Is there an online oujia board or tarrot card site you can refer me to that is safe and works?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there an online oujia board or tarrot card site you can refer me to that is safe and works?

Please and thankyou:)

Answer by Poink
Um. I presume you mean “safe” as in there are no virii, right? And not as in “demons will come assault me through the computer monitor” which someone said to me when I showed them a flash animation that used basic math trickery to pretend to “predict” what they were thinking.

Answer by M
I’m a bit curious as well. 😮

Answer by Ella

I’ve never got a virus from this, and often it gives good advice. The readings give repeatable results – if you ask the same question you will get the same answer.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you believe in tarrot card readings?

I went to a tarrot card reader and i swear i have never met her before and she told me my parents name ages and many other things about the present. There is no way she could have known. Should i believe what she said about the future?? (eg. she said im going to marry in 4years =ill be 26=)

Answer by jleslie4585
Personally I believe in it, i even studied for a short time, but i don’t think it’s set in stone, more of a “on your current course this will happen” If you felt this woman was being genuine with you and gave you good news, what’s the harm in believing it?

Answer by philiptsien97
I do.

Answer by Chris
not really

Answer by dpbouffard
Or palm readers, mind readers, etc

Answer by Saz
No, I don’t. I went to one a few months ago to give it a try but she got a lot of information wrong. I don’t know about your case but she could have been guessing from your personality? your behaviour? your ethnicity? etc and could have inferred from that. I mean if you were an anglo-saxon, she could have guessed a common anglo-saxon name.

Answer by Flame
usually I would but not as much anymore

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : can someone read me the tarrot cards??

i own a tarrot card set and i was wondering if someone can read them for me through email.
i suffle them and then you tell me how to lay them out and then i’ll tell you what cards come up.
will that work??
does anyone want to try it with me right now???
email me if your willing enough please. or if it will work??

i’m very curious. i have had tarrot card readings but they were always face to face. will it work long distance. but it will be different because i will be the one with the cards becaues i have to suffle them.
want to try it????

Answer by Phoebe Anneth Leigh
tarot cards are a great way to bring demons into your life

Answer by GataPe
I don’t read tarrots, but I eat carrots!

Answer by yessi.
you actually believe those readings

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on tarrot card readings

ASMR Fortune Teller Tarot Card Reading Role Play for Relaxation

Written by Naborara

I could tell you what your partner thinks and feels about you and what actions he/she would take in future. Furthermore, according to my knowledge and experience, I could REUNITE you with your LOVER and could remove all the block which caused you unhappiness.Are you confused,depressed and unhappy? I can help you in all areas of your life to bring you true pleasure and peace. Be prepare yourself and be mentally relaxed for your reading with me. I will at once provide you the in-depth reading that will help you to see the clear picture and provide you the better understanding about what is happening in all areas of your life.In my readings I will tell you what I see as truth without caring those things that you want to hear. My mission is to enlighten,inspire and help the people to get back on track. I have helped thousands of the people to heal their relationship with their Soul mates.

You will find my spiritual advice never failing on all concerns of your life and it will guide you towards the peace,prosperity and true love.I always verify the answers through my own spirit guides who always help me to address the different situations to produce the good results directly. I do NOT predict only but also show you the right step/path to find your Desired Path and Success. I have a STRONG BELIEF that FREE WILL can influence on your destiny. Let me help you find the answers you need to be Truly happy. I am an experienced Love/Relationship and Life Coach.I could tell you what your partner thinks and feels about you and what actions he/she would take in future.

13 thoughts on “Is there an online oujia board or tarrot card site you can refer me to that is safe and works?”

  • People are strange when you’re a stranger. People look ugly when you’re
    Nice reference Heather. You never fail to make me smile.

  • Hey Heather. .. i wanna share a fb post that i typed yesterday after i
    quite up at 4ish (am)

    Woke up about to cry. .. had a “nightmare”.. omg it was surreal

    I (or the character-couldn’t really tell if i was playing a out in this
    dream) was somewhere in the middle east. A woman was getting accused by her
    husband of doing something wrong (which i-or the character was on her
    side). Somehow her husband, herself, myself/character and an old man end up
    in a really dusty concrete soccer field. The husband had enough of the wife
    and told her that if she didn’t behave he will stone her (the woman wasnt
    really guilty of whatever the husband said it was) and left. I/character
    saw the wife filthy with dirty, saw my/character’s hand (filthy also) and
    the old man told me/character to go get water to clean the wife. So
    I/character spotted the husband and gave him the middle finger and have him
    and attitude. The husband threw stones at me/character and the old men ran
    as he could, and extended his arms so he could protect me/character. . I
    hold him from behind to protect myself/character.

    And that’s when I woke up…. started to cry.. anxiety running through my
    veins.. i had to breathe slowly to calm myself down. .the stoning felt so

    Now I can’t sleep. .it’s 4:26am..


    This was the last video I saw before I fell sleep. .I guess the veil In
    your video for some reason portrayed in my dream as an iranian veil. The
    power of ASMR right? Another thing, I think my dream had the same concept
    of the true story/movie of the “stoning of sorayah”. Its so weird because
    ASMR videos are supposed to relax people. And its funny because I haven’t
    put any thought to that movie in years (since it came out).

    Anyway, just sharing a little bit. I love your videos by the way. They have
    helped me fall asleep quicker. 🙂

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