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Why do some people think that these are the work of satan?

They are purly a way of finding out your possible future events, opening your eyes to things that are going on in your life right now and sometimes giving you an answer to something your unable to find out for yourself.
I do readings for anyone and everyone that are interested and they are free. I believe my readings have helped others see the bigger picture in situations they have been in and helped to guide them on the right path.
My readings have never caused anyone any pain. I just read what the cards tell me.
I can not tell their future like when they are going to die etc etc.
Tarot is just a guidance for your life.

If all this can be done without causing pain and suffering why do people still say its the work of the satan?

Answer by upferretmadferret
I like ’em – I do angel cards too.

Don’t see any evil in them nor the work of Satan.

I use them in a positive way, never with any malice or negative intent.

Answer by Rheea
People relate them to black magic and Satan because that’s how they appeared/were presented to us along time.

People fear what they don’t understand. We all believe in something that others might disconsider. It’s ok.

Answer by Jin S
I think it’s because many people (christians and muslims mainly) believe that any power that is not from God is from Satan.

Anything spiritual that is not Christianity or Islam is usually labelled as false and/or paganism/witchcraft.

I personally don’t care what people believe as long as they are not using thier powers or influence to hurt or control others.

And as we have all seen in the past, nearly all religions, beliefs or faith have been manipulated by men for thier own gain.

Answer by polly
Hi Sarah,
I agree with you, Tarot can be used for guidance and insight or meditation.
There are those who judge. There are also those who might give tarot/astrology etc a bad name by not using these tools in an ethical way and by predicting events that might cause someone emotional pain and suffering. But then it is not the device that should be judged but the person purporting to know how to use that ‘device’.
Some people perhaps think the tarot cards have ‘powers’ or are ‘evil’ just as some people criticise astrology for the same reason. You and I know the Tarot cards are not the work of satan. Many others will agree too.
For those who don’t: it is ignorance, fear, a lack of understanding that make people judge in such a way. But by what right have they to condemn what they don’t approve of?
I wouldn’t worry about it. Everyone I suppose has a right to their own opinions. You just continue having faith in your own beliefs as that’s what’s the most important.

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Any good websites for tarot readings? Or does anyone know someone who reads tarot cards for free?

Answer by Cindy
There is a Yahoo group called GetaTarotReading. You can go there and become a member, then get readings from the other members for free. The folks there joined because they enjoy doing readings, but obviously they need people to read for! They have files with suggested questions (in case you can’t think of one, or don’t know how to phrase it) along with other information about tarot spreads, etc. Very friendly people.

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