What tarot cards would fit this situation?

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So in this story I’m writing the two main characters have tarot cards read like right after they are born. First is a male who is destined to be the “gate/bridge” between our world and one that has monsters. The first card he gets is the king of pentacles. But I don’t know what other two should be flipped over. Same with the Girl, her first card is the queen of swords but I don’t really know what else. It would just be 3 cards flipped over I’d kind of like the first one to be a “who you are” card.

I was thinking of having Death be the second card for both of them because they go through a transformation that is the beginning of the life they know and love to one that’s harsh and lonely. Though maybe the girls would be reversed because she never gets over what she has lost.

The third I would like to show kind of tragedy…

I plan on going and talking to the Tarot reader in my town but I’d like a little bit of an idea BEFORE I go.

~Here’s a bit of info about the plot for a little better understanding.~

So the world used to have monsters but using 2 people they are able to keep them at bay. The first is the “gate” that through constant concentration is able to keep the path through him closed so the monsters can’t get into our world. Then there is the person that kills anything that is able to come through the gate. They live for around 100 years staying how they were the day they changed before they have to pass off the power to the next set. This time varies based on the individuals strength.

These twins are the newest ones in the long line of basically guardians. The boys is the gate and as the king of pentacles would suggest is disciplined and in control of himself as well as wanting the power that he can get from the situation.

The girl is the warrior and is a quick thinker and independent though she can also be bitchy. She doesn’t want to take the responsibility of being the one to kill monsters all she wants is to marry her betrothed.

Regardless they become the new gate and warrior.

Maybe the last card could be the hermit for both of them…. only once again reversed for the girl.
It’s for a story. -_-
Steve- I can’t its at the cleaners.

Clueless-I don’t need help with my story line. I need help with this one detail. I know that the king and queen are normally used for older people. But in this case when the card was flipped over to tell the future for these babies they got a king and queen card. Those cards best represent the people they will grow into. its a bit of foreshadowing.

Answer by Lucius ☯
Tragedy likely would be The Tower.

Seven of Wands would be them fighting off others, standing your ground against opposition.

Them coming together in the end would be The Lovers.

Answer by Steve P
Look in your crystal ball if you have one.

Answer by clueless
not a lot of people know the meaning of cards lol for the girl i would use the high priestess or aother female card or maybe a girlly on cus she still a female lol like a page or princess it depends on what type of deck you use . you need a little more help with the story line oh kings an queen usuallymean older ppl i watch aloot of anime if you need some idea email if you wan to

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I did a tarot card reading on myself and its all negative comments, feedback.

Answer by Phoebe
How can a card tell you about your life and future?! I mean c’mon really! Are you going to base your feelings and decisions on what some pictures on a card ‘say’. Live your life one day at a time whatever happened or whatever happens is just life!

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