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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does the blank card (just the one with the design on it) mean during a tarot card reading?

During a tarot card reading for my mom the black cover card some how got into the cards. It happened durting a celtic cross spread and it was the futre influence card. Is there any special meaning to this or should the reading be redone?

Answer by John quill Quill
Behold! God has all-knowledge!
Do you like having an infinite number of options
and choices to choose from at this very instant?
You’re a prisoner of Decision.

Answer by Sjnoring Ejvrloodyr
Her future will be parabolic.

Answer by romans 8:1
The blank card means that we do not exist. (just kidding, but it is a good thought. or maybe it does)

Answer by Matrix Fan
Don’t listen to quill. People are just upset and need someone to blame for the Matrix being in an obvious time loop.

Like all six billion people were force fed the redpill.

Blank tarot card means frequent flyer miles.

Answer by Sarah
Throw that card out, it means nothing at all.

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
What does it indicate to you? Obviously, this was an accident… the blank card isn’t generally supposed to be shuffled into the deck and is there as a replacement for lost cards or to add your own symbol to.

You, as the reader, would need to figure out what such a card might mean. What feelings did you get when it turned up? Oops? Woah? Confusion? Dread? Laughter? Irritation? Emberessment? This is an “omen!”? Follow your gut. If you’re still confused, draw another card to explain what the appearance of this anomolous card might mean.

Answer by Miss 6
In my deck the blank card is called To All Believers I use it in my readings. This card represents the secrets we want or need to keep from ourselves during a reading.
When this card up you can try to pull extra cards for clarification over that one card but most times I just take this as something that cannot be revealed to me at this time.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can a tarot card reading tell you if you are going to die soon?

How about a psychic? I was around one right before I was re-diagnosed. She owned an alternative store out here. It seemed like she was drawn to me. It also seemed like she wanted to tell me something. Should I go back and talk to her,,, Or get a tarot card reading done? I am curious if the alternative treatment I am taking is working, or if I am just wasting my time.

Answer by D
Tarot doesn’t really work. And do you really want to know how you’ll die?

Answer by MAN of MYSTERY
Nobody can tell you when you’re going to die. If it makes you feel better to see the psychic, then go see them…but tarot cards are just cards with fascinating symbology. Just cards.

Answer by Chipmunk
No they cannot (though depending who you speak to will have different opinions based on their religious/spiritual beliefs) the idea is the future is not set in stone and so it cannot tell you.

I would not advise that you go back. Don’t be sucked into that type of overly-mystical attitude, it’s easy to feel drawn and worry about it and it is both illegal and unethical for anyone to start throwing around predicted deaths etc. For your worries you can go and see your medical team and they will in addition to providing you with medical advice they can help advice you on how you can use alternative therapies and the like to aid you in your recovery.

Any medical team is designed to help you with meeting all your needs and any tarot reader/psychic that is ethical and following guidelines will, in fact, offer you the same advice. What is important is to never, ever accept any type of medical or health related “alternative” therapies without the acceptance from a GP (I say this as I am aware of where I live one unethical hoax of a “wiccan” who gave a cancer patient a stone to put in water and drink, which is actually toxic).

Answer by xoxo, zoe
Only God knows they date of your death. Psychics only know so much. There’s information that only belongs to God and will not be revealed until the time comes for you to know.

Answer by Jus Ant
No because you may not die, but it can tell you when something life threatening may be coming into your life

Answer by vijay c
No I don’t believe any tarot reader can predict somebody’s death. I really wonder if they at all can predict anything.

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How to Read Tarot Cards (Celtic Cross Spread)

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