My Tarot Card Readings foreshadow a big change in my relationship?

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : My Tarot Card Readings foreshadow a big change in my relationship?

Lately I’ve been getting some tarot card readings done concerning my relationship. My partner and I have been having relationship troubles and have been on the verge of breaking up several times. The thing is, all of them point there being a big change in my relationship coming soon and hard decision I need to make or else I’ll end up unhappy. Is it possibly time to say goodbye to my partner and start anew?

Answer by divine
dont let tarot cards dictate your relationship…believe me it becomes the killer…it killed two of my relationships…need i say more?

Answer by Barney_22
unlike the first answer the reading i got when having trouble with my ex really helped me…the one who did the reading for me did this way: first asked the cards if id stay with him whta will be the outcome…and the worst cards came out lol…then she did aother spread asking whether id leave him what will happen…and the first card was the best of the pack lol…its up to you..we all know the right answers in our subconcious…and i think you know it too so forget everything..block every thought out of ur head and think….what is honestly better for you and your future..what do you really want and get rid of anything an anyone holding u back or putting you down…life is too short fr that! 🙂 best of luck!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I want to charge people to do tarot card readings at back to the bricks to i have to get a permit?

I was thinking to make a little extra money at back to the bricks i would do tarot card readings for $ 5.00 or $ 10.00 do I need to get a permit?

Answer by William Andersen
Hi there,

Congratulations on seeking entrepreneurial opportunities…:)

To your question: Different states/cities/counties have different rules that govern business. You should let us know where you would be operating the business to get more specific help.

Good luck!

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