Is it true that you can receive 1 Month Free of Xbox 360 with three different accounts?

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is it true that you can receive 1 Month Free of Xbox 360 with three different accounts?

Well, my 1 month free trial is over, and I’m gonna buy an Xbox Live Membership Card. I read that you make 3 different accounts and get 1 month free. Is that true?
I was thinking of doing that, but I’m not gonna risk it. I do not want to get banned from xbox live or something.

Answer by Milk84
Yes it’s true and you will not be banned for doing it. Each 360 will give up to 3 free trials of Gold. You do have to make a new account on it which means your saves, achievements, friends list, and online progress will not be on it. You can re-add your friends to the new account, but none of the other things can be moved over.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can you cancel an unactivated credit card without being stuck with all the credit card fees?

I applied for a credit card before reading all the fees. I got approved for a $ 300 limit, but after all the fees my available limit is $ 75. I got the card two days later and have not activated it. If I cancel the card am I still stuck with that $ 225 worth of fees?

Answer by jimobasa
Which fees are you talking about? I have just received my new Visa card with £1,500 Credit Limit and there is nothing to pay until I begin using the card.

Answer by Vince M
If it has never been activiated, there should be no fees. Cut up the card so that someone else does not activate it.

Answer by Meg
Something similar happened to me. I applied for a Capital One card that said no annual fees the first year. Once I got the card, I decided not to activate it b/c I had a better card offer that I would never have to pay fees on at all.

The next thing I know I got a letter in the mail saying I owed $ 39 for this card even though I had never even activated it. Just call the company and say you never even activated the card and don’t want to use the card. Just tell them the application was misleading. I was able to get out of it with no problem. You should be able to get out of it..especially if applying for the card was free.

$ 225 in fees is absolutely ridiculous for a card company to charge….especially when there are so many cards that have no fees. Good luck…hope it works out!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is the name of the four Railroads in the game of Monopoly?

What are the names of the two least expensive properties in the game of Monopoly?

There is one property that has to do with flowers, what is the name of it?

What are the two types of cards on the board that allow us to get out of free cards?

And which ones give us extra paydays?

Answer by juliebaci
B&O Railroad, Short Line, Reading Railroad, Pennsylvania Railroad.

Answer by packerfan
1. Reading, Pennsylvania, B&O and Short Line
2. Marvin Gardens
3. Chance and Community Chest
4. I believe both Chance and Community Chest have ADVANCE TO GO cards.

Answer by k88dad
I see that you have FIVE questions, so I’ll answer. For the U.S. version, of course.

1. Clockwise from Go, they are Reading Railroad, Pennsylvania Railroad, B & O Railroad and Short Line.
2. That would be Mediterranean Avenue and Baltic Avenue.
3. You’re probably looking for Marvin Gardens. In reality, no property has anything to do with flowers. Marvin Gardens is named for a housing area outside of Atlantic City, New Jersey. Atlantic City is the source for most of the street names used in the original Parker Bros. Monopoly. It should be spelled MARVEN Gardens, since it is named after MARgate and VENtnor (two cities in New Jersey.)
4. Community Chest and Chance are the cards. Each has a Get Out of Jail Free card.
5. Each of the card piles has an Advance to Go card. I guess that would equate to an extra payday.

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