This is a question for expert tarot readers?

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What book did you use to become an expert lol. I really want to get involved.

Answer by KdS
The Cartomancer’s Key by Talia Felix. Lots of history that helps to understand the cards and makes interpreting them a little easier (like alternate names for each of the cards, why some of the changes in design occured, etc.)

Answer by TKD
This article helped me understand allot about the Tarot. I would highly advise reading it if you wish to avoid its common mistakes. This is what the Bible really teaches regarding it. Do you believe Gods word?

Answer by vid
There are good books out there and there are bad books out there. I suggest Mary K. Greer’s books because she is not only an expert on Tarot, but often times she includes books in the bibliography of her books.

Good luck! Tarot is an amazing tool. However, there are some naysayers out there, but I believe it’s because they can’t explain how the Tarot works.

Answer by souls.journey
First I’d like to say that reading books on Tarot will not make you an Expert ~ you become an expert by reading books and bonding to Tarot personally. Through both you’ll come closer to the real truth of what She is.

Tarot speaks to each of us individually ~ using a language built inside time and patience. This language shared between the reader and the Oracle is different for everyone, unique and singular to that person alone. It is diversity which makes us unique.

An open mind is all it takes to learn. Expansion of perception is key! Once anyone feels they’ve learned all there is to know about Tarot, they’ve obviously veered way of course and further from Truth.

Tarot is spirituality in the form of cards; she is a direct connection to the source of all things, as well as a companion, a guide and a friend.

Many titles listed are deck and book sets. Some aren’t. Reading companion books to Tarot decks is a great way to come to know the cards. Below are suggested reads, not all have a deck to go with them.

78 Degrees of Wisdom
~by Rachael Pollack

Complete Book to Tarot Reversals
~by Mary K. Greer

Complete Illustrated Guide to Tarot
~by Rachel Pollack

Connolly Tarot (and deck)
~by Eileen Connolly

Druid Animal Oracle (and Oracle deck)
~by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm

Druidcraft Tarot (and deck)
~by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm

Llewellyn Tarot Companion Book (and deck)
~by Anna Marie Ferguson

Mythic Tarot (and deck)
~by Juliet Sharman-Burke & Liz Greene

Revelations Tarot Companion (and deck)
~by Zach Wong

Shapeshifter Tarot (and deck)
~by D.J. Conway & Sirona Knight

Tarot ~ A New Handbook for the Apprentice (Vol 1)
~by Eileen Connolly

Tarot ~ For The Journeyman (Vol 2)
~by Eileen Connolly

Tarot ~ First Handbook for the Master (only handbook published and is unedited)
~by Eileen Connolly

Tarot for Dummies!
~don’t know who wrote it . . .

Tarot Plain and Simple
~ by Anthony Louis

Total Kabbalah
~Maggy Whitehouse

Feel free to join our Tarot study den if you like. We chat and share and learn to expand our perceptions using eachother’s views. Links below. Regardless, I wish you the best of luck on journey with Tarot. I’ve been reading 21 years and she still surprises me daily. 🙂

Blessings, Elise

Answer by SadharaSatguru


More importantly I ate, slept & lived Tarot. I have studied them for over 20 years & now run home study courses etc.

Answer by Rob
There are a lot of really good books out there. I don’t recommend jumping in and trying to be an expert from day one. Start at the beginning with something like Quick & Easy Tarot — it’s easy to understand get the basic foundation you need. Here’s a copy I found at a good price:–Easy-Tarot_41679575.html

Once you’re past the basics, you can go into something that gives much more in-depth structure and information. One I like is the Complete Book Of Tarot Spreads. Here’s a copy I found:

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