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Is there anyone who knows how to read tarot cards that would like to do mine for me? It’s been a long time since I’ve had them done and I went to an online tarot site, but since I dont know how to read them, I couldnt interpret the cards right. It’s a just for fun thing, but if someone could help me, that would be awesome 🙂

Answer by Kimberly H
Which 10 cards did you get?

Answer by xoluckyxocharms
i not very good at it so here is a website designed with free lessons, so it should help you lots. i know its probably not a real thrill to have to go through work to read your tarot card but, i guess we all have to learn something [maybe..lol] anyway here it is:

Answer by milly_1963
Have a go online here is a link : )

Love & Blessings

Answer by starlet_8
I’ll do it. But you have to give me a question to work off of. What is it particularly that you want to find out about? Make it something more specific than just “the future”, because readings come out better that way. Chat is a better option too.

Answer by escorpiona_24
well there are different types of readings…sometimes the person wants to have a yes or no answer, or in others, it is just an overview of a situation, so u need to be more specific, but if u want, u can message me at escorpiona_24, that is my nickname on yahoo messenger, and i will help u read them when u choose the kind of reading u want, i have done it for more than ten years now so it is very easy to do it, and well, i can tell u of some good websites that are great to visit just to learn more about each card. take care.

Answer by jane d
Anyone who offers to do a tarot reading online does not understand the cards. Have your cards read face-to-face, or not at all.

Answer by LunaFaye
Babe, no matter what people say, if you are a true medium and read tarot cards, you cannot read your own cards, sorry, but each one of them will tell you that if they are honest. Simply put, there are things that you need to be told and you don’t want to believe them or hear them when it comes from you. Some of us call it the Casandra curse/spell whatever. She was the priestest of Troy that predicted it’s fall was laughed at and cursed all mediums and psychic never to be belived or to read their own futures. And unfortunately it still holds today as we are often made fun of, tisk.

However I would be happy to read your cards for free. I will draw four for ya as I usually draw four for online readings, let me know how I did ok.

Three jumped out at me so I will do those cards for ya first

The first card is the World. You feel that the world has come in on ya and is doing ya wrong. You feel sorta blamed for things that you are not, never have been , or will never do. Someone close to you is behind this and is stirring the pot of those that are standing against you. Beware not all are listening to them, but watching your actions upon this and judging you accordingly.

The next card is the hangedman upside down. You want to be free of this and you are gaining anger from it. Calm yourself, meditate, go for a walk, stay away from those in gossip right now. If they are bringing gossip to your door, they are taking back what you say to those that they are gossiping about. Keep your mouth closed and your eyes wide open.

The next card is the Seven of Wands. You feel that you are having to fight to be heard. That those that are standing agianst you just won’t give up. These are reeds in the wind hun. The more power you give them when you fight back, they harder they will come against you, stop fighting back, take yourself out of it, and they will come to see the truth as it really is.

The last card is the Two of Pentacles. You have a great decision to make upon this situation. Which way you go is ultimately up to you. However, you must look to the way that bestowes peace and harmony on this. Some are looking to you to be the peacemaker, however, if you can’t be the peacemaker in this, take the other road and leave it behind.

Thats all I have for ya, hope that it helps.

Answer by psychic-junkie
Here is a free download demo for a great Tarot program. To keep the size of the demo manageable it contains the Rider/Waite deck, the actual program will have 10 complete decks. This Demo version of Tarot is a full working copy for 30 days. So you get 30 days of free tarot readings! http://www.free-tarot-download-demo.wotsnext.com

Or, my free develop-psychic-ability page here: http://www.psychic-junkie.com/develop-psychic-ability.html

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Online Tarot reading?

So I’ve been trying to do a reading for myself using this website :
No matter what question I ask I get really bad cards. I know that i should not rely on it too much but its very discouraging to keep getting all negatives for outcome, on ANY question that I ask.
Am I doomed?

Answer by milly_1963
Try this link it is very popular

Love & Blessings

Answer by And you ARe?
I don’t believe in any of that tarot reading business.
Relying on what the “cards” say, (especially on an ONLINE “tarot reading thing”), is sort of pointless.

I don’t mean to judge you if you do believe in tarot reading,
I’m just saying my opinion.

Answer by hislady
When you do the reading, take a few moments to close your eyes and clear your mind of other things, and focus on your question. I find this helps me a lot, and I tend to get false readings when I have a lot on my mind. Facade is a really good place, as is tarot.com.

And I also like to do angel card readings on this site: http://www.angelmessenger.net/freereadings.html

Answer by peji .
its important to remember that tarot cards onnly present the possibilities, not the definate future. online readings…i wouldnt look much into what it says. i think its more accurate when your own energy is in the cards and youre able to touch them. i once had a reading done (only one i ever had but am interested in tarot) by a professional and she had me pick the cards i felt most drawn to and the reading was unbelievably accurate. i believe it was because i picked the cards myself. it wasnt a generated outcome. and for those of you who are skeptical i hadnt given her any info to feed off of (you know, things she easily could have guessed about me). i think you should buy a deck and practice for yourself, but ive heard its good luck if the deck you own was a gift to you. good luck, and remember they are only possibilities, not definate outcomes. you choose your own path!

Answer by curious
yeah, i played a lot of tarot on ifate…however, i always got inverse ones….from my observation i can tell that ifate tarot cards basically tell about things that will happen to you at present or within two weeks. however, after some time i figured out that it works better when i play it for someone else….for my own life it gave me vague answers….i was not doing good back then n so i used to play it every now and then..at one point it didnt work for me anymore.
the best so far is lotus tarot. it comes out to be very true….but u should not rely on my viewpoint….play the cards that appeal to you most…i gave up on ifate….i prefer now facade.com and lotus tarot.
if things get serious i consult a psychic.

Answer by lnaphx
The “shuffle the cards and pick the cards” artwork is a bunch of fluff. No matter what you pick, the random generator pulls up what it wants to pull up, unless you are into micro psychokinesis and can affect the random pickings at a distance. I got stinker cards too, for questions I knew the answers to already.

The upside to this page, since I had never been there before, is that there is a Reading Code below the spread, and it can be used to share the spread online. So maybe next time you can pull up a spread, share the code here, and ask others what they think of it, instead of relying on the mechanical answers the website gives.

You are not doomed. Every so-called bad card can have a positive spin put on it, even Death and the Tower.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you READ tarot cards?? And do you make a GOOD living at it online??

My cousin who’s very psychic reads at a newage shop/but wants a biz online too.
She’s excellent
anyway this question is for psychic readers who do WELL w/this as a career (but who are definately psychic as well)

I’ll report you if you write something on here insulting or if your a nonbeliever, AS this question is obviously for TAROT READERS/PSYCHIC READERS ONLY
What a yucky name “Glinda”
LOL { 😀
And you spelled sense wrong, lol !!

Answer by Glinda W
Let me report fist, tarot readers are scammers

Answer by spica
I feel that reading cards/ giving psychic readings for money is working at cross purposes with spirit.

I have tested this, and the truly helpful readings were free, i.e, a gift from the heart.

I have asked readings from “known” readers who charge exorbitantly and their readings to me, are never worth the price.

Why? I believe that true help is free. Once money gets into the mix, some information is withheld or goes missing along the way. Not that readers shouldnt make it a business; I’m just saying that commercialisation of readings to me are seldom truly beneficial for the asker.

Answer by freshandclean
tarrot card is just a scam… the cards have no supernatural power unless you are possesed or something crazy like that. they work with broad minded situations… like everyone has a girl they miss.. they make that a card… you can make money off of it just be a good hustler and talker 🙂

Answer by mdm
I read the tarot cards and i don’t think they are fake because it has help me help people around me and i’ve been doing this for10 years now….i also have my visions and things like that that helps …but i have not decide it to go online about yet..
for those people who don’t believe every reding i made was correct! and i’m proud to say that….we all have the right to believe whatever we want and if you don’t believe in astrology or tarot cards and things like that i don’t think you should be reading the questions under horoscope…..

Answer by goathead
I read intuitively and I read more for nothing than I do for money. What small amount of money I have made reading tarot, be it online, over the phone or in person, it has put extra cash in my pocket and it has helped pay the bills. But it is nothing compared to that paycheck that I can count on every week.
I think to make a good living at this, one that can support a person without having any other job, would take so much energy out of a person. And with that, readings/ the person would tire and there would be a deterioration in the accuracy of the reading.
Then again, it depends on how much one charges. If some one could make $ 200 a day by doing two 1 hour readings, 5 days a week; that’s great, but I think is quite a high price, and a long time to fill.
Most of my readings last between 20 to 40 minutes.
There is also the uncertainty of having enough business on a regular basis to be able to cover your monthly expenses.

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TAROT READING | Making connections to read tarot cards online tarot reading

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