Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : The devil – tarot card. How to break free from a person represented as the devil?

Have done a few readings over the past year on this relationship and he keeps coming up as the devil, it’s a very bittersweet relationship and know he’s bad but I can’t let go/move on. Have tried many times but he keeps coming back. Nothing like the ‘if you love something set it free’ saying as we been through that 4 times!! I just can’t break free of those chains binding us, help please!!!

Answer by dWali
The devil is not all bad, especially if he is upside down.

Answer by forever.charmed
I don’t think you can break free, but I think you can lessen the effect.

Answer by wilds_of_virginia
You must understand female human nature. You have a loving, nuturing heart. It is in your nature to welcome this guy back and try to reform him. Women are “fixers.” I’ve seen this so many times. The guy does rotten things, big fight, break up, then the guy comes back begging for another chance. And her heart melts- “maybe if I love him a little more, things will be different. He will be happy.”
Am I right?

Look at your life over the past year. Do you want it to continue the same way? He’s not going to change. You cannot change him. Keep that truth foremost in your heart, and it will be easier to break away.

Answer by Dacy
Try using the Emotional Freedom Technique. You can find information on how to use this tapping technique on YouTube. While saying certain affirmations about your “issue” and the emotional effects your are experiencing and want to change, you are tapping on meridians, which have the same result as acupressure or acupuncture.

If you want to use the tarot to help break free, then that is the question you have to pose to your reader. You already know this person is not the right one for you, what tools will help you to finally end the relationship?

Answer by ann
The devil seldom represents a person, exactly. It represents your attachment to him. It’s based on sex and/or emotional obsessiveness, not entirely healthy traits. If you’ve tried to move on, but have not been able to before, you need help doing this. Therapy or a support group or perhaps it’s time to move away and/or meet new people. Develop new hobbies so you haven’t got free time for him. Tell trusted friends to run interference, help you in whatever way they can, including finding new men for you. Secretly, you are participating in this attachment. You know that. You are ambivalent about letting go. Search your heart for what you really want and go for that. Good luck.

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I’m trying to get certified, but have to give several people card readings for homework. Do you have any questions regarding any aspect of your life? ex…love, career, finance, etc…anything…thank you so much and look forward to connecting to your questions

serious inquires only…please…thank you 🙂

the deck I use is angel tarot by Angel Therapist PhD Doreen Virtue
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