Where can i find a good online free slr “guide”?

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can i find a good online free slr “guide”?

I just got a new Nikon d40 with all the essentials.
(55mm and 200mm, bag, memory card, flash, etc)
And im looking for a good free online “guide” to getting to use it, or at least just learn me the basics of photography with slr pictures, the different settings and all that stuff.

Any help will be appreciated 🙂

Answer by selina_555
First of all read your manual SEVERAL times, with practice sessions in between.

Go to the Nikon website and look at their “learning center” http://www1.nikonusa.com/slrlearningcenter/index.php.

Go to others like Canon & Olympus etc, they all have great photography “school” sections.

Check out YouTube, and google it.
Then head to your library……. the list is endless !

Answer by Practically Prudent
First, read the manual. When you start reading guides on photography, if you don’t know how to get around to change the various settings on the camera you’ll find yourself asking more questions which could easily be addressed.

Second, you can check out these links. Lots of good info for a run of the mill 101 to photography.

Third, though I suppose it could have been second. You don’t really need to look for “SLR” or “dSLR” tips, instead broaden up to “photography” tips and tutorials. Searching for things like How to and portrait also work.

Happy reading and experimenting! I love my d40 😀

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there a site that offers free online chat without a credit card for a psychic reading?

I want to see if psychics really can have knowledge of things that they don’t know about. I do not have a credit card, do not want to use a credit card, and I just want to chat with a REAL psychic online. No “first 5 minutes free” bull, just FREE completely FREE….

Do they exist??

Answer by Shawn
That would be called a scam site.

Answer by jysn_kay

Answer by WellTraveledProg
There are no “psychics,” dear. Just con artists.
Don’t waste your time or your money.


Answer by Storm the Bastille! II
Just show me your boobs and I will give you a free reading.

Answer by Gaulish Bard
Here’s your free reading: you will waste time this evening on Internet chat.

Answer by Melaine Harvey
I have been there and done that, I spent an hour looking. Its impossible. A website said it was free… I signed up and it asked for my credit card number…

Written by Angelchild

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