What’s the name of the Degrassi: The Boiling Point episode where Eli & Clare are doing a tarot card reading?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What’s the name of the Degrassi: The Boiling Point episode where Eli & Clare are doing a tarot card reading?

I thought I saw every episode this past season but I keep seeing things on Youtube and random fan sites with pictures and video clips of Clare & Eli in a tent doing a tarot reading. He’s wearing a black hat and she has some crystal thing goin on I believe… And she draws The Lovers and some other card. Which episode is that scene in?

Answer by Jess
its not in an episode its their part in the promo for the show before it started airing during the summer. it was like old fashion carnival themed and everyone in the cast had a part in it.

Answer by Midnight Snack
That wasn’t in any episode this season. It was actually in the promo leading up to this season which was surprisingly well done. Take a Gander! The scene you’re talking about starts around the 1:33 mark.

Answer by Zoey
Its not an episode. It was a promo music video of things that were going to happen during the boiling point. It was something that made people guess what they thought would happen.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How much did your tarot card reading cost?

I would like to have a tarot card reading and I know a lady who charges £25 for 20 minuets. I was wondered if this is a good price or not? This lady has also refused to give me a tarot card reading in the past so I thought I may also look else where. What do you think?

Answer by Lander C
If she is rude look other places. I have payed 60USD for a tarot/aura reading before so £25 does not seem like a bad price for just a tarot reading. They run 20-40USD around where i live. I think that is about the same as 25 pounds.

But if she is rude don’t give her the satisfaction of your money. Find someone who is generally interested in helping you.

Answer by anatketani
It really depends on where you are and the person doing the reading. If you go to someone who has been doing them a long time and they are really well known and have a good reputation, spending more makes sense. Personally I only charge $ 20 (which is 10 pounds) for my readings because it’s nice to get money but I really like helping people more. And with the economy the way it is now, people can’t afford to spend a lot of money on a tarot reading.

Answer by erisian trubble
At firars/etc and with new clients I generally change about $ 1/minute. So a 15 minute reading is $ 15, an hour is $ 60, etc. 95% of the time, if the person honestly wants the assistance, we can cover the big stuff in 15 minutes or less.

With established clients who make appointments, I usually just change a convenience fee, and I spend anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour and a half with them, depending on the need. I don’t really look at Tarot as a money maker, but I’ve found that if people don’t have to give up something of value for the assistance, they don’t value the assistance.

Answer by Kaylee
That is a little steep, I charge nothing for tarot readings but people often donate £10 for the hour.

Answer by Elaine M
The spirit fairs have readers here in the Midwest who charge $ 20 or $ 25 for a 15 to 20 minute reading (US dollars). That’s standard in our area.

HOWEVER you can have people practice on you for free, new readers, or someone who you know reads who you may want to ask a reading from. You can also find readers by going to Meetup.com and putting in your area and then the word ‘tarot’.

Answer by Sienna
I think for the most part that is a reasonable cost. At The Psychic Mistress site we charge about $ 1 a minute, as you pay for more time, there are discounts that become available.

I have seen reading go for at much as $ 300 for 2 hours, over evn more. It just all depends on the reader and how popular they have become. There are others such as our group that doesn’t not believe in “high” prices for the type information that we give. I honestly think that we have to be invested in your future and in helping you along your souls journey, not just you investing in us.

On the question of this lady refusing you read you , then I would look elsewhere. If you have used this person for some time now, there could be a reason for that, meaning she not willing to just take your money. If there is no new Information for someone that comes to me, I tell them and ask that they come back at another period of time.

Hope that helps

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : A tarot card reader predicted love, has anybody had a reading that was accurate?

I recently had a tarot card reading. The psychic predicted the time frame of when I’ll meet my “soulmate,” his age and details about his past. I’ve never been to a psychic before so I’m not quite sure how to take this. I’m planning to not put too much stock into what she said but I was wondering if anyone has ever had an accurate reading that came true.

Answer by Alpha (M.O.T.U) Non-Religion
its all false beliefs, don’t bother your wasting money…

Answer by Devout Catholic
tarot card readings are from the pits of Hell itself. You need to stop playing around with fire.

Answer by guy
yup… I’m not in the mood now to explain the predictions that came to pass, but yes some people have the gift to see the future.

Answer by Teawitch
It only works IF you remain on the path you were following when you arrived for the reading. In the end Tarot cards are only a tool for guidance. In the end you are the one who are in control of your own life. You make the final decision.

Answer by Jesse Rex
Waste of time and money

Answer by Paris
I find, so far, that tarot works in four ways.

First, the cards themselves are mnemonics (memory aids) for the forces at play in the world. When we try to think about a decision facing us, or a problem that needs addressing, who among us thinks clearly enough to remember to consider all of those forces? The cards help remind us, through the layouts and the meanings of the cards, of what must be considered.

Second, the symbols on the cards help provide ways for the unconscious to communicate with the conscious side of our minds. There exists a huge body of research and study of the role that symbols play in our lives–how we perceive them, how we interpret them, and how they “work” in the human brain. One thing is clear–they do open doors to the unconscious. We all know how difficult it is to understand what the unconscious tries to tell the conscious in dreams. Most of the time communications from the unconscious to the conscious are difficult for the conscious to understand. How we react to symbols and pictures helps this communication. Let me provide one small example.

Four viewers are shown a picture of a square, wooden door. One identifies it as a trap door. One identifies it as a door to freight elevator. The third sees it as a the door to a fort. The last sees it as a door to a small cottage. What accounts for the different interpretations are the unconscious responses to the image. Those unconscious responses arise from the past experiences of the viewer and could be called psychological responses.

Lastly, belief plays a part. The beliefs of the reader and the querent work together to create additional meanings.

Whether a reader makes use of belief heavily or not is up to the reader. The cards will perform nicely without any belief on anyone’s part, but it’s useful to remember that beliefs, like the unconscious, are not always apparent, and therefore their influences may be equally unapparent.

And finally, after having had an astounding reading done for me by a woman who called herself an intuitive reader (“I use the cards not in a literal sense but as tools to contact spirit”), I am forced to acknowledge that some tarot readers may be able to intuit on a profound level. What the mechanism is for this, I have no idea. I’m a skeptic, but I think that some people are more in touch or are closer to the sense of oneness that most of us seek, and they can use that closeness, that awareness to feel their way to some remarkable readings.

Most readers do not predict. They merely explore options.

Written by Angelchild

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