each card and NOTHING about how the cards tie in to each other, which is a BIG factor for an accurate reading.

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Answer by Sadhara Satguru
Hello Pink



Answer by In The Cards
Two sites for free computer generated readings are http://www.facade.com and http://www.ifate.com. By computer generated I mean that you’ll get the definitions for each card but no interpretation. Not the most helpful Tarot readings.

For free readings done by a real live human being, there are some mini readings done via Yahoo Answers. Beyond here, I don’t know how much detail or how truly free they’ll be.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : ANSWER IMMEDIATELY!!!Free Tarot Card Readings!!!?

Does anybody know any free tarot cards readings on line for free except google websites?and if u do how accurate are they?

Answer by Transitional Species
I’m busy right now, I’ll answer you later.

Answer by Ray Patterson – Extra Cheese
How accurate? Can you actually measure the accuracy of cold readings? Well, most people say they are pretty accurate descriptions of themselves. We think our thoughts are unique… but they’re not.

Answer by Laura
Step one: Go to Books-A-Million
Step two: Pay $ 10 for the Tiny Tarot Kit.
Step three: Give yourself as many FREE tarot readings as you want, for the rest of your life.

Method two:
Get out a deck of playing cards. Red = Yes, Black = No. Ask yes-or-no questions.

You don’t have to do EVERYTHING over the Internet, after all. 😉

Answer by Squeaky
Tarot card readings……. online.

um… how does that work…. exactly?

I mean… seriously… how the hell is that supposed to work?


Answer by Isis
You can’t get it done online. You gotta get your own deck to be accurate. When you shuffle the cards, it absorbs your energy.

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
You don’t know who you are dealing with online and if they are real or scams. I would never recommend that. Also, something for free is something of no value. In order to keep money flowing, you have to spend some. If you don’t have much, save up.

Lots of New Age Bookstores, Metaphysical Schools and Churches hold psychic fairs where you can get readings at a reduced rate. Do some research on them in your area.

Best wishes.

Answer by Angela
You get what you pay for. Tarot readings must be done with the guidance of someone who is experienced and who can interpret the cards for you. Don’t waste your money on free readings. Save up and get a real reading that will be accurate and benefit you.

I hope it helps. Website below might help give more information.

Answer by emilsignia
Do you have a FaceBook account? Join The Tarot Club in Groups. There’s this one member (Jurgen?) who is very eager to give everyone free readings right now (too much time on his hands?). He is excellent. There’s another girl who will give readings if you ask a question. She too is excellent. I asked a question on one of my friendships and she hit it on the head.

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Answer by Tanya
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Answer by psychic-junkie
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