Reading Tarot Cards has been as something that is part of me except when it comes to reading my own?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Reading Tarot Cards has been as something that is part of me except when it comes to reading my own?

Can anyone suggest anything that might have work for themselves when reading their own cards? I just cant seem to stay neutral to the cards and they work best for me when I know the least as possible about a person.

Answer by Miss 6
I have that problem too when I read for myself about a subject that is really bothering me. I have found that doing a daily read has helped. I also have recently connected with some people who read tarot on line we have became friends and will do readings for each other because many of us feel the same way you do when it comes to reading for yourself. You may want to check out some of the tarot groups on Yahoo!

Answer by Helen
One thing you can try is to phrase your questions in the third person like this:

Please advise Helen on (a specific issue or situation).

Then interpret the cards as if you were reading for someone else.

Answer by overinda
Its all about being “objective”… like doctors have to take an oath not to treat their near and dear, friends and family…

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do you avoid accidently doing cold/warm readings when doing tarot/oracle readings?

I’ve been having a friend whom ive only known a fairly short time do readings on me to test it out but Im not 100% sure if shes accidentally being vague or not because nothings been off so far.

Keep in mind this girl isnt that good at problem solving so she isnt that capable of solving problems by herself so she doesnt always say things in readings she would normally tell me.

Answer by Awesome Possum
Generally, the best way for her to keep on track is for the querent to ask very specific questions and to limit her spreads to smaller , 3 card spreads until she gets her technique down. She needs to focus, concentrate before the reading, and maybe even write the specific questions down prior to pulling the cards. I do recommend that she keep a tarot journal of her daily card pulls and try to fine tune her skills that way.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on daily tarot card reading

Weekly Tarot Card Reading for Aug 19 -25

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