Mobile Graphics Cards, Reading Benchmarks?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Mobile Graphics Cards, Reading Benchmarks?

I am in the market for purchasing a laptop and it comes with a:
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570

I’ve never had an ATI, I’ve always ran Nvidia so I looked it up and got this link. But don’t really understand how to read benchmarks for the card.

If this card is insufficient, what is a equal card or so in Nvidia standards?

Answer by Amfavs
Video cards all depend on what you are planning to do. This card will hold its own but barely. It seems like most movies and webpages will look fine but a 64bit memory bus width is not very good. The cool thing is that is has HDMI out support but it seems to fall just below average for games and 3D marks.

If I had to compare it to an Nvidia card… Maybe a geforce 6 series?

Answer by dragonsbreath181
ATI used to be canadian manufacturer they sold out and were eaten by AMD they make mediocre video cards nothing can touch the top 3 cards from Nvidia especial the dual GPU 295 but it’s also about $ 700
any of the 200 series are great cards don’t bother with anything less then 512 Mand 128bit bus or you will suffer lag like nobodys business

some makers offer a stock internal card but offer the ability to replace it with an aftermarket
ACER has a few units like that not many but a few
they are MXM

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Have you had tarot cards read to you before?

What was it like for you?

I had a couples reading and it seemed pretty believable. And accurate in things we’ve gone through.

I might have mine read one day by myself just for fun.

Answer by Magley64…AM
good luck wasting your money…

Answer by dolphin_luv302
Yeah they are kind of fun and are actually believable

Answer by atheist
Yes, none of the predictions ever came true. Most of the past stuff was wrong or so general it could apply to anyone.

Answer by ɹɐǝɟsuɐs Consiglieri
I did it once while on vacation.

The response was very general and non specific, and told me things that I would have wanted to hear.

“I can see that you are a very kind person, who cares for others?”

How am I supposed to answer that?

Answer by overweight doomsayer
I did and yes it was a waste of time and money.
Nothing they said happened.

Answer by Eclectic Pagan
I have had my cards read as I read cards too.

What I can add to this is that each card reader has their own way of doing a reading.

It won’t be a waist of time and money of the person can do a reading without you telling them about your problem. If they are good readers, all you got to do is sit down, don’t say nothings, shuffle the cards and wait for your reading.

Also, readings don’t mean it will come to be or it has to be. Readings are just warnings of what is very probable to be if you don’t make any efforts to change things. Readings are just probabilities.

Answer by delirium
Have read them and have had them read. I am somewhat skeptical because I know a lot of it has to do with reading the person and not the cards.

Most of the readings I’ve had have actually been meant for other people. They would tell me something that would happen to me, and it would happen to my sister.

The best reading I ever had, and the only one that was ever actually a reading of ME, was an old woman who used regular playing cards. She told me things that actually did come true, and I really believe she had abilities that were more than just reading people. She named names, described people and events, and just knew things that a person could not have just known.

Usually I’m told “I can’t read you” and they give me my money back.

Answer by Pam R
Hello Butterfly

Yes I have done, I also teach the tarot.

The tarot are as accurate as the clarity of the channel (reader).

Never have a reading for fun, go for guidance because you have a real need, you will find that the information that you get will be greater.


Answer by Miz Peeps
I’ve only had them read once, but I didn’t think it was a waste of time or money. My reader didn’t talk to me before or during, she just shuffled an old, old deck (one of her grandkids had scribbled on some of the cards and I liked that 🙂 and did my reading. I was going through a horrible time in my life and that’s why I went to her. I was open to anything. Since I’d been broken up with who I thought was the love of my life, I assumed she’d tell me we were going to get back together. She didn’t. She said, and I’ll never forget it, “October is the pivotal month for you. Everything changes in October.” I thought that meant my old flame would come back to me and we’d live happily ever after. But it didn’t. As October wore on, I began to think that woman was full of utter B.S. and I was a chump. But on Oct. 27th, I met someone who changed my life, fell in love, and got married. That was two years ago. I would say the reading helped me over a bad spot by giving me hope and I’d like to think the woman predicted what happened later.
But that’s just my experience. I wouldn’t try to make you have one or tell you you’re stupid if you wanted to have a reading.

Answer by jose b

Answer by cortes11358
yes, couple of times , some things in my readding were true , some hhappened latter and others didn’t happen at all.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Okay I read blackjack card counting book?

I read blackjack card counting book will I get arrested if I count cards at casino in the city?

Answer by Robin Thicke
nope and if you go to vegas at places like circus circus they play single deck black jack which makes it very easy to do so

Answer by drake i
You won’t get arrested, they will just ask you to leave, and if you don’t then they’ll arrest you. That’s why you have to stand up and leave for breaks once in awhile, switch tables and what not.

Answer by PokerWhiz
I don’t see how really, they would have to be able to prove beyond a doubt that you were counting cards and since you do that in your head i think that they would have a very hard time being able to prove it. It is not a very easy thing to do though and takes quite alot of practice to be able to do it well enough for it to be of any real use to you, if you don’t know how to do it correctly then it’s not going to get you anywhere, you need to be able to do it quickly too and you need to have a good memory. My memory is terrible so i’d be no good at it, well that and I just don’t have the patience to try and do that, Good luck at it though, I haven’t met anyone yet who is actually good enough at it to be able to use it to their own advantage. If only it was as easy as they make it look in the movies huh. Oh but if you are using something other than your mind to keep track then yeah you’ll get yourself into some strife.

Answer by pdq
Not only will you not get arrested, but they will probably thank you for coming.

If all you’ve done is read a book, you almost certainly are not ready to make money counting cards. There is a lot more to it than reading a book. You’ll need tons of practice and tons of discipline.

If you ever do get good enough to do it correctly, you still will not get arrested. As someone else said, the worst thing that will happen is they will ask you to leave. (Actually the could possibly ask you to never come back.)

Answer by Ryan
It is not against the law to count cards in a casino.

You will get thrown out if you are caught though. The casino is private property, and the person in charge of the casino has the right to escort anyone out.

You will also be “asked” not to come back to the casino. They will take your picture and put it in a database of known card counters, and it will be shared with other casinos.

Answer by mrwonderfull
nah there is no law in any casino that i know off the will arrest any one for using their brain to win But if you use a MECHANICAL device or any device your looking at 7 yr

Answer by Ronald
Good Morning Jorge,

I always laugh when I see people answer a question about counting cards. I can easily tell if they are for real. Some time after returning from Vietnam. I picked up a book about, “How to beat Blackjack”. You counted cards. It was easy for me. I had been counting cards all my life. So you see, counting cards is nothing new. Some people think counting cards started with the movie “21”.

Seven of my friends read the book. We practiced for about 2 months. Then we drove to Las Vegas. All seven of us returned with extra money in our pockets. We got very very good. We were Stock Brokers. We started flying to Vegas every tuesday and thursday after the market closed. It was easier to count with less people at the table.

We learned to pair up at one table. If one loss count, the other would signal the count to his partner. Three casinos kicked us out. Many other casinos would redeal every two rounds. In turn, we hit different casinos each week. At least once a week, we flow to Vegas for three years. Three of the seven moved to Las Vegas. They all own very successful businesses with employees. I did not move. I had a great job here. But I still fly or drive to Vegas each month, and I play $ 500 no limit Texas hold them at the Commerce Club every week.

As for your question. No, the casinos cannot arrest you for counting cards. I don’t think you will be any good unless you have practiced for months before you go. I also do not believe you can win a lot of money. You will lose count to many times unless you have a partner at the table.

We played with a single deck. The deck would only get “rich” every four or five deals. Because Vegas uses multiple decks, the decks would only get “rich” every third or fourth deal. That is way to long (time wise) between deals. The book does not talk about this small fact.

Another thing, the book does not talk about. I guarantee that no one, I repeat, no one can count cards for more than 2 hours. Your mind turns to “mush” after 1 1/2 hours of counting cards.

Let me finish. It is better to count cards than not to have any type of system. Counting cards is no fun. It is just like a JOB. I have been there many times. Try it and see for yourself.

Good luck to you. You and your family have a great New Year, from Los Angeles.

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I am a natural born medium, clairvoyant and empath, which means I see and feel things. My spiritual counseling, psychic readings and medium connections cover all areas in life, career, health, finances and relationships.

I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, two modalities I can incorporate into my consults at the consent of the client.

How I work

As a Psychic Medium, I tune into energy, spirits and my guides and answer any specific questions you might have. During a reading the only information I will ask for is your name and age. Please come prepared with a list of questions you are seeking the answers to.

During a reading I do not use psychic aids or tools (cards or pendulums etc.) with the exception of automatic typing while I am channeling.

I work as a Medium channeling past loved ones, which I have found has incredibly therapeutic benefits, facilitating healing and the promotion of a wonderful sense of peace to loved ones on this side.

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