To all tarot readers, do you actively participate in a tarot forum community?

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hey i should start an online tarot card reading business thing like via skype wouldnt that be cool?

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Tarot Card Reading Services – Online Tarot Readings Services

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my Free Online Tarot Card Reading disagrees with my Free Online Horoscope, so basically i’m gonna die

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Hi there all tarot card readers, authors and enthusiasts. I wish to get an overview of how tarot enthusiasts go about keeping their knowledge moving on an upward incline. For this reason I’d like to know if you participate in any online forums? What are some of the things you do to keep your approach to tarot card reading fresh and upgraded?

Answer by Charlie
I am pretty active on Aeclectic Tarot forum (which contains a number of separate forums I will discuss below) – it has a lot to offer the enthusiast but it WILL make your deck collection go if you make frequent trips to it. Here’s what I love about it:

The Decks forum: Every deck imaginable has a thread in it and whenever you are trying to think of a deck you saw one time years ago and you can only remember two of the cards from it someone will have an answer within a few hours. Also when you feel like you are in the mood to work with a Celtic deck or a dark deck or a sci-fi deck you can post here and get loads of suggestions accompanied by pictures and personal insights.

The Learning Tarot Forum – here you will mostly see “How would you interpret the 3 of Cups as opposition?” threads form people looking for some fresh perspective.

The Readers Exchange – you can exchange readings with members here and receive feedback from them on how you did.

The History Forum – Many readers who have spent a good number of years working with some of the earliest Tarot decks post here and their insights are invaluable.

Deck Creation: If you are a behind the scenes type you will enjoy this part of the forum as people post images form their in-progress decks. Now most of these decks are “indie” and for many of them the art is only so-so but some major Tarot deck designers (Ciro Marcetti for example) post in this thread as well so you can see major decks that are soon to be published.

As far as keeping your approach to tarot fresh: Aeclectic has been known for its members participating in study groups together or taking on challenges for example: using only one deck for several months, or answering regular questions with erotic decks, or working with a deck made of cards from 78 separate decks that is mailed from member to member. There is a lot of experimentation happening at Aeclectic.

Most sections are available to non-subscribers but I’ve been a paid subscriber for years and love it. Now Aeclectic has been described by some as acidic and the community is known for being pretty hyper-critical of decks – especially new decks. For this reason some people (especially deck creators) avoid it but I feel that the modern tarot reader can get more from this site than any other forum. You can get new ideas for techniques and post your own experiences to see what the collective wisdom of the Tarot world thinks.

There are a few other places on the web: Tarot-Town is an interesting site with a lot of fun sections but at the moment (the site is still relatively new) none of the sections are that deep yet. You can take classes and workshops on Tarot-Town both for beginners and advanced readers. The tone of Tarot-Town is quite a bit lighter than Aeclectic but that might be because no one is saying much of anything. There is also a yahoo group called TarotL that you can join but it doesn’t have much activity on it.

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