what should I know about tarrot and the various decks before I start learning how to read?

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http://t.co/LoNvhKtOoH Tarrot card readings from Madam Dorthrea OMG

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Weekly tarrot card readings are essential.

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Tarot Card Reading is BULLSHIT

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : what should I know about tarrot and the various decks before I start learning how to read?

any sites, references, books, etc would be much appreciated.

Answer by angelfly
well, did you get your own cards? u can try practising online first……play it yourself n then use sites like biddy tarots to check for the cards’ meaning. once you get familiar with how the readings go you can get your own cards…learn about the spreads also. they are very important.

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18 thoughts on “what should I know about tarrot and the various decks before I start learning how to read?”

  • That’s not the point. The fact that Tarot Cards have not been proven to tell the past, present, or future show that the cards are indeed, bullshit beyond biblical proportions.

  • My wife goes to these people and they feed her ear full of negativity and lies. All it does is create problems between us. Because she helices these idiots more than she does me. I hate these people no matter the nationality they are still races and bullshitters

  • You don’t have to pay money to talk to a psychic/tarot reader/shaman either. It’s all in the same boat, and it should all be avoided like the plague… Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy, etc. are plenty amazing and wondrous for me!

  • The fact that tarot readers say anyone can do it suggests to me that there is no special skill or special powers associated with tarot reading. A tarot reader looks at the cards and comes up with a story based on the cards defined “meaning.” But I’ve heard tarot readers say the cards can have different meanings to different people. There is just no way that random cards with individualized/varying meanings can have any predictive value. I think tarot readers are good storytellers, nothing more.

  • You don’t have to pay money to talk to a priest. All kinds of superstition is bullshit though, wether it is religion, tarot cards, new agealternative medicine, chakra crystals, mediums or whatever. If people only would use some common sense and a logical mind.

  • So paying money to some random person, claiming he or she knows your future or what choices to take in life, by looking at random cards without there being any proof of any kind behind it, is stupid. These people are wasting their money by giving it to a con artist.

  • I’d say giving money to tarot reader’s is worse. You’re giving money to a con artist who takes your money and knowingly give you bullshit advice, that don’t help, or even may make things worse if you follow them.

  • You can clearly see the girl’s hand moving/not moving to spin the weight according to what she thinks the host wants to hear.

  • He was saying that they’re “Bullshit” or something really fake because the people who made up the idea that playing cards will do some magical fortune telling is fake. It’s based on probability (chance), not because the cards know your life through magic. Essentially, he’s telling you not to be gullible.

  • He’s nicer to the woman…who you can obviously see influencing the pendulum…giving tarot readers money is no different than putting money in a church collection plate…

  • ‘Andy’ was really a bad example of a tarot reader.

    I read tarot cards, not professionally, for myself and friends. I believe fully, but I’m also prepared to understand everyone is allowed to be critical and sceptical, because it takes a million beliefs for the world to turn. He was an ignorant man. Believing his view to be the only correct view.

  • No ability? What fucking ability is there to randomly deal cards, and talk about one’s life by the random deal of the cards? What’s next, magic is real too? Give me a fucking break, we as humans are already supposed to know that shit does not happen for no reason, and unknown phenomena can be made explicable by the use of good reasoning.

  • I knew 2 people that actually did read accurately. There were no generalizations or vague things in what they said. There aren’t a lot of them and pretty soon there won’t be any left. Most are just charlatans though. Remember that for a rule to be a rule there needs to be an exception. If everything was dark and there was no light to compare darkness to, how would one know that darkness was darkness.

  • i noticed that none of the tarot card readers in the video didn’t use the keltic method which is probably why they were inaccurate because the keltic method works best for me and has been the most accurate in the past. (Just an opinion)

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