What are good food/game ideas for Halloween(teens)?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are good food/game ideas for Halloween(teens)?

My friend is having a Halloween party,and we are planning it together. I was wondering if any of you guys had ideas for food and games? There are 12,13,14,and 15 year olds there. And don’t say drink (Yeah,thats you creepy perv guy -.-)
Yeah,there is guys there, and the party is two days before Halloween so we can’t just eat are hunting candy…

Answer by Morning Wood
no need to buy snakcs on holloween…ha….. if you get enough people at your party.(asuming you all have costumes.) hit up one house all together at one time and strip them clean of their whole surplus of candy!
go back home and empty that shit in a huge garbage can size container.

Answer by homestar680@ymail.com
My friends and I did this game and it was really awkwardly fun and yeah. It only works if there are both boys and girls at your party. Unless your very comfortable with your friends. Everybody gets a toothpick and they put in in there mouth. The group of people sit in a circle and you either take pretzels or a lifesaver candy and you put it on the end of the toothpick and you have to transfer it onto another persons toothpick and see how long you can go before you drop it. If you drop it you gotta spin the bottle and kiss whoever it points at. It was fun.

Answer by Kate
Mummy wrap- wrap a selected person(or a loser of a game) to be wrapped in toilet paper
bobbing for apples
pumpkin pass(great for groups!)- stick a mini pumpkin under your chin and pass around circle with no hands: person who drops it is out
pumpkin hunt-hide mini pumpkins and have everyone find as many as they can
scary movie(playing in background)
dance games- Just dance is a fun one if you have Wii
Best costume contest
Pumpkin seed contest- make groups of 3 or four and have people try and put seeds on a string as fast as they can, set a timer for 2 min. The group with the most seeds wins
Oiji board
Tarrot card readings
Take pictures
Pumpkin pie eating contest

And as for food: Unless you want to buy a whole bunch of stuff, just do soda cans and candy:)

P.s. Invite guys. Things get interesting!

Answer by louisa
Here are some game ideas great for any age.


Answer by bob conner
go to yellow pages get Dry ice to add to apple juice koolaid or gatoraide, the smoke is so cool and its cheap.Also go to http://www.etsy.com/shop/pumpkinteeth?re… They have cool fangs and BUCK teeth Which would make some funny clowns as soon as you see one you will know what i mean…(glow in the dark too). you can carve a watermelon for table fill back up with Fresh fruit or candy..put teeth close together to hold in like a fence..also get some fluorescent fishing line string tightly above head at angles in trees near cieling it looks just like Laser-beams.with a Black light and carve some pumpkins, gourds or squash, put in glow in the dark teeth for some awesome creatures. ….. you can do all of this for CHEAP Happy Halloween

Answer by scaryforkids
Halloween Games:

Halloween Apple Games:

Halloween Candle Game:

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why am I extremely attracted to Leo’s?

A Leo is a fire sign – which means two together would be explosive. But I cannot explain it. I am extremely attracted to people who are Leo. If I hear a person is Leo I am immediatly attracted to them. I have been Tarrot card readings – and it always shows in the cards that there will be a man in my life who is a Leo. I can’t explain it – I have an extreme attraction to them. But two fire signs together can’t mean anything good – can it?

Answer by glp
there is no truth in attraction to people because they were born at a certain time, its just coincidence. crock of $ HIT.

Answer by mervushka
I have same problem with Virgos.I am Libra,asc Scorpio.But my Mars and Venus are Virgo.When I like somebody at first sight,i’ve noticed their Mars in Virgo or their Sun in Virgo.So their planets conjunct my Venus and Mars.That brings the connection,attraction.Perhaps you have the same thing,look your planets.They’ll give you the answer.:)

I think it’s because you love being around people who are as outspoken, and aggressive as you are. Because most signs are to intimidate to be around a Leo.

Answer by bigboss
1.The basic concept of astrology that the sun, all the planets and all the stars revolve round the earth, which was believed by people of early days of civilisation, has been proved to be incorrect. Now we know that the earth and all the planets revolve round the sun and the stars have their independent orbits in the galaxy they belong to.
2.Astrology has no relation either with astronomy or any other branch of science, though so claimed.
3.The theory that the planets gain or loose strength while moving round has no evidence in support thereof.
4.The theories that the planets have mutual friendship or enmity between them has no logical or scientific basis and is simply imaginary. The other theories for prediction of human destiny etc. also do not have any logical or scientific basis.
5.Zodiac signs are imaginary creations by human beings by drawing imaginary lines between stars which are lying millions of light years (distance covered by light in a year running at a speed of 186000 miles per second) away from one another, both vertically and horizontally, for studying the map of the sky and for understanding the universe.
6.It is against the teachings of religion. No religious texts deal with the subject of stars and planets controlling or guiding human life and destiny.
7.Vedas and Upanishads condemned the subject.
8.Great religious teachers, sadhus and saints never preached or advised people on the basis of astrological theories.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : how accurate are tarrot card readings?

me and my bf havebeen together for about 5 months and 2 weeks. about 4 months ago my bestfriend did my tarrot reading and i asked her how long me and my bf will be together she said no longer then 6 months and ever since she has told me this i have felt very paranoid i wanted to know if this is accruate. my friends been doing these cards for a very long time. anyone have any background or experience with this?

Answer by Tau
They are surprisingly accurate.

Answer by Highly Curious
as accurate as a blind man playing dart

Answer by mike s
as accurate as regular playing cards or reading tea leaves.

because you think your breaking up, you’ll do everything in your mind to make sure it happens because it’s in your mind and you believed a con artist. there are no schools for it, all you have to do is believe you can tell the future. you make your own future like panicking about these silly things.

Answer by Blaise Rascal
No more accurate than flipping a coin.

Answer by kim
The apostle Paul encountered a servant girl possessed by “a demon of divination,” which enabled her “to furnish her masters with much gain by practicing the art of prediction.” (Acts 16:16) Aware of the source of her supernatural abilities, Paul refused to listen to the girl. Additionally, he did not want to offend God, who views all forms of spiritism—including astrology and appeals to occult powers—as detestable.—Deuteronomy 18:10-12.Tarrot cards are the same thing, they were not from God so if you would like to make your own future instead of being a slave of anything it says to you don’t consult a tarrot master but pray to God.

Answer by Teawitch
Cards are tools, nothing more or less. It usually doesn’t last beyond the reading and only gives hint of POSSIBLE futures which are determined by your choices in life. Look at what was going on prior to the reading. You can usually do three readings for the same question and come up with three different outcomes because in the end the final decision is yours and how you handle things. The paranoia might be what ends the relationship, or your holding too tightly to him could be another reason. It won’t be the cards that make the problem, it has to do with you and him.

Answer by One Man’s Opinion
There is a God above. His son is Jesus Christ. God is all powerful, all knowing, and Holy. God and God alone knows the future.

What you are dabbling in with Tarrot cards is ANTI-God, ANTI-truth, and even ANTI-logic. I lump tarrot cards, ouija boards, voodoo, witchcraft, spells, and other such nonsense into a big class of … black magic, dark arts, or whatever you want to call them!

GOD is in control! Put your eyes on him and forget this other nonsense! The devil will destroy you using those “thoughts” that creep into your mind after you willingly expose yourself to such evil.

Lord bless

Answer by William
Take a dictionary, rip out a page at random, shred that page, take the shredded paper and fling it over a rainbow, pick up all the pieces you can find and read the first letter from the first piece, the second letter from the second piece and so on, insert punctuation where necessary, the resulting sentence is as reliable a prediction of the future as a set of tarot cards.

Of course this could become a self-fulfilling prophecy: after six months your boyfriend could get tired of your paranoia and leave you, or find out that you’re the kind of person who takes tarot seriously and leave you.

Answer by triviatm
It depends in part on the person doing the readings, and in part on how you react to it. What you need to remember is that the future is not set in stone. What is seen in the cards is what is MOST likely, right at that moment. When you asked how long you would be together, that was proof that your relationship wasn’t as strong as it could be, or you wouldn’t be asking. You have continued to doubt it would last, thereby weakening your relationship further. You’ve been caught in a self-fulfilling prophesy, and if you continue on this path of doubting your relationship, then the reading will be accurate. If you choose to fight it and put your trust in your bf and the strength of your relationship, then you might be able to prevent it from happening and repair the damage your doubt has done to your relationship. The question now is, do you WANT to keep him around, and have you pushed him away too far to keep him?

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