What are the social considererations for a cashless society?

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are the social considererations for a cashless society?

A future without any form of cash is unlikely but over the last ten years the use of cash for making payments has reduced consiberibly.

Answer by pastorguest
Actually, the implementation of a cashless economic system is not only probable, but it is a certainty.

Soon, our currency is going to become worthless because of the unbridled creation of money by our government. When this happens, we will be told that it is “necessary” for the government to get rid of our present monetary system and replace it with a new currency.

Rather than printing paper notes and making new coins, which would be extremely expensive, they will implement a completely cashless system of commerce. This will be acceptable to most people because almost everyone already has a credit or debit card.

The other motive to implement a cashless system is that it will give government almost absolute power over individuals. If someone disobeys them, they will have their card deactivated. Once this happens, they will be unable to buy and sell.

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why did American Express check my credit history three times in one month?

I just checked my free annual credit report with Experian and they showed Amercian Express doing a review of my credit on three different dates in February. Why are they doing this? Does it hurt my rating if they do it often?

Answer by imisidro
Amex is very actively adjusting the credit limits and interest rates of their credit card holders. They may be closely tracking your credit history in an effort to reassess the rates and credit limit they are giving you

Answer by BSherman
Amex is slashing credit lines and cancelling thousands (millions?) of cards. This activity has been reported upon extensively in the business press over the last few weeks.

Amex is extremely concerned about rising delinquencies and wants to reduce its risk exposure to certain classes of account holders. Amex is presently offering $ 300 to select account holders to pay off and close their accounts by next month. I read yesterday about an Amex account holder with a $ 10,000 line who had it slashed to $ 300. That’s not a typo: it was cut $ 9,700 to $ 300.

You may wish to call Amex and inquire about your account’s future.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What months are the best time to buy the following: refrigerator, washer & dryer, mattress, furniture, T.V?

My fiance and I are moving into a new house on Cape Cod at the end of December. We are going to be putting all of our money into our mortgage, never mind planning the wedding, so we need super good deals. I remember reading an article on some website (can’t remember or I wouldn’t be writing this) informing the consumer of the best time of the year to buy certain appliances. Can anyone give advice on the question at hand or/and direct me to where I may be able to get an answer.

Answer by Vishawjeet Saini
my opion is to buy new thing such as washer, refrigerator,TV etc…. is festival session. At festival session like Dewali in India, comapanies give thing at reduced rate.

Answer by Sleepless in Chicago
In the U.S.A. sales do vary by region and local ‘festivals, etc’ That aside, I am from Chicago area and the best time to buy appliances and furniture is during federal holidays. For example Labor Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July. Other days for deals include day after Thanksgiving, the week after Christmas and New Year’s Day. These are generally days retailers expect sales from shopping to be lower (due to smaller number of shoppers). If your credit is good pay particular attention to 10% (or more) deals off of either one item or the entire purchase if you open a store credit card, not to mention the 12 months or more of interest free for the purchase. This coupled with the lower prices and other incentives (free delivery, etc.) will make the hassle of having an extra credit card worth it. Just make sure to pay the credit card off by the program ending date and then cancel the credit card. If the store you look at is small and doesn’t offer many incentives, talk to them. They may just lower the price to make a sale and earn your (future) business. This is very typical for small mom and pop stores that sell appliances. If the area you live in doesn’t have a Sears type chain store, you may want to consider traveling to an area that does have stores like that. Where there are many stores competition can be a great thing for consumers. Of course, check out Consumer Reports for any reviews on appliances. They can alert you to inexpensive applicances that perform better than expensive ones.

Good luck!

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