please can someone offer me a free card reading ?

free card reading

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@AdvisorIsIn (Eve Picquette) tweeted the following :
Gift for You – Free ANGEL CARD READING! What is Your Message? Free Angel Reading and other Gifts

Source : TwitterWhat people are saying on Twitter

@AdvisorIsIn (Eve Picquette) tweeted the following :
Free Gift for You – ANGEL CARD READING! Need some help? Free Angel Reading and other Gifts.

Source : TwitterWhat people are saying on Twitter

@AdvisorIsIn (Eve Picquette) tweeted the following :
Gift for You – Free ANGEL CARD READING! What is Your Message? Free Angel Reading and other Gifts

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FREE Tarot Card Reading – Get an Unforgettable PsychicTarot Reading

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please could someone help me with a card reading which can give me some guidance i so badly need. also does anyone have any advice on how i could cleanse my home of bad luck and help me move forward in life.

Answer by Okie Dokie
if you find someone please get in touch with me

Answer by Goddess of War
You just have to have more positive energy then negative. If you allow negative energy around you then your open to demonic possession.

Answer by believer_in_jesus37421
Have you ever asked yourself why you find things like this so fascinating? The reason, I suspect, is because down inside you feel uncertain and nervous about the future and think these things might help you feel more confident.

But this is precisely why I urge you to put your trust in God alone for the future. As I have often said, predictions like these about the future are almost never on target (or else they are too vague to really mean anything). Why build your life around them or get your guidance from them? They are only a substitute for the guidance you really need—which is from God.

My other concern, however, is one that I hope you will take very seriously. These things may seem innocent and amusing at first—but it’s easy to get more and more fascinated with them, and eventually become involved in occult practices that are not from God.

Don’t be misled: Occult practices are not from God, but from spiritual forces opposed to God. Instead, put your faith and trust in Christ. When we know Him, we know we are safely in His hands no matter what the future holds. The Bible is right: “When men tell you to consult mediums and spiritists … should not a people inquire of their God?” (Isaiah 8:19).

Answer by Buckshot
Silly Humans!! Ask your self? Is Darwin right? Theory of Evolution Primordial bucket of ooze? Or ape to man? Maybe Science is right, Or Anthropologists where’s the missing Link? Possibly Religion, God? I think we’ve put to sleep the thought of us being 5000 years old? Adam & Eve? We’d be so inbred we would have died off years ago.. You don’t need a card reading, God or any one, that’s why we are here to Learn, Question, See Smell and Taste, then make our own decision’s and most important make are own judgment call on what we have learned, no fun if it’s in the cards, Then there would be no mission, no journey, there in lye’s the lesion. Now what are YOU prepared to do about it…

Answer by Sanguine ☽O ☾ ȣ ☽O ☾
Unfortunately, it may be difficult for you to get a good/thorough reading online for free.

You may have more luck using the online generated ones.
I always use this one:
There is a box to type in your question on the left hand side.

This is the online Tarot website that I personally use. It always provides great readings for me when I don’t have time to lay the cards out myself.
This site explains the cards and positions to you, so you don’t need to have any previous Tarot background to get the full advantage.

AND – it’s free!

As far as cleansing your home:

Are you able to burn sage bundles? I have found that sage works great for cleansing, but you can always use something else that will work better for you.
Take your lit sage bundles and let the smoke drift around every door and window, making sure to visualize all the negativity and bad luck being purged from the home and flying out of your house!

(There are MANY other Home Cleansing rituals/ideas to be found online. This one is just an incredibly short and easy way to get the positivity flowing again in your home!)

Hope this helps!

Written by Angelchild

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