Taro card reading were can I get one?

taro card reading

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New post: The Devil Card – What Does it Mean in Your Taro http://t.co/zrlhNVMg

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Taro card reading. #DateNight #DinnerDo

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Just had a TARO card reading at the cocktail party.

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Were can I get one? I live in holland Michigan

Answer by K. W. R.
pick a card

Answer by Sans Deity
It’d be much faster to just find the nearest sewer and throw your money in there rather than take a whole trip across town to throw your money away.

Answer by anthony h
Don’t save your money these are hard times for many and a dollar wasted is one thrown away. Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. Proverbs 3:5.

Psychics and readers romance familiar and wicked spirits, don’t allow them a portal to come into your life. If you sit down and examine your issue, you may find that you had your own answers all alone.

Answer by greenman
it’s spelled TAROT. anyway, all you have to do is put a twenty dollar bill in the blender, rearrange the shreds in way you “feel” you should, then you’ll be able to… screw it you know where i’m going with this. don’t do it

Answer by Joss Whedon is the MAN!!!
Buy a Tarot deck at your local Barnes and Noble and learn how to use them and do a reading for yourself. Teach yourself how to do them and practice and then you can do it for others as well. If nothing else it will be a cool party trick you can do to entertain people on certain occasions.

Why pay someone else to do something that you can do yourself for free? (after you buy the deck of course, but they’re not that expensive, maybe 10 or 15 bucks or so).

Answer by Melusina V
PlutoCraft of www.plutocraft.com does fantastic tarot readings. He also lives in Michigan.

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