What US banking cards accept miniTellers?

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What US banking cards accept miniTellers?

The miniTeller acts exactly as your own personal ATM machine which allows you to make direct payments from your bank account to your favorite online merchants, all from the comfort of your own home with the utmost security. The miniTeller is an external card-reading device used to process Debit/Bank card transactions safely and securely over the internet. The 3 oz. device plugs directly into your computer and has its own secure keypad for entering of your PIN number.

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midgets with FDIC

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Bank of Paradise Island

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there a website (for the people of Kentucky) where I can use my library card to read books online?

I am from Kentucky and I have heard people say there is a website for the people of Kentucky where you can go on and type in your library card information and read books online but I have been unable to find it…can anyone help?

Answer by redunicorn
Go to the webpage of your local public library and type your card in.

Answer by PETA
See if your local library has an ebook program.

I rarely buy ebooks because I check out all of mine free at my ebook library. Here is mine: http://dbooks.wplc.info/88E16A5A-2567-450B-A30E-C6F8BDBDB82E/10/50/en/Default.htm

How it works is you need your local library card. If you have that you can sign up yourself now. You sign up. Then you browse your library. There are many books available to borrow and some you will have to put on hold and wait for your turn. They usually have more than 1 ebook copy going around so its not too long a wait unless its a really popular book or new release. My library adds 200 books just in my category including the new releases. I check daily for new books added so if its a new release I get it quick. Anyway I can check out 10 books total at a time. I can choose 7, 14, or 21 day checkout. I always pick 21 because you can always return it earlier if you read it sooner. There is no return, it is automatic because the book file is timed. So if you pick 21 day, then on day 21 it will disappear off all devices. If you finish earlier you should use the return function so that it can become available for someone else to read, if you dont do that it will just disappear on day 21. I can also have 10 books on hold. When my turn comes up they email me, or you can just check your library account to check the status on your holds. Also there is a wish lish where you can bookmark books you may want to read in the future and that list you can add as many as you want to.

So here is the overdrive public library program. On this page you can find your library and see if they have an ebook program. You can also download the app from this page onto your laptop. If you have a tablet that does apps, then the overdrive app is free. Or you may have an ereader that has a link to the public library program. I have a Kindle Fire HD. I just went to the app store on my KF and downloaded the free overdrive app. Your password when you sign up is either your birth year, last 4 of your library card or last 4 of your ssn or sometimes they let your create one. You can read the books right on the app as it has its own reader called overdrive media console. Or you can transfer them with usb from computer to a reader. http://www.overdrive.com/



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When you get to that page, at the top there is a hot box that says my account.
Click on that & there is a drop down menu where you can pick your library, then it will ask for the card number. You can pick the format where you can read like pdf or send it to an e-reader.

If you have a kindle, you will be sent to Amazon to download.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you need an ssn to open a bank account at Wells Fargo?

My mother recently won a settlement with the state of Texas and has a very, very large check, but no ssn card. She has an idea from prison that is good in place of a driver’s license, but we need to know if she can open an account and deposit it with just her social security number instead of a card? I read online you can fill out an IRS form at the bank as a substitute but I need confirmation. I have my ssn card if necessary but this is a multi million dollar check and we don’t want to hold on to it in case something happens. Would we be able to open a wells Fargo account and deposit it? If so what else would we need.

Answer by bdancer222
Been a while since I opened a new bank account, but I didn’t have to actually show my social security card. The number was enough. She will need ID. Most banks want some kind of picture ID, preferably a driver’s license.

Answer by shoredude2
They just need the number, not the card.

Since every branch always seems to be run slightly different, call up the branch you plan to visit ahead of time. Ask what they will require.

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