Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does this mean when this happens during an oracle card reading?

In more than 1 Oracle card reading on myself I notice that some of the same cards are reappearing. Mind you I am using different spreads. The spreads I am using are tarot card spreads. I have been told that I can use Oracle Cards on tarot spreads.

Answer by Mr X
it’s called probability. It just happens.

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
It could be chance or mathamatical probability.
It could be that the same cards simply fit the different situations and are to be interpreted differently.
It could be that these cards are re-appearing because you arn’t gettign a specific message and the card will re-appear until you understand the message or the energy passed through your situation.

If you think it’s the latter, then pick up the card (or one of the re-appearing cards, preferably the one you find most distrubing or confusing) and sit with it for a while. Maybe use it as the basis of a guided meditation to see why this card has a greater message for you in your life right now. Maybe journal about your impressions of it. I find this helpful when cards re-appear a bunch of times in several consecutive readings… especially if I’m confused about how to interpret it for the question at hand.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : When is the last time you had a Tarot card reading and what was your experience?

I’d like to know those of you that like to get your Tarot cards read, when is the last time that you got a Tarot card reading? What was it like and how did you enjoy it, and what kind of layout did you use? Please do not give funny answers or waste your time saying that Tarot cards are a scam. If you don’t believe in them that’s okay. This is a serious question for people who are actually interested in Tarot cards and Astrology.

Answer by 3
cool story bro, tell it again!

Answer by QueenOfTheZodiac
The first and last time I got a Tarot reading was back in August. I got a Tarot and an Angel card reading. She was very accurate and nearly all the things she said would happen, happened. ­čÖé
I’d love to get another reading done, if only they weren’t expensive..

Answer by ann
I have had tarot readings and astrology consultations. As with anything, you have to find someone who knows what they are doing. It’s not a waste of time. It can be very helpful, but you have to find the right person. I find that tarot readers often use the Celtic cross layout, but there are other layouts they can use, depending on your question.

Answer by E
Get a reading for yourself!

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on card reading

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