I’m looking for a website where you can choose your own tarot cards and make a reading?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I’m looking for a website where you can choose your own tarot cards and make a reading?

You could receive text message of your daily reading. The website had a black background. During your reading it was animated and gave you a definition of each card. I can’t remember the name of it

Answer by Mizz SJG

Answer by Barbra
Is that cheating?

Answer by Britney M
thats all fake i know people who do that for a living and its all a lie dont waste your money on that plus its evil read a bible and pray to god

Answer by Sadhara Satguru
Hello Art

You can download a tarot reading program from my site, it doesnt send a daily text message but you can either let the program shuffle or you can pick the cards. Oh its free as well.
Link ~ Click Home Study & then bottom of page ~ http://www.holisticpathstowisdom.co.uk/


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : which is the best free astrology site?

readings, palmistry, analysis that are accurate

Answer by >>ilovecamprock<<
theres a free astrology and horoscopes…

Answer by ☆J☆A☆M☆I☆E☆

i like this one because it has daily horoscopes for about a month

cafe astrology is good

and yahoo horoscopes are good

and search elle daily horoscopes it’s good and for girls

Answer by varshini78
www.cafeastrology.com good info on that.

Answer by roscoedeadbeat
I must respectfully say that there is no difference in the real world. Since astrology is not a science, but rather entertainment, you can choose any site you wish. Astrology is like any other kind of fortune telling, such as Tarot, palm reading, crystal balls, Ouija boards, Psychic hotlines, etc.
Enjoy it, have fun with it, but don’t take it seriously.

Answer by Miss 6
I have to disagree with roscoedeadbeat. Astrology is a science, horoscopes can be for entertainment, but if they are drawn up properly then its a science. It is not like Tarot or palm reading, nor is it like the Ouija board, a psychic or crystal balls (which I don’t think anyone uses by the way crystal balls I think he watches too much tv!).

Anyway I know of a very accurate person but it’s not free if you’re interested you can contact me through here.
Other than that I like http://www.adze.com/
this site is good because it allows you to put in your information and give you a daily horoscope according to it. As far as general sun signs horoscopes I think Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone is pretty accurate as well. http://www.astrologyzone.com/

I think that palmistry would be best done by a live person, someone who can really see the lines in your hands. If you’re interested in getting your tarot cards done I know of a free site by some very gifted readers. But they will only give you one free reading. http://www.worldtarotreaders.net/

Answer by Wilson Hardy
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Source : YoutubeWatch this video on daily tarot card reading free

Daily Tarot Card Reading for March 19th, St Joseph’s Day

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