What are some other ways reading or seeing into the future?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are some other ways reading or seeing into the future?

Tarot cards
Reading Tea Leaves
the Zodiac
Reading the stars
Reading the planets
And then knowing your star sign

What else is there? What other ways are there of reading the future?

Answer by TopSecret
Reading books and finding foreshadowing has never failed me

Answer by TrishaTragedy
Palm reading.

Answer by chainlightning38
Divination is the attempt to foretell the future or discover occult knowledge by interpreting omens or by using paranormal or supernatural powers. The list of items that have been used in divination is extraordinary. Below are listed just a few. Many end in ‘mancy’, from the ancient Greek manteia (divination), or ‘scopy’, from the Greek skopein (to look into, to behold).

* aeluromancy (dropping wheatcakes in water and interpreting the result)
* aeromancy or acromancy (divination by examining what the air does to certain things)
* alectoromancy or alectryomancy (divination by a rooster: grains of wheat are placed on letters and the rooster “spells” the message by selecting grains)
* alphitomancy (dropping barleycakes in water and interpreting the result)
* anthropomancy (divination by interpreting the organs of newly sacrificed humans)
* arithmancy (divination by numbers)
* astragalomancy or astragyromancy (using knucklebones marked with letters of the alphabet)
* astrology
* astromancy (by stars)
* axinomancy (divination by the hatchet: interpreting the quiver when whacked into a table)
* belomancy (divination by arrows)
* botanomancy (divination by herbs)
* bronchiomancy (divination by studying the lungs of sacrificed white llamas)
* capnomancy (divination by the smoke of an altar or sacrificial incense)
* cartomancy
* catoptromancy or crystallomancy (using mirrors or lenses)
* cephalomancy or cepthaleonomancy (divination by a donkey’s head)
* ceromancy (by the melting of wax)
* chalcomancy (by vessels of brass or other metal)
* chiromancy (palmistry)
* cleidomancy (divination by interpreting the movements of a key suspended by a thread from the nail of the third finger on a young virgin’s hand while one of the Psalms was recited)
* coscinomancy (divination by a balanced sieve)
* cromniomancy (divination by onions)
* crystallomancy (by crystals)
* dactylomancy (divination by means of rings put on the fingernails or the number of whorls and loops on the fingers)
* daphnomancy (divination using the laurel branch: how did it crackle when burned?)
* dowsing
* extispicy (divination by examining entrails)
* fractomancy (interpreting the structures of fractal geometric patterns)
* gastromancy (by the sound of or marks on the belly)
* geomancy
* gyromancy (divination by walking around a circle of letters until dizzy and one falls down on the letters or in the direction to take)
* haruspicy (inspecting the entrails of slaughtered animals)
* hepatoscopy or hepatomancy (divination by examining the liver of sacrificed animals)
* hydromancy (divination by examining what certain things do in water or when taken out of water, such as coffee grounds or tea leaves); hydatoscopy (if rainwater is used); pegomancy (if spring-water is used)
* kapnomancy (by smoke)
* katoptromancy (by looking glasses)
* kephalonomancy (burning carbon on the head of an ass while reciting the names of suspected criminals; if you’re guilty, a crackling sound will be heard when your name is spoken)
* koskinomancy (by sieves)
* krithomancy (by corn or grain)
* lampadomancy (interpreting the movements of the flame of a lamp)
* libanomancy or knissomancy (interpreting the smoke of incense)
* lithomancy (divination using precious stones)
* lecanomancy (dropping precious stones into water and listening for whistles)
* logarithmancy
* macharomancy (by knives and swords)
* margaritomancy (divination by the pearl: if it jumps in the pot when a person is named, then he is the thief!)
* metoposcopy (interpreting frontal wrinkles)
* molybdomancy (divination by melted lead: interpreting its noises and hisses when dropped into water)
* myrmomancy (divination by watching ants eating)
* necromancy (communicating with spirits of the dead to predict the future)
* oinomancy (divination by wine)
* omphalomancy (interpretation of the belly button)
* oneiromancy (interpretation of dreams)
* onomancy (divination by names)
* onychomancy (interpreting the reflection of sun rays off fingernails)
* ornithomancy or orniscopy (interpreting the flights of birds)
* ovomancy or oomancy or ooscopy (breaking eggs into a container of water and interpreting the shape of the egg white)
* papyromancy (divination by folding paper)
* podomancy (by the feet)
* psychometry (divination by touching objects)
* pyromancy or pyroscopy (divination by fire)
* rhabdomancy (using the divining rod or magic wand)
* rhapsodmancy (divination by a line in a sacred book that strikes the eye when the book is opened after the diviner prays, meditates or invokes the help of spirits)
* rumpology (divination by the lines on the buttocks)
* scapulamancy
* sciomancy (by shadows)
* scrying
* sideromancy (interpreting straws thrown on a red-hot iron)
* skatharomancy (interpreting the tracks of a beetle crawling over the grave of a murder victim)
* stereomancy (diving by the elements)
*spatilomancy (by skin, bones, etc.)
*splanchnomancy (reading cut sections of a goat liver)
* sternomancy (divination by the marks from the breast to the belly)
* sycomancy (by figs)
* tasseography (reading tea leaves)
* tephromancy (by ashes)
* theriomancy (divination by beasts)
* tiromancy (interpreting the holes or mold in cheese)
* tyromancy (by cheese)
* urim v’tumim (reading sacred stones attached to
the breastplate of the high priest in ancient Judaism)
* uromancy (divination by reading bubbles made by urinating in a pot)

Of course there is no evidence that any really work, but who needs proof.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot Card Reading – any psychics out there who know how it works?

I went for a short tarot card read. She said some cool, interesting and relevant things, but she could not see the answer to the specific question I was asking.

Does that mean she was hiding bad news?

Answer by Miss 6
No it doesn’t mean she was hiding bad news necessarily -sometimes its just the readers style. Also sometimes the cards will not reveal all answers to questions.

Answer by John
Believers have different views on this it seems, but the Tarot deck is perceived as a tool that facilitates self-discovery via mystic forces that apparently influence people. The symbols are a kind of communication that the tarot card reader interprets using their psychic insight.

Rationally speaking, however, the tarot card is only a prop for subjective validation, e.g., cold reading. Psychic frauds use tarot to give readings to clients since it make them seem more spiritually knowledgeable. So, regarding your reading, it’s simply that she couldn’t think of something mystic and spiritual to say, that’s all. I hope you didn’t waste any money.

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
No. She probably didn’t understand your question or didn’t think your question was important. Once she got a look at the cards, she probably got distracted by what she thought they meant rather than trying to apply them to your question. I’d say she was probably a bit unprofessional and unhelpful. If I were you, I wouldn’t go to her again. Find a better reader, if you must, or buy some cards yourself and do your own readings.

Either that, or you asked her the kind of question that cards can’t answer. No one can predict the future… if you asked her for some fact about the future, no one could tell you. The future changes with each choice you make. Perhaps she was answering as best as she could to help you make good choices to acheive your goals and CHANGE the future, which, if you ask me, is much better than just trying to guess some future that you can’t do anything about.

Answer by The Human Brain
It works by randomly pulling out a picture of something, and putting a meaning to that.
Otherwise, it means they are perfect beings who pick out the right card anytime, whatever that is anyway even if it was right. So any card can be ‘right.’

See? Not even ‘psychics’ question any logic.

It means she was hiding that she wasn’t a psychic, like 95-99% aren’t. Anyone with cards, who may or may not have varying degrees of psychic ability.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does it mean if you draw all court cards of the same suit in a tarot reading?

I did a simple 3 card reading the other day on any potential for love in my near future (I’m in a major dry spell folks!) and I got 1.Queen of Wands 2.Knight of Wands 3.Knave of Wands…….I felt a little frustrated trying to interpret it. So meditating on “love”, I reshuffled and drew one more card. It was the King of Wands! I’m so confused!

Answer by Julia M
The court cards in this context can indicate many things, and you’ll have to decide which one it is according to your situation.

(1) They signify actual individuals.
(2) They signify the personality traits of people involved, rather than their situations.

The Queen of wands can indicate the qualities you need to adapt or experiment with before you get that potential love. The second card might indicate your love and his attitude or how you see him. And so on.

Good luck!

Answer by vid
Well, wands generally refer to people that are no nonsense, business minded, and generally smarter people. Perhaps you should be focused more on something that you can give to a job or project than into another person. In addition, this could also be pointing to meeting someone with similar characteristics. Keep in mind, each Court Card in this suit means something different, but I gave you an all around idea of what this suit means for those court cards.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on card reading future

AT&T Archives: Seeing the Digital Future (1961)

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