Some easy ways to know if theres a spirit in your house?

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Quite often i feel like someone is watching me, and feel tugs on my shirt or hair from behind. Or, for example, a rush of cold wind comes into my bedroom when the window and door are closed. Also, a few nights ago, i woke up with a light in my bedroom like my nightlight but i had unplugged it from the wall. And sometimes things get moved around while im out. And any ways to know if its malevolent or benevolent?

Answer by ∞troll
Easy ways to tell if there’s a spirit in your house:
1) Is your room drawn?
2) Is there a talking dog?
3) Is a van parked outside called the Mystery Machine?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then there may be a spirit. If not, then don’t worry.

Answer by Jesere
We have Spirits visit our house often…
Spirits are visitors from Heaven, either family or friends

I have also lived in two places with resident Ghosts
Ghosts do not know they are dead…

Answer by Philosophy 101
Before you got to sleep at night,
you have to remember what kind of tobacco you was smoking.

Answer by Truprincess
Sure there are!

(1). Does this place create an overall atmosphere of fear? Do you feel uneasy or like you are being watched? What time of the day or night? (3A.M. is a favorite time for evil activity – since it is directly opposite the 3 P.M. death of Jesus) Does this happen cyclically or in an established pattern, including in seasons or times of the month or year?

(2). Do children and/or pets get easily scared here? Are there pets that bark or hiss at seemingly nothing or act in a strange way? For instance, staring off into space at something, or appearing frightened for no apparent reason?

(3). Is it adversely affecting your physical health? Is it a place of physical harm such as bruising, scratches, pressure headaches? Does this interfere with daily life or ability to mentally/emotionally function well? Do you have strange dreams, thoughts that aren’t your own or are out of the norm for you, thoughts of anger, fear, harming yourself or others? Does this interfere with your ability to work?

(4). Does this interfere with your ability to pray or hear God clearly? Does this cause strife in your relationship? Do you find you and family members are easily agitated, and perhaps argue more than usual? Is anyone living in the house on strong medications? Does anyone have/or had addictions? Is anyone having anger issues or dealing with unforgiveness issues for past hurts or abuses?

(5). Have things been moved? Are objects suddenly found to have gone missing and then reappear (for example: leaving your car keys on the table, then unable to locate them but later you return and they are right where you had left them)? Is it a place of hearing voices, seeing figures or dark shadows? Do you see movements from the corner of your eye? Are you being touched? Are there strange lights, circular shapes or discolorations in photographs taken around you or in the area of haunting?

(6). Have you or anyone in your family ever dabbled in occult practices? These include playing with a Ouija board, holding séances, visiting a psychic for a reading, Tarot cards, tea leaf reading, etc? Open portals and unHoly invitations can be caused by people dabbling in the occult, whether it is accidental or just kids reading something out of a book or a small group intent on making a supernatural link.

(7). Are there any tools of divination or objects such as idols or carvings that were given/brought from foreign countries that might be dedicated to demonic practices or cults? Have you received/purchased anything, jewelry/furniture/etc. from garage sales, antique shops or other sources where the item history is unknown? Portals can be made through an object, which may be given to another person, thus passing the connections on with it. Whether the person receiving it knows about it or not they have just made a binding contract to the demons by agreeing to accept the gift. Or if a person bought it, to the demon that contract is still as binding to the person who now owns it, as it was from the beginning by the person who first dedicated it through ritual. Not all dedicated items become portals, but the incidence is high (read the article “Portals of Evil – Opening and Closing Them – Do You Own Things That are Harming You?” on the website).

(8). How long has this been happening? Did the previous owner or tenants have similar issues? Do you know of any documented history or previous problems in the home, of a haunted nature or otherwise? Has anyone died on the property? Has there been damage to the property? Have there been any modifications to the existing building or any current construction projects now underway?

(9). Is the house near a gravesite, graveyard, cemetery or burial ground? Has the property ever been blessed by a Priest or other Holy person? Are there any remarkable odors or occurrences of a foul, putrid or rotting smell? Do the lights or electricity act up frequently? Are there unusual cold spots in the house? Are there sounds that can’t be logically explained, including pounding, growling or knocking sounds?

Is it malevolent or benevolent? In my opinion it is malevolent.

Shows you what you need to do to clear your place: (scroll down to bottom of page)

All the best<3

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