Tarot card reading – questions?

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Hi There, I had my tarrot done last night by someone I know and it returned a negative reading on my current relationship. She said I should not be in my current relationship.

I feel a bit weird about this because she made me reshuffle the cards 4 times in total. On the 4th go, I got every romance card excepting for one with a heart or something.

Anyway, afterwards, she did my friends who she also knows and told her a similar thing. She should not stay in the relationship.

My question is:

For a true reading, should you reshuffule the cards?
If you get a reading done by someone that knows you, does their personal opinion often come into play on a reading??

Answer by Meg M
I can’t tell you my take on the reading without knowing the actual cards. However, I can tell you that you can’t make yes or no decisions based on readings. All tarot readings can do is give up guidance and warnings, so if your friend is not a skilled tarot reader it is possible that they misinterpreted a message you were meant to recieve.

Everybody does it differently, but I like the person to shuffle until it feels ‘right’, and knowing the person you’re reading for shouldn’t change anything if you make a decision to keep an open mind to the results.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarrot Cards?

Does anyone read tarrot cards on here.
Will I ever be happy?

Answer by Sorika
its hard to read them over a computer but i do read them at home for people of course only when they let me…

Answer by Storm Cestavani
I use tarot cards and astrology in concert with my psychic abilities when I am doing a reading.


Answer by Zarix
Terra cards make me LOL, the’re totally fake.

Answer by jazzyj_86
I use Tarot cards, but it’s very difficult to do a reading for someone over a PC. There are certain websites you can look up where you can have a tarot card reading done for you, but I’m not sure if it’s fake or not. Just Google it and give it a try, but I wouldn’t put my faith in an online reading.

Answer by Pam R

Loads of people on here do. But your question is a big one – do you mean ever, within the entire span of your life? or just for now?

Happiness is a state of mind. Decide to be happy, see problems as challenges, not mountains.

Talk to those who love you, or a councillor if necessary, You are unhappy because of unresolved issues & not wishing to change – as with us all when we feel unhappy.

When we feel isolated, alone it is hard to see a way out into daylight, but it is possible by being honest with ourselves, building firm boundaries between ourselves & others, & also by giving ourselves a break from the insults that we shove to ourselves.

The solution to feeling happiness lies in simplicity, loving the small things & that lies within.

In Peace


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Skill for tarrot cards?

I recently used tarrot cards, and made a very accurate prediction. It told me true past events of my life, an accurate reading of my.present life and a reading for future events. A week later, the predicted reading came true. This has happened of several occasions now, but how? Do I havs some kind of power?

Answer by Jake
This worked due to your idiocy and to, at a stretch, coincidence.

Tarrot card reading and any other form of mystical reading is based on information which severely lacks detail, so it can be true for most people.

Answer by kefke_wren
It’s possible that you do. On the other hand, generally it is possible to apply any combination of cards, if you have a will to find meaning, an open mind, and are actively looking for a creative and “accurate” interpretation. It is better to think that reading the Tarot clues you in to things you may already have known, but needed a little nudge to recognize. Either way, whether you ascribe the results you get to mystical forces or to improving your own awareness of your circumstances, the results are effectively the same. So does it really matter what brings them on?

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