when the 2 of wands tarot card comes up in a reading, (related to a love question)?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : when the 2 of wands tarot card comes up in a reading, (related to a love question)?

Just did a tarot reading online today it was free…Don’t know if this readings are real, but the 2 of wands came up in my reading, my question was if, im ever meeting up…or will I have a relationship with the guy That I like in the future, and this card was the answer….

Answer by Vic
2 of wands in Love: If you’re already in a relationship, it’s about to get a lot more equal. Pay attention to your ideas about equality and balance and share them. If you’re looking for love, someone who could be very good for you is already likely part of your life. Don’t judge a book by its cover. If someone is interested in you, give them a chance. This relationship could be just what you’re looking for.

Answer by Dullahan
The two of wands is a personal card. It reflects the person asking the question. It symbolizes personal power and influence, authority and courage. If you make the first move (ie. don’t let him get away) you have a chance at having a relationship. It does not, however, tell how the relationship will turn as there are two many factors affecting that and you used a spread that only uses one card.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I wanna learn Tarot Reading?

I got a Tarot Deck, there are some instructions but I don’t understand much… Like the meanings of each card, but I don’t know how to interpret it with each situation. For example, I was trying to make a reading about the man that I love, I couldn’t understand how to give a direct explanation. Can anyone give me a site that can actually teach you? I am so confused.
P.S Thank you! What is your email?

Answer by cindy b
It takes lots of practice.

First of all, you must memorize the meanings of each position the card is in. For example, in a 10 card Celtic Cross, the 8th position tells you this is your environment, the people around you that know you best. When a King of any suit falls on this position, it means that others see you with a man–a good thing, right?

If a Queen lands in this position, it means a friend of yours has an issue you are concerned about (because that’s what others see)

Does this make sense?

Feel free to email me. I am an experienced Tarot fortune teller, but you need to be a little more specific in your questions. Tell me what cards you laid out and what type of reading you are attempting. Then, I can help you learn how to master Tarot—-free, no joke.

This website offers the best Tarot readings online, and they are very inexpensive. It will take time for you to comprehend the complexities, and I can also help you if you truly wish to learn.

Answer by Capricorn
I learned from an expert that we must learn to interpret the cards by understanding the meaning of each picture….like what the picture in the card tells you….she was always accurate on the readings she gave me…i started following her style and thats how i was able to master the technique. yet i do visit some sites…these are the best ones:

Answer by KdS
Using google books can be helpful — older books you can even read in their entirety for free, and newer books often have substantial previews. I suggest these:


Books are usually more thorough than websites, I find.

Answer by SadharaSatguru
Join for Free > Mind: Spirit: Psychic Forum / Message Board

Direct Route http://www.holisticpathstowisdom.co.uk/forum
Scenic Route http://www.tarotcourse.webs.com

Come & Grow, Share, Learn & Smile!
See You There!

Answer by CassysTarot
There are two tarot readers currently at The Zen Frog. They will most likely help guide you. The spreads are the toughest thing to learn. http://www.thezenfrog.com
Just join for free, then whenever you do a tarot spread, ask for help on the tarot forum, and someone will hop in and explain the cards.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on free love tarot card readings online

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